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Agathodaimon Chapter III Lyrics Album

Chapter III Lyrics Album by Agathodaimon

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1. An Angel’s Funeral

A weeping procession, moving through the snow
Silent pale faces, perceptible pain
Winter silence – terrible tranquillity
Cold eyes starin’ far away

Mirrors of mourning, nothing else
Blinded by grief they are…everyone
Awaitin’ your final way
Watchin’ the frozen pit and see
We’ve lost reality

A field of crystal tears, the downfall of heaven
Snow softly falls, frozen tears from above
This bitter loss…an angel’s funeral
A casket filled with beloved flesh
Cold as the world around
I can’t believe what my eyes see through clouds of icy breath

No bird sings in dead trees
No sound fills the frozen air
I stand at the angel’s tomb… alone
A whole world ending to exist

2. Spirit Soldier

Spirit is your fate and burden
Spirit is your destination

Long times ago, in a dark night
You felt body and soul unite
In a dream of epiphany
You were given perspecuity,
Dignity, autonomy, supremacy!
Ancient spirits cursed though your veins
The sparks in you turned into flames
You heard battle drums thundering
Was this a dream or an awakening?
A destining, foreshadowing offering?
The gods have marked you for your life and death
The gods will guide you up to your last breath


You will lead a secret life sheltered by darkness
Up to the day that the Spiritsoldiers will conquer, and then…
The twilight mountains you will climb
Brighter than the sun you will shine
Louder than thunder you will roar
Above the world your voice will soar
Through the universe you will fly
Expand the earth, tear up the sky
Once your spirit will break free
A new spring will bring liberty
The gods blessed you with power and a vision
The gods gave you life to accomplish a mission
Being a soldier of spirit in a cold and shallow world
Will at times seem to you rather a curse than a gift
Sometimes you damn the ancient spirits
Everything seems grim and senseless
They tell you that there’s no forgiveness
For the thousand “sins” you could confess
Then you envy the blind fools
Who thrive in mediacracies
Who love and hate as they are told
Devoted to trivialities

Spirit Soldier

Sometimes your dreams take you to the land Of purity, silence and soul
Where you feel unchained and alive
Where fate is under your control
Then you thank the great omnipotent Creators of life and spirit
That with the dawning of a new age
You’ll be united with the infinite


The gods sent you to provide for enlightenment
The gods have placed you in line of their descent

[Repeat Chorus]

3. Paradise Beyond

Where the wind blows over the mountaintops into the ancient sky
And the flowers whither in the shadows of an autumn night
Misty fog arises from the valleys and hides the face of the moon
Underneath the ground lies a forgotten wisdom deep entombed

As long as ravens ride the nights
As long as the spirit of the earth takes seat between the spheres
The path beyond was locked behind the gates of consciousness – the mirror of the soul

Time is passing by the mist, is creeping through the deserted land
And all the forests throw their leaves into the growing realm of sand
A whispered cry which told the tale of earth is hurt from above
It drowns the night into bright light and breeds a paradise beyond
And the wind unveils the hidden treasure from the soil
A sweet melancholy fills the plain with a lovely sound
Unleashing the key to the gates of consciousness

Take my hand I’ll show you heaven
And walk the path beyond with me
Together we will stand the night and flee from the void

4. The Ending of Our Yesterday

And when the moon enrapts the streams
And trembles on the fen
A thousand years have flown it seems
Since then
For if today I part the veil
And see what time portended
I feel that long ago the tale
Was ended

Little I knew in youth’s enchantment
That it is alike absurd
Or to lean against a shadow
Or believe a woman’s word
For if today I part the veil
And see what time portended
I feel that long ago the tale
Was ended

Though she once betrayed
Though empty words spoken
I wished she’d have stayed
Remain with a heart that’s broken

For I no longer am confined In that sweet country’s spell
I have left you far behind

Fair autumn still its breeze delays
Upon the springs that wail and sigh
And through the leaves the whisper strays
Of my sad dreams that now must die

5. Past Shadows

Now far I am from you, before my fire alone,
And read again the hours that so silently have gone,
And it seems that eighty years beneath my feet did glide,
That I am old as winter, that maybe you have died.

The shadows of the past swift stream across life’s floor
The tale of all times, nothings that now exist no more;
While the wind with clumsy fingers softly fumbles at the blind
And sadly spins the fibre of the story in my mind…
I see you stand before me in a mist that does enfold,

Your eyes are full of tears, and your fingers long and cold;
About my neck caressing your arms you gently ply
And it seems you want to speak to me yet only sigh.
And thus I clasp entranced my all, my world of grace,

And both our lives are joined in that supreme embrace…
Oh, let the voice of memory remain forever dumb,
Forget the joy that was, but that nevermore will come,
Forget how after an instant you thrust my arms aside,
For now I’m old and lonely, and maybe you have died.

6. Yesterday’s Reprise


7. Departure

We part for ever from today
Farewell beloved one
And I, unto may death, your way
Will shun.

I care not now where you may go
You can no more bereave me
Today the sweetest girl I know
Does leave me.


And the air still moves my curtain
As it used in times of yore…
Moonlight down the lane uncertain
Only you come nevermore

Nor shall I as in former hours
Build spanish castles high
With star-lit windows, and with towers of sky,
When, shivering with bitter cold
Through winter nights uncertain
I watched lest you perhaps unfold
Your curtain.

O what delight to stroll with you
Beneath that flowering trees
When poured its light their branches through,
The moon.

[Repeat Chorus]

That I might catch with rapturous thrill
The words that you let fall
And that today I barely still

How often did I secretly pray
Swift night her sails would furl
That we might thus forever stray
Fair girl.

[Repeat Chorus]

8. Sacred Divinity

In peaceful silence she lies there and sleeps
Dreaming of secrets conceiled in the deeps
Of our long forgotten history.

Those who are devoted to her know that she keeps
In her pure soul the key
To our identity.

I will guard your ancient dreams
Protect my lovely sleeping beauty.
I will give my life and love
For my Sacred Divinity.

Now the wintersun paints her in shining gold.
Smiling she wakes up and asks me to hold
Her gentle hand in mine.
Her graceful white body trembles in the cold.
She knows today the forces will aline – Forces hating the divine.
I will save you from their blind
And unreflecting treachery.

I will guard your soul and life
My Sacred Divinity.

I will always stand by your side,
Save you from their tyranny.
Or I will die for my love,
My Sacred Dininity.

Hear the storm blowing, see the skies darkening,
On marketplaces and in churches crowds of them are gathering!
Here they come marching, betraying and lying,
To take our love, and our souls, to destroy everything!
They do not care for your soul and your purity!
Nothing do they feel for you except of everlasting envy!
Neither do they know nor understand your biography,
They hate your beauty, hate all beauty, and fear your ascendency!

After this cold day of sadness and grief
She is left without any hope or belief
In a day after this night.
Will she in death find at last a relief,
A place of silence and light
Where everything is alright?
I broke down and cried in sorrow
In despair and mistery.
I cried for my love and passion,
My Sacred Divinity.

All that I could do was stand there
Helplessly in agony,
And watch them dishonouring
My Sacred Divinity.

9. Burden of Time

Tumbling against walls of stone
Arcades filled with silence
The frozen hand of nothingness breaks my mind
Crazed eyes follow my stars
Echoes fill the air
Locked in halls of solitude
End my pain
Exitless rooms, paths without end
Useless days increase the burden of time

Stonecast faces stare at me
Prayin´ for release
Every day another scar

Break these chains
I don’t see summer’s sun,
Dark is my tomb
I don’t feel autumn rain,
My senses numb

I don’t see winter’s snow,
Blind are my eyes
I don’t feel rising spring,
Burden of time

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