Awakening the Forest Lyrics (2014)

Alunah Awakening the Forest Lyrics Album

Awakening the Forest Lyrics Album by Alunah

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1. Bricket Wood Coven

There was a lady of Bricket Wood Coven
She held a secret, clandestine with devotion
There was a lady, the High Priestess they call her
The Book of Shadows rewritten with conviction

There was a lady of Bricket Wood Coven
Her beauty runs deep in the stories she has woven
There was a lady, the High Priestess they call her
She found her own way in the Land of Hope and Glory

Invoke the spirit of the Goddess
Speak through me, let’s call the moon together
The web of stars that holds the night together
Illuminate the balance of the wheel

There was a lady of Bricket Wood Coven
Lived long and steadfast on the path that she had chosen
There was a lady, the High Priestess they call her
She’s left the world now, but her legacy still lives on

2. Heavy Bough

They have come from the Earth where the dead do rest
Rising from the undergrowth, watching over your sweet eternal sleep

Thousands of years have passed by, reaching for the sky
The silence of a cycle, keeping secrets from a forgotten time

Sitting on a mossy stone
Carving hearts into the bone in the shadow of the elders
The heavy bough will see you though
The beauty of the old world Yew
It will protect you

They’ll be your killer, and be your lifeline too
Destroyer and protector, the solemn giant will stand alone in time

Their twisted grandeur will open the divide, and guide your resurrection
Communicating with hallowed ancestors

3. Awakening the Forest

I call and I listen to the resonance of his soul
It clouds my clear vision of the waning moon of Gaia

Dawn fades and I follow
The winding of heathen horns
Should I fill with sorrow?
As the forest wakes from it’s sleep

Awakening the forest before my time here comes to an end
For I want to see this beauty before my mind’s eye does transcend

He stands in the clearing
His fur still sodden with dew
My time’s dispappearing
Soon I’ll meet with those I have loved

4. The Mask of Herne

Leader of the wild hunt, favorite of the King
Keeper of the ancient park and all it’s living things
Then one day a tragedy brought him to his knees
But alchemy was passing by, and saved him in the breeze

Keeper of the ancient Park, keeper of the ancient park

A carved stone like animal bone was found where the hunter lay
A man’s face with antlered grace did succumb to decay
His frightful horn and wooden bow was not enough for him
He found solace in age old Oak, hanging from his deep red cloak

Hanging from his deep red cloak

The twisted wood of the winter tree
The triple moon shines down on me
Reflections cast tells of tales past
Oh that winter tree

5. Scourge and the Kiss

Climb up the hill and let my beating heart be still
Touch the wood of the Oak tree and feel it’s spirit enter me
With the guidance of the moon, I make my way into the room
Of the lonely cottage there, I join the circle and prepare

Berry Wood is still as I make my way downhill
The silence disappears as the incantation rears
I feel the scourge upon me now in the shade of the Oak tree
In this witching hour yeah, the New Forest it feels our power

The scourge and the kiss
I look at my Priestess
Her black velvet cloak
Falls to the ground
The ritual is cast around

Listen to the secrets of the English autumn rain
As it soaks into the ground and it wakes me from my dream
May I know the mysteries of my endless time on Earth
As I travel through the sphere, yes it’s beautiful in here

Silhouetted in white
Stands the lady of the green glade
A lost sound, engulfs me
Like chimes ringing through the deep mist

6. The Summerland

Trodden is the earth around the base
I have wandered in the gloom among the sprits there
May I be given freedom in the end
As I rest upon the mound, such beauty I hae found

Trodden is the earth around the base
I have wandered in the gloom among the sprits there
May I be given freedom in the end
Be given freedom in the end

Searching for the spark within humanity
To revive the dying earth and save us from ourselves
When I walk upon earth’s flesh and bone once more
I will look up to the sun, the battle’s almost won


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