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Agathodaimon Blacken the Angel Lyrics Album

Blacken the Angel Lyrics Album by Agathodaimon

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1. Tristețea vehemență

Tristetea Vehementa (Part 1)

Viata Dormiteaza Germinind Si-O Simt In Jur Universala
Intr-o Nesfirsita Oboseala Si-n Absenta Ultimului Cind
Iar Taina Aerului Otravit Intr-un Inceput De-nnoptare
Alacelui Orizont Nemarginit Adoarme Fara Desteptare

My ruined world ‘s denying the earthly time
Drained of all emotions…
Immortality: Now be mine!
My ruined dreams – remains of tortured years
Who will be left to wipe away my bitter tears?

Words of sorrow…
sail, travelling on cold winds
Words of tranquility…
fail, dancing on my wounded lips

I’m dying mostly alone
Within life’s thin disguise
And I can’t tame the blood
And the heart THEY have baptized

The scars burn deeply into my soul
My smile has lost it’s brilliance
My words become so trivial…
Loosing all desire,
Loosing all,
but pride.

Cu vehementa miniei tristetea
Difuza se strecoara
Ca un ghimpe de-otrava
al florii vietii vestejite

“Moartea succede vietii,
viata succede la moarte
Alt sens u-are lumea asta,
n-are akt slop si-alta soarta!”

…Caci demult, aici, la marginea vietii
Sub lumina siderala, nu mai traiesc in timp…
Iar calendarul a reintrat in forma lui astrala

“Te vad,
Te aud, te cuget,
Tinara si dulce veste, dintr-un cer cu-alte stele
cu alte vise si alti zei”

…Pe drumuri delirind, pe-o vreme de toamna
Ma urmareste-un Gind, Ce ma-ndeamna:
“Dispari cit mai curind!”
…Caci visu-mi nu-i un dis pamintesc

My ruined world’s grasping for a mystic thought
Though the soul’s already tired of search
My ruined dreams – Out of reach
And the hopeless soul keeps on waiting,
for whom?
But who’s to know?

2. Banner of Blasphemy

Stindardul Blasfemiei

Trei cruci de lemn, trei cruci enorme de lemn
Vopsite cu trei culori, pazesc pe marginea soselei
Fintina celor… crediciosi!

Trei cruci pe marginea soselei cu gesturi largi de miini bolnave
Opresc din drum pe calatori si parca-s trei spinzuratori
De care atirna trei crisosi…

Intr-o zi impinsi de-acelasi funerar indemn
Ca dou-armate puse una-n fata alteia
Cumintii se-ntilnira cu nebunii
Copiii mortilor de miine se-ntilnira cu parintii…

“Si-armatele-ncepura lupta la umbra crucilor de lemn
Deoparte flutura stindardul credintei… alb… curat…”

…ca albul cel curat, al florilor de nufar
Iar tricolorul nebuniei, inchis cu grija-n cite-in cufar
De craniu omenesc…
Sta gata sa se desfasoare la cea dintii ingenuncheare
A albului domnesc…

Insa-n ziu-aceea cerul innegrit de fum parea
Un tavan de catedrala ce se naruia
“Iar fumul din clopotnitele-aprinse deschidea-n albastrul:”
Drumul altui fum, mai greu, mai negru si-albastrul

Si-n ziu-aceea cerul innegrit de fum parea
Un tavan de catedrala ce se naruia

Si multimea-nspaimintata, spre clopotnitele-aprinse
Se-ndrumeaza grupuri, grupuri, cei cuminti privesc plingind
Pling ca resturile unei armate-nvinse, iar nebunul sta deoparte
Si zimbeste … fredonind:
“Iar tricolorul nebuniei adapostea pe-nvingatori!!!”

English translate: Banner Of Blasphemy

Three wooden crosses
Three huge crosses of wood
Painted with three colors
On the margin of the road
Guarding the fountain of the believers
Three crosses
On the margin of the road
With gestures made by morbid hands
They hinder wanderers whilst passing
Like three gallows on holy lands
Where three christians are hanging…

Inclined by a funeral stir
On a fatal sky, so blur
Like two armies enticed to war
The mad have fallen upon the brave
The children of ‘morrows dead
Their parents had met

In the shade of the wooden crosses
The armies began their battle
Aside… the banner of creedance flattered
White and clean
Like the cleanest white men have seen

And the blasphemic flag of madness
Safely embedded in each human skull
Was ready to unfold at the first
Subjugation of the royal white

On the same day, blackened by fumes
The heavens seem to be the ceiling
Of a collapsing cathedral, bleeding

And the fumes of the burning steeples
Opened in the celestial blue
The way of another fume
Blacker, heavier, and the blue
Has become black, too

So the horrified people
Hasten to the burning steeples
The brave behold whilst crying
Like the remnants of a defeated army

And the madmen stay aside
Grinning and humming: Blasphemy
And the tricolor of madness was sheltering
The conquerors!

3. Near Dark

Near Dark (…Und Der Tod Wird Vor Neid Erblassen)

[Part One]

This is a world blessed by the victims
Of carnal tragedy
The humans ritual of love and adoration
Dense-woven history

Sentiments decide existance, the artwork that I’ve bled
Bizarre she defined her presence
With the lament of the undead
When her eyes have bathed in danger
And the moon had new design
In the cradle of our desire all the blood has turned to wine
But the love no longer remained than just a stir to survive
In this labyrinth of perfidity for my mistress to recover
I’ll forever strive…

[Part Two]

Dem Sterbenden – die Hoffnung
Dem Propheten – Der Fluch
Der Liebe – die Dichtung, die dem Sterben entsprung…

The night is crystal clear – words are sent from pictures
Sounds that I can’t hear – as weakness wins my body
Selling cheap my soul – and its bleeding heart
Eclipsing the whole – planet, history and light…

[Part Three]

Sometimes, when the sun hides in the back of the earth
When the hungry souls, to whom pain gave birth
Embalm their coldness with the blood’s warmth… then
I can clearly hear the calling of a lonely and distant star

In the shade of the abhorrent
Yet in the still of the nights – In the still of the moment
When the moment dies
There she gently approaches
With the new meaning of life…

In a haze of hazard, in the withering chill
Baleful’s the passion, when hearts stand still

A flood of sentiments entwined
Rattle thru my falling soul
I slumber against the spirit of time
Like a stranger in a foreign world!

In a park, along the alleys, stained with blood and tears
In the hour, when dusk disperses
Its colors on the white statues

Then I’ll wander as a phantom of the posthumous regrets
And my fiery lips I’ll freeze
With the kiss of these unrivalled statues

“Si-n asta noapte sfirsese printr-un sarut
Poeme – agonizate de-un infinit si-un inceput”

[Part Four]

“The all-engulfing dawn of habitude shows his claws again-
Do you still remember our oath? – Til light do us part!?”

Come forth, Feline
Mere moment of melancholy
Drink deep of my desire
The quenchless fire
That unites our tameless embers…

Come forth, Feline
Tortured by our final duet
Let thy pale fingers slide on the petals of the flowers
That thee stained with mortal, coagulated blood…

On the walls, midnight closes even the stoical eyes
Of the unsleeping portraits
And the white-eye of a lonely candle falls asleep
Into its own startling solitude…

[Part Five]

Silent heart desires
The balm that drives away the human waste
Oh come, infidel duchess
Shrouds of frost fall furiously down… of thee I taste again

Deciphering eternity of its ruined scripts
Of the tenebrious river I pleasantly sip
Upon lifeless leaves autumn has banished
Arises my lovelorn aura’s odyssey

“Un ornic cu rostiri funebre, suna amiaza-ndirjit
Iar ceru-mprastia tenebre, peste parcul amortit”

…Returned into that park as a whole
Under the questioning eyes of stars and heavens
Dreaming away on the lost love I’ve recovered

Death suddenly rises
Annoyed that he couldn’t save me
He turns pale from envy

The seasons vanish and so does this story
As the same poets hand raises the pen
He pictured this spectacle with…

The actors fade on the dreary alleys of that elder park
Only two nightshades remaining –
Celebrating the sunset of ages while their sullen laughter
Lustfully haunts the mortal seeds of ruin…

Nights were crystal clear – words were sent from pictures
The colors have seared – these pages, whereas
The darkest hour revealed – the mysterious hand
Which dutifully sealed

This episode’s arcane End.

4. Ill of an Imaginary Guilt

Ill Of An Imaginary Guilt

I gave you light
I seared off the oceans
To show you my devotion
I’ve lived your fright

I wanna be the infamy
I wanna wound your caprice
I need to try your malice
You should tame my misery

I wanna lick your beauty
I wanna scar your sweetened wounds
To reap your rotten fruits
Your loving gotta suit me

Oh, let me be the one
Who sets you free
See how love unveils
Her incomparable mystery

I wanna feel your hungry skin
I wanna be the sacrificed
I’ll make you the holy praised
Whore… of my radiant sin

I wanna see you sacrificed
I wanna be the hungry skin
To share with you the greatest sin
My holy, capricious whore!

I’ve been kissin’ the filth
My tongue’s been bleedin’
I’ve been stealing you a wing
My dark, sinister angel

Oh, let me touch your guilty soul
Let me be your hungry skin
Let me be your thrilling dream
Let me rape your open wounds

Oh, let me see your other face
We belong to the same disgrace
I was the dead you fettered
… you were the angel I raped…

5. Die Nacht des Unwesens

Noaptea Nefiintei (Die Nacht Des Unwesens)

Ach, Nacht, wie lieb du mir wärest
Wenn die Sterne du auslöschen würdest
Ihre Strahlen murmeln unbekannte Gesänge…
Und ich wünsche mir
alles Düstere und Stumme
alles Entblößte und Verschwommene

All das Finstere liebend –
Meine Aura verängstigte
Als ein blinder Gedanke knabberte
An Raum und Zeit

Oh Seele, wanderndes Gebein, meinen Frieden du erbittest
Ich lege mich nieder, erfrischendes Dunkel
Von schweren Todesträumen durchdrungen
Und wickle mich in deinen Schleier

Mit meinen Gedanken trotze ich allem, was Sie Gott nennen
Ach, du Mörder der Kunst, du falsche Lebensweisheit
Aus meinem atheistischen Glauben
Wirst Du gewiß sie nimmer rauben
Die entweihte Krone meiner wahren Unsterblichkeit

Ach Nacht, wie lieb du mir wärest
Wenn die Sterne du auslöschen würdest
Der Tumult der Existenz…
Fragwürdig, ungewöhnlich edel
Dein Schatten murmelt unbekannte Gesänge
Endlich, Nacht…
steck deine schwarze Flagge
In meinen stummen Schädel

In deinem teuflischen Blick – ein düsteres Paradies
Von tiefer, eingeschlafener Dunkelheit
Oh göttliche Vorstellung, die ich oft pries
Verstummter Jammer eines sanften Lächelns
Meine Seele geht verloren
Im nostalgischen Inferno
Visionen des Todes –
meiner Selbstverschwendung

Die Nacht wacht uber die Ikone der Geburt im Chaos
Ich wußte nichts von ihrer Existenz
Nichts, bis sie mich anlächelte

Ach Nacht, wie lieb du mir wärest
Mit deinem milden Weinen
Wenn Sterne die bittere Vergiftung auslöschen würden
Welche dieses abstrakte Leben in mich hineinpumpt
Wie der erste Schmerz.
Jedoch trist und still
Ist der Leichnam
Der sich aus meinem Inneren davonschleicht
In die Nacht des Unwesens

6. Contemplation Song


7. Sfințit cu rouă suferinții

Sfintit Cu Roua Suferintii
Cînd lumea se preschimbã-ntr-o umedã-nchisoare
În care-n van speranta, biet liliac se zbate
Lovindu-se de ziduri, cu-aripi sovãttoare
Si dînd mereu cu capu’-n tavanele surpate

Deodatã, mînioase, prind clopote sã sarã
Si catre cer urlã-ngrozitoare
Lungi si nesfîrsite convoaie mortuare
Încet si fãrã muzici prin suflet trec mereu…
M-ati sfintit cu roua suferintii
Si mi-ati pus venin în sînge
Iar speranta-nvinsã plînge
Ca sufletul meu
Si muta-i gura-dulce a altor vremi
Cind timpul creste-n urma mea
Iar eu mã-ntunec!

E-o orã grea si mare
Aripile-mi negre în ceruri se-ntind
Astfel lume amuteste la-ntunecãri solare
Astfel mare amuteste vulcane cînd s-aprind…
Cînd prin a vietii visuri ostiri de nori apar
A mortii umbrã slaba cu coasa si topor
Tãcetil cumtac în spaimã, crestinii din popor
Cînd evul asfinteste si sumnezeii mor!

Se mistuie-n moarte si durere
Vãpaia care-n mine a stralucit
Ciudata întristare ce creste ca sie marea
Pe-un tãrm stincos, pustiu…

Peste flãcãri, peste fumuri, pe cadavre descãrnate
Pe cîmpii deserte, pe altare profanate
Vino, s-asezi pe ele tronul tãu de oseminte
Înalta-te în culinea fumegîndelor morminte!
Cãci eu nu mã las înrobit de tine,

8. Stingher / Alone

When dusk is the most solemn
When clouds do shine bright
Melancholic them I sight
And remain with a mournful eye

Sadly staying, is it maybe
My verse that weeps so mild
Like a storm on oceans far
A sign of a sooner death?

With autumn approaching
Could I be the leaf carried by winds
And finally falling down
Already being forgotten?

When dusk breeds utmost
When clouds do shine bright
Melancholic them I sight
My eyes bitterness host

When dusk is the most solemn
Oceans mirror in the moonlore
Splenetic and lonely shore
My heart sad anthems hosts

9. After Dark

Alone with my shadows I’ve come
To sing the twilight’s hymn every time
A new day dawns into a place most desirable
Grateful disembodiment
…to pierce some holes into our horizon of perception
which new imaginations could penetrate thru…

Our dreams will shine like thunder
On a senseless rainy day
Wrapped in the dank breathing
Of both nature and man

The stars look all too near
The senses lie so far
But it’s not the way we fear
It’s more the thing we are

The stars look all too near
The seasons, oh, so dark
It’s not the way we fear
It’s more the way we are

Didn’t pain prove life
With its reasons all hallowed
Didn’t light prove darkness
With its shadows eclipsed?

…und die Maschine der Welt kehrt zurück…
Auspressend den Lebenssaft aus meinen Knochen
Bin erneut Vergangenheit, ohne Herz, trist und kalt
Die tote Zeit legt ihren kalten Körper auf meine feuchte Haut
…und wird zur Ewigkeit…

Didn’t pain prove life
With its reasons all hallowed
Didn’t light prove darkness
With its shadows eclipsed?

Alone with my shadow I’m gone
Still I hear the twilight’s hymn every time
Life continues its sculptures
Like poetry without rhyme!

10. Ribbons / Requiem

Ribbons / Requiem

Random raining, ribbons of melancholy
The moment dies right here, before me
Grey horizons tarred to my days
The curtain fell, still the solitary plays

Dance with me, me dear
The dance of those, who’ll never return
Bleeding traces left behind, for the living
Hear life forging with death
It’s a gorgeous storm unfurling
I’ve awaited for so long
Now you taste like honey, dear,
on my rigid tongue

It’s soothing as you delve
Into my crescent agony
Your lips of tragedy licking my requiem
I am betrayed by your kiss…

“Would you bleed for me again,
For I adore its pounding
On your fetid, lifeless shell, it becomes like satin
No love existing, oh, my darling, see
I am the architect of this bitter-sweet abstract”

A key, a door, a vision, remnants of a dream
Corridor of conclusions thru wide ribbons seen
Like a statue starring with the same cold eyes
Honey, kill me again, for know now what I am

Lay down with me, my dear
Listen to this requiem,
You always loved to hear
Through you knew the words
You did sing them wrong

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