Once Sent from the Golden Hall Lyrics (1998)

Amon Amarth Once Sent from the Golden Hall Lyrics Album

Once Sent from the Golden Hall Lyrics Album by Amon Amarth

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1. Ride for Vengeance

As his life’s blood leaving
I hold my son, my only son,
and tears fill my burning eyes.

While his skin turns pale as snow
butchered he lies here bleeding in my arms.
Slewn by the men of the single God,
hatred burns in my chest.

Rain falls from a raging Heaven,
the wind howls like wolves at the moon.
I will seek vengeance for my son,
I swear I’ll avenge my first born one.

I ride fast through the woods,
my friends are by my side.
Dark hatred burns in my eyes,
slaves of Hvitekrist today you die!

“Mäktiga gudar i gyllene salen,
hjälp mig i striden mot sondräparna.
Den höge skall för huggen hämnas,
och blod skall gäldas i blod.”

Our cloaks fly in the wind as
we ride in the cold dark night.
We’re closing in our enemies with
rage in our hearts burning bright.

The clouds scatter
in the northern wind,
a full moon rides the
pitch black sky.

Now, hounds of Hvitekrist,
your time has come to die!
Kneel before my sword,
no mercy, your time
has come to die.

This is the ride for vengeance!

2. The Dragons’ Flight Across the Waves

Alone he stands in the doorway,
his family’s still asleep.
Gazing at the starlit horizon
and the moon sparkling sea.

When dawn comes he must leave them
his home, his children and loved.
For his destiny beyond those waves
known only to the Norns.

He’s already dressed ready to leave,
his four friends are waiting by the shore.
Each with a Dragon Ship and one
hundred men prepared for war.

He returns to his bed
kissing his sleeping wife goodbye,
and as he leaves his youngest son
a tear rolls from his eye.

They set sail with
the first morning rays,
heading for glorious wars.

And as the five ships steer
out from the bay their hearts
pound like never before.

The wind is strong
and the sun is warm,
their Dragons fly
across the waves.

No greenfaces
are seen here onboard,
only a crowd of braves.

Many nights passes
and days long as a year.
They await the battle,
they await without fear.

On the morning of the fifth
day before the sun is arose,
they hear bells chime and see
pyres torched at a nearby coast.

“Lower the sail, grab your oars
now men it’s time to act!
Row loke the wind to the shore,
row like the wind to attack!”

Attack, attack, attack,
row like the wind to attack!

3. Without Fear

I see without fear my destiny
as the raging skies begins to fade,
pouring rain licks my wounds as my
blood flows from my torn flesh.

As I die I hold my sword,
my only friend, and pray that
Oden will take me home!

The battle rages but I
hear only raindrops falling
like in slow motion
to the ground.

Death release me, free me
from my earthly pain.
Oden I ask thee please
take me home!

Without fear I die!

As I look to the sky
the Heaven is lit and
Valkyries in shining
armour descend.

I rest my head on the
ground and close my eyes.
I know that Oden’s sent
for me as I die.

Without fear I die!
I hold my sword,
and die without fear!

4. Victorious March

Ten heavy feets walks the bloodsoiled ground.
With rhythm these five warriors march.
No matter how much the bleeding wounds
from enemy swordcuts hurt to the bone.

The revenge they sought
was taken in blood,
no mercy was showed.

No mercy was showed!

They ignore the pain that hammer like pounds
from falls of slain horses to the ground.
No signs of weakness, no signs of weariness,
not even a glimpse of remorse in their eyes.

They slew men ruthless,
fed the wolves with flesh
And now they leave this
land side by side.

Now they’re headed home, five
swordsmen who fought repentlessly.
Their story will be told of
five brave men endlessly.

All sorrow is left for the women to bare,
the children cries, they live in fear.
No man was spared, no house or farm remains,
no christian woman unraped!

Their church consumed by flames…

Their steel shines red with enemy blood,
it sings of victory granted by the Gods.
And as they return bleeding but proud the
horizon burns and the song is ringing loud.

5. Friends of the Suncross

Salt water licks my face
and wind fills the sail,
we head for wars on
distant shores.

My friends are all with me
and so they’ll always be,
we’ll never bend until the end.

We cross the open waves
on course to far off lands,
Thor guides our ships with
his strong hands.

Across the waves our
Sea Snakes fly, carried like
ravens in the sky by Heavens
breath on wings of death.

Blood will run red as we
sever bodies from their heads,
we maim and kill by pure will.

We hail our Gods,
sacrifice in blood,
our altar is the

Death is something
we don’t fear though
it’s always near.
Ygg brings us home
when time has come.

We are five of us,
friends of the suncross.
Strong and brave to the grave!

6. Abandoned

They came riding down the slopes,
five fearless men prepared to fight.
We heard with fear the rumbling
earth in the mid-day light.

Surprised we saw all terrified
the brave northmen’s run,
the fearless five with power ride
attacking us in the mid-day sun.

Their charge was fast, no alarm was sound,
they broke right through our lines.
I felt the cut, it threw me to the ground,
and now I feel has come my time.

I lie here in my blood and
see my family get killed.
I feel abandoned by my God,
I fear Death’s chill.

I see Hel’s Gates
towering high.
And dark are they,
I don’t want to die!

Oh no, I was wrong,
denied the true Gods,
and now I’m doomed!

I trusted foreign men
and their God’s son,
but now when I need them
they are gone!

I see Hel’s Gates
towering high.
And dark are they,
I die!

They ride across the planes
and punish those of false belief,
all resistance is in vain as they
caress them with cold steel.

They are the punishers
and they will never bend.
They are power the five of them,
from Asgard they are sent.

The power they have in all they do
the Christians non will feel.
No one can escape them, no!
They will make them kneel!

Their fight has end,
they must return,
no one here survived!

And as the blood red
sky begins to burn to
Valhall they will ride.

They will ride!

7. Amon Amarth

A storm rolls in from the sea covering
the land with black thunder clouds,
rain whips the ground at their feet as
they come ashore in this foreign land.

Thunder breaks the silence of
five hundred men assembled ashore,
gazing through the misty rain
at the mountain not a mile away.

So dark and silent it stands there,
the mighty Amon Amarth.
Reaching for the cloud cloaked skies
so grim and fearful in might.

With the wind in their backs they start
walking, decisive men of the north.
They strive through this darkened land
with only Mount Doom in their sight.

The closer they get to the mountain
the clearer their eyes can see,
a forest of one thousand spears awaiting,
awaiting the battle that will be.

A cry of war emerges,
echoes over the field.

Warriors run like
wolves up the slopes,
boldly charging the
enemy lines.

With weapons so fearsome and sharp in their
hands and shields of oakwood and steel.
They slit open stomachs and split skulls to
the jaw, intestines cover this field.

The defenders are weak in this brutal war,
the northmen have power and guts.
A bloodshed like no one has seen here before,
none can escape their cuts.

Arrows with fire fly through the air,
touching houses and shields.
The Vikings can feel victory is near
as the enemy headlessly flees.

A gust of wind blows in from
the north, clearing the clouds away.
As twilight falls and the stars come forth
and the Sea Wolves return to the bay.

Corpses lie scattered all over the field
for the ravens to eat as they please,
the mountain is now left there behind as
they sail with the first morning breeze.

8. Once Sent from the Golden Hall

Rumbling thunder cracks the sky
and rain starts pouring down,
lightning strikes a cold bright light
upon the blood drenched ground.

The sword play is
hard and many fall,
steel bites sharp
in flesh.

And upon a mountain
towering tall stand
the messengers of death.

Five horsemen in armour bright
waiting in the flashing light,
looking down upon the field where
Vikings fight with axe and shield.

On stallions black as night
and with eyes burning red they
ride with thunder to the fight,
deliverance of certain death.

A warcry loud as Heimdall’s
horne echoes across the land.
Enemies who hear it freeze to the bone,
friends of doom proudly stand.

They ride faster than the wind,
with lightning speed they strike.
Black ravens follow where they’ve
been to feed from those who died.

With power they wield their swords
as they ride down fleeing men,
sending them to Hel’s dark court
to never come back again.

The warriors ride once more to
the mountain from which they came,
once sent by the Gods to war
and they never return in shame.

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