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Alunah Solennial Lyrics Album

Solennial Lyrics Album by Alunah

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1. The Dying Soil

Verse 1
I heard a whisper on the wind last night.
Crying through the gilded leaves and soil.
It brought the news of Autumn’s death.
And Winter came with its last breath.

Verse 2
The Autumn fire died as the rain fell down.
Soon snow will lay across the land.
We honour them on spirit night.
And sing our songs until first light.

2. Light of Winter

Verse 1
The dark night of our soul, will bring new sparks of hope.
Calling back the sun, and bringing forth the light.
A lady came to me, on Alban Arthan eve.
She who cuts the thread, who drives the darkness down.

Verse 2
She held her sickle high, on the 6th day of the moon.
Cutting down the crop, gathering the spice.
Pine logs burn and crackle, the stinging smoke gets sweeter.
On the longest night, the wheel begins to turn.

3. Feast of Torches

Beneath you feel the earth begin to fall.
The heartbeat of the stirring mother.
Our winters’ debt, is paid.
To darkness, as she drove it down.

Verse 1
Breathe in the break of day, a time of new beginnings.
As the dew drapes silently, healing her once again.
As the dew drapes silently.
Today we celebrate, the changing of the Goddess.
Tomorrow we return to the reckoning of time.
Tomorrow we return to the reckoning of time.

Light a torch and see inside, as the light is lengthening.
See the beauty in life and death, light a torch, light a torch.
Light a torch and see inside, as the cold is strengthening.
Let there be joy in life and death, light a torch, light a torch.

Verse 2
Harness the energy, created by her presence.
As the sun renews the hills, bringing life once again.
As the sun renews the hills.
Today we celebrate, the great feast of torches.
Tomorrow we return to the reckoning of time.
Tomorrow we return to the reckoning of time.​

4. The Reckoning of Time

Verse 1
Walking in the dusty room, specks of time hang in the air.
Shining bright as the light ascends, my thoughts are shifting.
My consciousness aligns, with the thoughts held in this room.
Held captive for all these years, the stillness soothes me.

Verse 2
Fingers slide along the ledge, dust gathers in my discovery.
The time-worn text will soon be found, my thoughts are fluid.
And there it is just waiting, to be found by me who yearns.
For power on this equinox, the stillness blinds me.

Seeds of new life, born on the winter wind.
I feel a change, come over me.
Day and night, are in perfect symmetry,
I’m lost in the reckoning of time.

5. Fire of Thornborough Henge

Verse 1
You’re the change that has come over me.
And I want to honour our life, together.
The fires of Bel will burn strong tonight.
We will learn each other’s secrets.

Raise the energy and send it crashing back down.
Burn away winter, with ash on our skin.
Do it all for the bright shining one.
Hot flesh as the flames grow higher.

Verse 2
Meet me under the first sun of May,
Tonight we’ll awaken the forest, in heather.
Invisible eyes watch us gather our clothes.
And extinguish the dying fire.

6. Petrichor

Verse 1
My parched brown bed begins to soften,
under the driving summer rain.
The forest is being awakened, along with all my senses.
As I prepare, to take my final, breath.
Death waits patiently.
Wild berries will very soon, begin new life amongst my bones.
My bones…

Verse 2
Lay me down, on cracked dirt, nothing gold can stay.
Let them feast, upon my flesh, as the warm rain falls, as the warm rain… falls.

Returning to the earth, I’m manifested in the light…

7. Lugh’s Assembly

Verse 1
This is the story of, the lady of the Fir Bolg.
The great one of the earth.
Her sacrifice was great, she paid it with her life.
Her ardour withered and waned.

Through the dead land flowers grow, in the bloodline of the forest.
The parched dry earth of summer, the first rain of Autumn,
Earth laid upon a corpse, in the Cathedral of the living land.​

Verse 2
Her funeral was celebrated, with games and tournament.
Her final gift, to her land.
They buried her up high, on a golden autumn day.
A green circle on the distant hills.

8. A Forest (The Cure cover)

Come closer and see
See into the trees
Find the girl
If you can
Come closer and see
See into the dark
Just follow your eyes
Just follow your eyes

I hear her voice
Calling my name
The sound is deep
In the dark
I hear her voice
And start to run
Into the trees
Into the trees

Into the trees
Suddenly I stop
But I know it’s too late
I’m lost in a forest
All alone
The girl was never there
It’s always the same
I’m running towards nothing
Again and again and again and again


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