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Ahab The Coral Tombs Lyrics Album

The Coral Tombs Lyrics Album by Ahab

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1. Prof. Arronax’ Descent into the Vast Oceans

breathe! – reverse the engines!
breathe! – iron tidal wave …
breathe! – breaking the lashing …
my mouth fills with water …
a glimpse of a black mass …
… it disappears in the East …
I’ve seen the antedeluvian beast!

within the great depth of the oceans,
hadopelagic entirely unknown.
below the surface strange motion,
water soaked clothes, heavy like stone,
metallic isle rising, strong engine’s drone

what marvelous beings inhabit these strata?
what life forms do dwell in those depths?
alas how I longed to marvel at these creatures
and yes I know, if I leave it means death.

(the captain approaches:)
civilized people abandoned me!
alas I’m not I am not to blame!
I bow alone to mother sea!
and captain nemo is my name!

2. Colossus of the Liquid Graves

tentacles furnished with rows of hooks.
bleedful watchers, hideous mollusks.
what vitality, what vigor in all parts!
and they possess there hearts!


few men with boarding-hatchets,
twenty tentacles to be feared.
à moll à moll I heard him cry,
and with the monsters saw him disappear.

there’s always been ground,
for the tales of the story-teller,
right before my very eyes,
colossus, the deep sea dweller

from far beneath the sea,
ascend the dwellers of the deep,
in roaring they shall rise
and on the surface die.

colossus, obnoxious guise,
captain gathered fears in his eyes.

(colossus, under the waves,
captain gazing into our liquid graves.)

3. Mobilis in Mobili

this earth does not need new confinents
new men is what it need!
these tyrants’ failures: immanent.
where others have failed, I will succeed!

live in the heart of the sea!
to tyrants the depths don’t belong!
killing for killing’s sake.
superiors, earthly honors begone!

these men and maids,
are the oppressed
behold all that I condemn
oppression comes in many shades.

I am the judge!
I am the law!
and there is the oppressor!
free them drudges!
venge their flaws!
I swear, I’ll grant them no confessor!

on immane vessel we shall gnaw!
unleash my deepest inner.
monilis in mobili.
no mercy for them sinners!

4. The Sea as a Desert

the sea is an embodiment of nature,
which manifests herself by her three domains,
neither by unmoved mover or creator,
nor by alchemy or superstitious banes.

the sea is everything,
it’s breath is clean and pure,
it covers seven tenths of the glove,
from the terrestrial you abjured

the sea is a desert,
feel its life stirring underground,
it is the living infinite,
the sea is a desert,
feel its life stirring underground,
it is the living infinite,
all your doubts it will drown.

life began with the coins,
and there it will end of thee.

the sea is a desert,
feel its life stirring underground,
it is the living infinite,
all your donuts it will drown.

the sea is the cure,
in if lies supreme tranquillity,
life began with the oceans,
and there if will end for thee.

5. A Coral Tomb

as I lean over him,
I recognise his shattered skull.
breathing is slow, eyes dim,
thoughts hide in a neuronal lull.

sapient forehead furrowed,
from his body spirit slips.
try to learn the secret of his sorrows,
from the last words that escape his lips.

I hear the distant sighs
like notes of a funeral psalm.
the prayers for the dead,
just like a storm before the calm.

funeral procession
at the bottom of the seas.
kneel before the grave, pay reverence.
our dead sleep quietly, at least.

rest, my friend,
guarded by zoophytes.
safe from shark and man,
entombed by wondrous wights!

sleep, my friend,
entangle me in gloom.
safe from shark and man,
sleep in your coral tomb!

6. Ægri Somnia

he did not move.
his face transfigured.
hateful mask.

fathomless soul.
would you allow a question
to be asked? – none, sir!

eyes steadily fixed
on the horizon,
what fierce abhorrence
did this man await?

forbidden secrets.
kept it hidden well.
future holds nothing
for them but cruel fate!

luminous glove
left us
in darkness

nemo’s morbid slumber
bereft me of my mind.
I fell my brain … stupefied.
entangled and entwined.

suspicion seized me,
undulations of the sea.
as I tried to resist sleep
my breathing grew weak.

nemo’s morbid slumber
bereft me of my mind.
I fell my brain … stupefied.
entangled and entwined.

7. The Mælstrom

It was not mere misantrophy
but hated, monstrous or sublime
ascend! ascend!
to the surface of the sea.
stupor deep, stupor deep!
death is on the rise!

crowding the ratlines,
clinging to the mast,
paralysed and stiffened,
with our voice in oceans vast

I am captain nemo,
I’ve sen things none should ever see.
I sail the subaquatic streams.
I mock storm and heavy seas.

I am captain nemo,
for some I’m just a deadly brute.
call me archangel of hate.
but I’m just numb and mute.
I’ve witnessed gloomy times so rough
I shall cherish all I’ve lost.
almighty god, enough! enough!

descend! descend the maelstrom,
’til bolts give way to mighty waves!
descends! descends the maelstrom,
’til bolts give way to mighty waves!

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