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Agathodaimon Higher Art of Rebellion Lyrics Album

Higher Art of Rebellion Lyrics Album by Agathodaimon

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1. Ne cheamă pămîntul

Ne Cheamă Pămîntul

[The lyrics in the booklet are littered with spelling mistakes; the following lyrics are correct.]

La voi cobor acuma, voi suflete-amăgite,
Și ca să vă ard fierea, o, spirite-amețite,
Blestemul îl invoc;
Blestemul mizantropic, cu vânăta lui gheară,
Ca să vă scriu pe frunte, ca vita ce se-nfiară
Cu fierul ars în foc…

O, fiarbă-vă mânia în vinele stocite,
În ochii stinși de moarte, pe frunți învinețite
De sânge putrezit
Ce am de-alege oare în seaca-vă ființă?
Ce foc făr-a se stinge, ce drept fără să-mi mință,
O, oameni morți de vii

Vedeți cum urna crapă, cenușa reînvie,
Cum murmură trecutul cu glas de bătălie
Poporului roman;
Cum umbrele se-mbracă în zale ferecate,
Și frunțile cărunte le nalță de departe
Un Cezar, un Traian.

Cad putredele tronuri în marea de urgie,
Se sfarmă deodată cu lanțul de sclavie
Și sceptrele de fier;
În două părți infernul portalele-și deschide,
Spre-a încăpea cu mia răsufletele hâde
Tiranilor ce pier!

O, sfinte firi vizionare
Ce făceați valul să cânte, ce puneați steaua să zboare,
Ce creați o altă lume pe-astă lume de noroi;
(Noi reducem tot la pravul azi în noi, mâini în ruină,)
Proști și genii, mic și mare, sunet, sufletul, lumină, –
Toate-s praf… Lumea-i cum este… și ca dânsa suntem noi.

Și singur stau și caut, ca uliul care cată
În inima junimii de viața-i dezbrăcată
Un stârv spre-a-l sfâșia…

[English translate: Earth Summoning Us]

to you I now descend, oh you, deluded souls.
and to purge your sorrow, you forlorn spirits,
the curse I shall invoke
the misanthropic curse, with its sordid, purple claws
to carve your forehead, instead of cattlebrand
with iron burnt in fire

in vain will pride be seethed in veins dried up and scorched
in death-swallowed eyeballs, on foreheads purple-hued
by putrid blood that died
what can I ever chose from your exhausted entity
no fires free from dying, no undeceiving right
oh, you dead men walking

see, how urns now burst, the ashes resurrect
alike the past, which murmurs with the battle-cry
of the roman empire
see the far-off shadows, they dress in steely armour
and raise their noble foreheads that gone grey
great traian and great cesar

the rotten thrones are crumbling swept by tempests waters
the rulers iron scepters, the heavy chain of slaves
together are now crushed
the gates of the inferno outrageously wide-opened
engulfing now by thousands the filthy, depraved breaths
of tyrants grim who perish

oh, holy visionary minds, who set the stars to sing…
who create another world on this realms of mud and grime
fools and wise, young and old, sound, soul and light
all is dust, the world’s like this, and so we all are

2. Tongue of Thorns

Tongue Of Thorns

A dying romance, bleeding for my sensation
Would Death unmask the azure of the creation?
Oh, stay far from my crown of certainties

A dying romance, the blindman’s torch of ideals
Men of stories, don’t try to robe my morningstar
Cause it will never shine in your eden

A dying romance, withered by your naivity
The scent that I perceive comes from words
Which escaped your mouth of flies
Selfish, fetid romance
You lick the shit of this world

Men’s quintessence sways in streams of hope
Drowning in silvercups always used at funerals
Marvellous, when even Death tries to flee from you
The flames leave their candles, soon they will die, too

Immune to life… I’ll always die
In the palms of heaven, where serpents lie
Bedeviled Paradise… web of all sin
Ethereal shadows rise, postmortem redeemed!
Selfish, fetid romance
You lick with a tongue of thorns!!!

3. Glasul artei viitoare

Glasul Artei Viitoare

[The lyrics in the booklet are littered with spelling mistakes; the following lyrics are correct.]

Străinule ce bați la poartă… de unde vii și cine ești?…
Străinule de lumea noastră, răspunde-ne de unde vii,
Prin care lumi trăiși coșmarul nepovestitelor povești
Și-n care stea găsiși coloarea decoloratei nebunii?…

“De unde vin? De unde pot veni, când ochii-mi,
Plini de regrete și tristeți par 2 candele aprinse
în cripta morților poeți?”

Priviți… sunt gol căci calea-mi fuse lungă
Și-n calea mea-întâlnii pe rând
Pe toți câți vrură să vă vândă
Podoabe noi ce nu se vând,
Pe cei ce vrură să vă-ndrumeze spre mai bine –
Spre-acel îndepărtat întrezărit
În armoniile eterne dintr-un sfârșit și-un infinit

“De unde vin? Eu vin din lumea creată dincolo de zare –
Din lumea-n care n-a fost nimeni din voi”

Deschideți poarta dar, veniți în jurul meu degrabă,
Porniți cu mine împreună spre lumea-n care nu-s
castele cu punți și șanțuri feodale,
Nici ruginite porți de-aramă, la care bat cei noi sosiți…
Veniți cu toții cât mai e vreme, și mai puteți cânta!

Veniți, să vă aprind în suflet lumina stinselor făclii
Și-n versuri fantasmagoria și vraja noilor magii
Iar cânturile voastre cu care azi cerșiți o pâine –
Să le-ncunun cu strălucire aureolelor de mâine

Dar poarta a rămas închisă la glasul artei viitoare!

[English translate: Chant Of ‘Morrow’s Art]

Oh, stranger, who’s knocking on the portal
Who are you, and where are you from?
Oh, stranger to our world
Answer, where do you come from?

Where have you been living the nightmare
Of these untold stories…?
And in which star have you finally found
The colour of our faded madness?

…”Where I come from? Where could I come from,
when my eyes, full of sadness and regrets,
look like two candles glowing
in the crypt of the dead poets!!!”

Behold, naked I am now, as I’ve trodden a long way
Where I’ve been encountering, one by one, all those,
– who wanted to sell jewels, that cannot be sold…
– who wanted to lead the world towards “better times”
towards that distant horizon…
…within the eternal harmony between end and infinity…

“Where do I come from? I come from the world beyond horizons
from the world, where no one of you has ever been before!!!”

So open up the gates, gather all around me
And we’ll walk together towards the world
Where no castles and bridges exist, nor feudal ditches…
Nor corroded bronze porches, which newcomers knock at
Arrive yet, while time’s not up and you still may chant

Come now, let me set ablaze the xtinguished torches in your soul
Its phantasmagoria and the spell of new magiks,
And those chants, you’re begging today for bread with
I shall put together with the glowing of ‘morrow’s aurorae…

Though, the gates are still closed to the chant of ‘future art…

4. When She Is Mute

Although the world would call me free
Each day the more her slave am I
For in her very way to be
There’s I don’t know what
I don’t know why

Already from the day we met
Was my freedom mortal shot
She’s but a girl as they, and yet
There’s something more, I don’t know what

No matter what we speak or do
The moments in sweet silence fly
For somehow there is music, too
When she is mute, I don’t know why

So likely to my dying day
To follow her will be my lot
For in her sweet and candid way
There’s I don’t know why
I don’t know what

5. A Death in Its Plenitude

A Death In Its Plenitude

Screaming day and night at the dark-forboding walls
Lights dim before me and enthralls all
I’ll always look the same in this cold, forsaken dark

Teach me to drip own tears
For the pain of other’s hearts
Not the essence, but the woe of mankind
To weep within my crying

Root the strength of love and hatred
Let blood flow in purest red
Root the angels’ rage into my soul
Let it grow

There is something infidel that’s gonna happen today
Be the witness, now and ever, abandoned angel of decay

The obscurity’s curtain I paint as the blind
Life’s tumult in the free fall
The ghouls chasing its trace
Oh, dreams, here ended all

Is there something in us all
That can last forever?

I feel the strange penetrating my fibres
Mocking at my vacant sferes
Body parts cut cold evolving to a rotting culture
A death in its plenitude!!!

6. Body of Clay

Body Of Clay

Cry with my tears
Cry with my pain
Still in the cold
Neverending rain

With one of your kisses
My words you’d freeze
From one of your kisses
My bleeding would cease

Shed all my tears
The flood devours all
The earth, us, rushing…
A shy, whispered call

Death becomes angels
Who won’t turn away
Defying all my yearing
And my body of clay

Cry with my crying
You end up like (a) mole
Death loves the angels
Retired into my soul

As I’m drained and welken
My last wish I sigh
Let me be, darling
Tears in your eye.

7. Novus Ordo Seclorum

Novus Ordo Seclorum

Putrid cross of ignorance, loss of reverence, whip of innocence
Been listening to your mourning, watching you falling

Deeper, farer, until your calling
Evoked an eerie tone, that only you alone
As a warning have known
Guess, you’ve tried everything
To be as me, to winback the soul I’ve kindly been

Treating like my only son
God’s shiny angel, I am gone
and you what the hell have you become?
Abandoned son, my fairly fallen angel, come on
And tell your father, what will we become!?

Angels, we dwell in hell, humiliating and sad as well
The world succumbed, some tell
And there I stand stone-still, hence
In my own non-existance and muse upon consequence!

Blood stained clay, forth from our sacred dissaray
Someone will walk a new way
And will close the door ‘twixt us and common core
Angel, did you really want this war?
Scarlet lips of indecency (Scarlet lips of perversity)
In search for a splintered tongue (Matching each face disguised)
Sharpened words of intimacy
They’ll need (all) my love (They’ll need my hatred)

Sapience, pierce my flesh with your thorns of irony
Angel falls and twists her wings and her gleaming breasts
will rot like foul flesh, hence worms will dance
to a macabre romance… the rape of sweetness in my eyes

Decrepitude, pierce my tongue with your womanliness
Suck the honey of my breath and tear faith apart
Scratching suicidal love on life’s putrid skin
I am your mortal son, so I am sin!!!

Oh ye, in hell we are, humiliated and bizarre
How only I have reached so far, my star
And you, across that melting sky
Waiting for me to die
For everything must die, and within everything am I

8. Back into the Shadows

Back Into The Shadows

In the night of my final sacrifice I sent my soul
Into the vast and fathomless unknown to find a word
A word, that indicates the beyond.
It came back later and spoke:
“I am myself heaven and hell!”

Sculptured in time as another chapter of life
Sharp are the thorns of the roses, which lay dank upon me
For too long I knew that I had to arrive
Yet destination isn’t as linear as humanity
Touch the feeling – touch the soul
Touch the morning dew and see the glamour
In my stark eyes reflecting
The icon of a setting in a serene summer
So many flowers give away to mystery and loneliness
Their subtle perfume and their indifference
So much jewelry’s forgotten in the soil, in darkness

But who dares to tread the silent meadows
That lie beyond the mirror of one’s self?
Who dares to reach the phantoms of one’s heart?
To behold the murderer of life and art?
And what is death?
What gives birth?
What sells good or has no worth,
When everything you feel is cold?
Why am I? Who’s this hand?
Whose decisions I can’t comprehend…
But isn’t history foretold?
There’s a tide… in the affairs of men
Which, taken of it’s flood, leads on to fortune
But all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and miseries…

But if you desire to see the light…
As it truly is, clear and bright
You must move – back into the shadows

9. Les Posédes

Les Possedes

Deep into the darkness peering
Long I stood there fearing
Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before…
But the silence was unbroken
And the stillness gave no token
And the only word there spoken
Was the whispered word: “Veritas”
This the dark whispered
And an echo murmured back the word
Merely this and nothing more!

Fools and faith conspire
Questions of desire
That they never owned before
Kings without their armour
Men without their honour
We all slip into oblivion

We are the dark inside the night
The ghosts about which the poets write
And the dreams that night’s embrace
That slowly leave without a trace…

O, suflet sparge-odata, ingusta-ti inchisoare
Si scutura-te-odata de-acest lut pamintesc!
Vreau sa m-agat de tine, spre cer navala dind
Cum viermii de-un cadavru s-agata misunind!

English translation of last verse:
O, soul, break away from your tiny cage
And shake off your body of clay
I want to cling on to you, rushing towards heavens
As maggots cling on to a dead body, creeping!!!

10. Neovampirism


Grele ginduri, anemie, nocturn complot
Noaptea-I vie, iar o mie de stele
Ma privesc si eu tinjesc la ele
Oglinda-I sparta si in ea se oglindeste tot!

Desarte ginduri, lacomie, in mine tu
Un inger, un demon, un univers apus
Ca Marte de rosu, de moarte sedus
Oglinda-s eu si in ea te oglindesti si tu

Apropie-te, tirindu-te spre sinul natiunii
In somnul calm al nestiutorilor
Se vaita sufletele blestematilor
Ce ca lacrimi rosii se scurg din cupa ratiunii

Sterse pleoape-n adormire
Peste voi, razvratire, iara mie

Eyes I’ve kept always open, never meaning to see
Your white wings dipping into my crescent agony

I love your bleeding, for it keeps me seeking
And I won’t ever cease, cause it tastes like honey
On my wounded lips
For whom was that smile
You wiped off so unpleased
With your indecent fingertips?

Would you bleed for me again
For I adore its pounding on my seared tongue

11. Heavens’s Coffin

Deep into the darkness peering
Long I stood there fearing
Dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before…
But the silence was unbroken
And the stillness gave no token
And the only word there spoken
Was the whispered word: “Veritas”
This the dark whispered
And an echo murmured back the word
Merely this and nothing more!

Fools and faith conspire
Questions of desire
That they never owned before
Kings without their armour
Men without their honour
We all slip into oblivion

We are the dark inside the night
The ghosts about which the poets write
And the dreams that night’s embrace
That slowly leave without a trace…

O! Suflet, sparge-odată îngusta-ți închisoare
Și scutură-te-odată de lutul pământesc!

Vreau să m-agăț de tine, spre cer năvală dând,
Cum viermii de-un cadavru se-agață mișunând!

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