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A Forest of Stars The Corpse of Rebirth Lyrics Album

The Corpse of Rebirth Lyrics Album by A Forest of Stars

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1. God

Silence shattered like ice, incipit rage in myriad voices of the wind
All light now absent as the banshees howl
No solace in the maelstrom.

-Even the sun’s afraid to rise around here-

It’s ice cold as far as the eye can see
Relentless winter restraining the new mourning rays.

Frozen in thought whilst seeking oblivion.

Got scalded by summer, given the cold shoulder by winter
We’d watched the world go by…
Shifting slowly from here to there, going in the direction of everywhere, but arriving neither here nor there
Now there’s a taste of blood in all the throats around here.

Asked for a shot of winter in my holocaust, it caught my throat afire on the way down
Wrought iron gateways pleading, under-used ovens awaiting further problems
Countless eyes closing, rhyme boring reason.

It wasn’t very sunny that weekend, sitting and watching this world stumbling to its end.

-All rain all everywhere-

Shining wet skies’ tears.

-Sun hides in fear just around the corner from here-
Just around the corner, see? Over there!

God’s… eyes… closed.

2. Female

The moon pushed the sun down the spiral-staircase of time
Bright neck broken, twisted beyond repair
So now there’s only darkness standing there
Arms outstretched/predatory parasite
Vacant light
From the tunnel of night.

It’s colder here since the war, all colours took on a shade of grey
The streams have run slower since you went away
Even the summer is slouching now
Sun not waxing, but waning – walking disappointedly away
Moon with no hope of saving the day

-It’s time I remembered that I have forgotten-

Rainy season beyond sense and reason
Endless sheets of glass
Streets awash with horror
Bullets in the back of summer
Filthy water everywhere
Not saved by incantations

Summer sun always gone
Left my smile all alone back there
Forced to simply sit and stare
At nothing

Summer’s always gone
Temperance overrule
Temper under ruled
Time – Oh, she’s short
Wait – Oh, she’s long
Where she went I’ll never know
All I know
Is she’s gone

3. Male

Rough pencil scrawls of what could have been…
Bright flowers there were
I somehow couldn’t catch their scent it seemed
-colours weren’t quite right…?
A fumbled tickle of summer sandblasted by the jackbooted night

Sun went down/moon rose
We basked in the whitewash somewhere near opaque silence
-just as ghosts in a storm of black noise…

Cold fixed stars shining all over the tight tarpaulin of unsun void only.
-all stars screaming
…needle holes in heaven…

Another nameless soul on the blacklist
Snorted the sun, saved the moon for morning
Now awaiting further gathering of the clouds
Bathed in grey stroke black
-no way out it keeps coming back

Noise preventing rebirth
We bathe in shreds of whispering glass
Moon fell/sun cried

Kept the dragon down, chasing the moon now
With my teeth? And claws!
Down dragon/moon chased (chaste)
Teeth wide open
Claws at your pretty throat

Afell asun, arose athunder!

I am an e-flat mage
Chemical curses on the rampage
Head full of daggers
For the backs of random strangers
I suggest you keep an eye or three
Upon your enemies… my dear!

Accidental summer caught mid coitus
Smiling winter zips the [ ] up
…Saunters aways with a whistle
Whilst the good weather bleeds rain, torn asunder
…Tears for the cold dried only by their owner
Nowhere left now, death of our only summer

4. Earth and Matter


5. Microcosm

Nothing now but cages and railings
All topped with barbs
Even the weather’s apologetic
Sees no rhyme or reason
All exits barred now
Love left lonely, gave way to the grave
Left my smile somewhere on the journey between that and loss

The walls of another god’s house encrusted in mould
Sewage poured from ceiling, damp liquefied floor
A building devoid of use, now
A weather beaten grave
Untended -no longer remembered-
The queue
For mourning

Merrily kicking the skulls of ex-deities
Through the ex-halo hoops of toes up ex-angels
More trophy heads for my walls
No more crying about heaven or a lack of it
No more to be found wanting
Hoping for a safety net

My lake of passion still edged with rust
Her waters fouled by the corpse of lust
So, I dug the last few feet of the six myself
All too eager to taste the dust
I laughed as I threw the first handful of earth
I smiled as I watched the topsoil spread

Autumn she sprang over summer into winter
All was lost.
All is lost.
So much more snow than sunbeams these days
What once was?
What once was.
The cold she marched through the rain
Past the corpse of rebirth
blacked out the sun’s last refrain
-endless cycle ended

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