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Ahab The Divinity of Oceans Lyrics Album

The Divinity of Oceans Lyrics Album by Ahab

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1. Yet Another Raft of the Medusa (Pollard’s Weakness)

Alas! The Marquesas!
Shun the beck’ning land!
Choose the open sea instead
To whatever end!

Took down to wondrous depths
Sullen we did go
Where shapes of unwarped primal
Gliding to and fro

Father! Willst thou pity
If dry’re freshest cuts
If eyelids crack – mummified
Without trace of blood

Lord, why would thou leave us so misled?
How many warm hearts would cease to beat
In the consequence of it?

2. The Divinity of Oceans

Masts are broken
Men will break
Yards are shattered
Bodies shake

Bulkheads battered – Planks are burst
This ship is cursed – And so are we
Where to head for? – Where will salvation lie?
What to salvage? – What to leave behind?
This must be a collective lucid dream
For God’s sake, make us awake!

We sold our souls to the divinity of oceans,
Bestowed our fortune to the demons of depth
Thus now we are left stranded,
Shipwrecked and collapsed

Lost in the liquid desert
Thousands of miles off
from the main
Uncertain obscurity underneath
The surface cuts the world atwain

A journey to unscrupulousness
A trip to leery human mind
A passage through ruthlessness of soil
A trek towards ferocity
A voyage into unknown
A leap into the dark

All our hopes are anchored to your mercy,
Ye, almighty sea!

3. O Father Sea

Our boat lurches through damnation
Utter madness embraces me
Faces drawn my starvation
As we dwindle into misery

For a ray of hope we pray
Yet of ruin we are aware
In ports of doom we lay
So I yeld to my despair

I feel the iron surges
Break inside my head
I feel the boiling maelstroms
Tear my mind to shreds

Hence I rue
This oath I swore
As every moment
Last for evermore

This world is turned upside down
By malisons of dire revenge
All fleshly means run aground
Hovering between life and death
All sence fade away

Darkness shall overcome!

Will you sink to ageless gloom!
Will you sigh out your soul!
Will you never find a snug berth!

4. Redemption Lost

Feel decay – Pale as clay
And all washed away
Blackest days

Arcane our way – Gone astray
And all washed away – Blackest days

Shades of grey – Aeons of dismay – Blackest days

Indulgentiam, absolutionem et remissionem
Omnium peccatorum uestrorum
Tribuat uobis omnipotens…
But how could we forgive ourselves?

For all we have done
Redemption Lost: our lay
Through wondrous depths
We’ve walked our way
Redemption Lost: our lay

No rest for the wretched!
No rest for the wicked!

5. Tombstone Carousal

Death to the living
Long life to the killers,
Success to sailor’s wives
And greasy luck to whalers.

Crush’d as the moth beneath thy hand
We moulder to the dust
Our feeble powers can ne’er withstand
And all our beauty’s lost.

This mortal life decays apace
How soon the bubble’s broke
Adam and all his numerous race
Are Vanity and Smoke.

Death to the living,
Long life to the killers,
Success to sailor’s wives
And greasy luck to whalers.

6. Gnawing Bones (Coffin’s Lot)

Yes, we wept! Alas, how we wept.
Our faith in our father, well kept.
For God’s sake: brave men we were!
Too forward to abandon ourselves to despair.

Tablets Of The Law: Heaven sent,
Thou shalt not kill: thine commandment,
Good Gracious, we set at naught,
Yet, we braved the elements, tried to defy all odds.

And his glassy, his distracted eyes,
As though his will was bound and tied,
He lay his head (down on the boat’s gunwale)
it took our breath,
Few would live, while Coffin died.

Detested archair urge to eat,
Agonized by this peccant seed,
Something errant, this moment owns,
We caught ourselves
A moment of weakness
Gnawing bones.

7. Nickerson’s Theme

Neither long or meager lay
Nor a comet on a July’s day
Would lead my righteous soul astray
To cowardice, left hand’s way

Oil soaked timber, wooden bone
Whatever fate – God knows alone
I pray for him to watch our trail
For I know: to kill we sail

So sing, seaman, join my hymn of
Blood and oil
Sing her out, sing of our return to
Rotten soil

First Nantucket sleigh ride, see!
Will be a kingly gift to me
O! That is where I long to be
Deep in the heart of the sea

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