New Obscurantis Order Lyrics (2001)

Anorexia Nervosa New Obscurantis Order Lyrics Album

New Obscurantis Order Lyrics Album by Anorexia Nervosa

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1. Mother Anorexia

Inhale your own worst obssession
Forgive me mother
Inhale, forget the one you’re waiting for
The adversary – accusation
The last fall is endless
Await the blade upon your tiny chest

I miss an existence I don’t even know
My addiction
I’ve seen the universe in your eyes
I’ve seen the beauty that never dies

Mother Anorexia engraves my veins
There’s blood and anger all under my nails

Mother Anorexia, my hope was fake
Mother Sephirah, they never existed
Mother Anorexia

I miss a sacrifice
No weakness, no instinct, no vileness
I’ve seen the angels prostitute
I’ve seen my loss so cute
I’ve seen the universe in your eyes
I’ve seen the beauty that never dies

I live in fear – I hate myself
Wanna make love with myself
While cutting deep inside my flesh

Shallow’s your own worst deception
Betray me mother
Swallow and kill the one you believe you love
The way to your perfect immolation
The last fall is endless
Await my hand upon your offered breasts

Now your embrace the no one can take, the never, the always
A colder fear…
Poison’s getting closer to me
So pure innocent child
Untouchable, virgin like
Not as dark as I thought it was

2. Châtiment de la rose

His purity and his tears
In destruction he dwells
My achievement in murder
And he was meant to suffer
Enthrone the new Demiurge
He told me my mission… purify

Tu as vole tout ce que j’avais
Tu m’as enleve mon dernier espoir
Innommable larve ecoeurante de lachete
Je te hais

I wanna see your agony in the worst suffering ever
Those of your race deserve only hate

My wishes reflect his will
And he spoke to me
He told me to kill
To kill, to kill

Wish you were here close to me
We could forget them
My faith has been slaughtered by my sinner’s body
I fucking shall not forgive anything

Tu es la putain des faiblesses humaines
Tiede et obscene
Aveuglee par ce desir suintant de vanite
Sans valeur

Elle sera ma victoire
Elle sera au-dessus de tout
Elle fermera le cercle
Et ouvrira enfin ses yeux d’ange

Plus rien n’existe, tes mains sont sales
Regarde-moi dans les yeux une derniere fois
Je perds mon sang par mille blessures et tu ne vois rien
Nous sommes si seuls maintenant
Et je me noierais dans tes larmes
Ta vie portera le sceau ecarlate
De mon sang a jamais bafoue

Je te maudis
Je vomis sur ton ame et sur tous les tiens
La mort pour tes parents
La torture et le viol pour tes enfants.
Je vous hais jusqu’a la mort

Gloire aux anges salvateurs
Gloire aux anges redempteurs
Purifiez ce monde dans le sang!

Fucking no servility to the rites of mortals

3. Black Death, Nonetheless

Make love with chaos, once in a lifetime…
I’ve seen the son of the man
He came to save the ones who were lost
Fathers shall not be condemned to death for the sons
Neither shall sons for their fathers
And everyone shall die for his own sin.

Holy me, blessed be
Arisen in the ASA glory
ASA, Sahasrar shall abolish the man in me
Black Death, nonetheless…

Black Death, nonetheless
Black Death for me
For my disease is carrying all the sins of humanity
For my death shall be the negation of your miserable existence
I was talking with Lucipher yesterday
He said he loved you, monkeys

He’s the only one who cares about you, masses
I don’t care, don’t give a good goddamn
May you all die, bunch of pigs
Wish I was dead and crucified too

Stigmatized by your weak, ignorant moral
My body’s raped and desecrated by your innoncent newborn sons
God, their flesh tastes so good

Flagrance of the Apokalypse
Lucipher was born a long time after me
And you love to gently caress his perfect hair
What a beautiful child you have, Madame

Ah, comme je peux hair tous ces miserables assemblages de chair
Ces relations faibles et repugnantes
Mais comment ne pas vomir sur ces corps abjects
Ces tripes fumantes enlacees ?
Ah, si seulement je pouvais broyer toute cette viande pourrie
Dechiqueter ces putains d’esprits
Expulser leurs fluides, leurs ames, toute cette atroce puanteur
Ah comme je peux hair celui qui a ose les creer
Je lui ferais bouffer toutes ces creatures
Jusqu’a ce qu’il en creve
Et qu’enfin je retrouve la sphere divine
Vierge et immaculee

Car Dieu m’a dit… toute vie doit cesser…

4. Stabat Mater Dolorosa

Stabat mater dolorosa
Fulget crucis mysterium
Stabat mater dolorosa
Vexilla regis prodeunt

We are the Sun
We are the dead stars
We are the black sky
Invading your room
We are the candle
The only light
We are the machines of the past
Forever victims and murderers of your joy

We are Death
The ancient knowledge
The source of origin
The red and white sacred hatred
Enthroned, materialized
The wrath of heaven and hell united in one
Worship us, be faithful
Beautiful great and cursed

Vexilla regis prodeunt, fulget crucis mysterium
Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni

We are the…
Mother of suffering
Bringer of virtue
Possess the Holy, drink the wine
Arise my son, follow me
I’ve felt the wounds of our race

We are the shadows of all your fathers
The ancestors of those who suffer
Come, when my hand will die upon
Thy forehead, you’ll breath in the flames

Stabat Mater Dolorosa, fulget crucis mysterium
Stabat Mater Dolorosa, vexilla regis prodeunt

Be without doubt as you’ve been without weakness
We will open the five roses
We will awake the seven churches of the final confrontation

Mother of suffering
Hater of mercy, divine whore
Mother of fanatics
Be sure we’ll meet again

Stabat Mater Dolorosa, fulget crucis mysterium
Stabat Mater Dolorosa, vexilla regis prodeunt

Chatiee d’etre nee putain
Non, chatiee d’etre nee trop tard
Une seule nuit ne suffit plus
A nous separer du paradis perdu

Mother of suffering
Hater of mercy, divine whore
Mother of fanatics
Hold me, we’ll be united as one

Stabat Mater Dolorosa

To serve and to obey
Here is your tragic destiny
Your only choice is the name of your Lord and Everything
Your illusion of madness and liberty
Sealed your eternal enslavement
Slaves to your race

We are the Sun
We are the dead stars
We are the night sky
We are the New Obscurantis Order

New Obscurantis Order

5. Le portail de la vierge

Here she comes the teen virgin angel
Il desespere…
Human nature vomited with anger
By the holy avenger
Blessed be the martyrs of virtue
Jesus was impure
Here she comes lying on the white wedding couch
I mortify myself, curse thee a thousand times

Une trahison pour l’eternite
Je ne te laisserais jamais partir
Une trahison pour l’eternite
Rien ne sera pardonne
Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses
Riviere noire dans le ciel
Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses
Un ange deploie ses ailes

Donne-moi enfin la grace
Viole mon ame
Brule ma peau
Pour enfin la jeter en pature
A cette terre morte assoiffee de luxure

I am the virgin and you are the whore
Longing for your revelation
I am the virgin and you are the whore
I’ll have to make do with what I’ve got

Standing here in the shades of morning
You are the white sun of the end
Kiss my lips one last time
I promise you I’ll leave then
Alien world
I failed once again
Drunk of ideals and sweetness
And I’m so far away from home
I fear this frozen place

Who am I for pretending to survive ?
Am I the last one on earth ?
I feel no desire, feel no attraction
Two days and I’m tired
I shall in all my best obey you, my dear
Murder me if I don’t
But stay with me, don’t turn away
Whereon do you look ?

Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses
Je ne te laisserais pas partir
Je ne laisserais pas ton ame entre ces mains souillees par l’humanite
J’en fais le serment devant l’Abime
Que le ciel scintillant m’aveugle de sa toute puissance
Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses
Elle qui est si proche des flammes
Elle qui se croit deja morte

Lever les yeux au ciel enfin
Une derniere fois
S’effacer dans la beaute de la nuit
Dans son silence, sa purete infinie
Ne plus la trahir, ne plus la violer
Plus jamais, plus jamais
Je le jure

6. The Altar of Holocausts

Blessed be my own decision
This body must burn upon the Altar of Holocausts
Murder her when you make love
Like millions of worms penetrating her flesh
While she’s lying down, down in the dirt
And there is no nobility
When I try to kill the sin in me
To fuck equals to kill
And I’ll make her live in the purest, blackest hell ever

When I raise my fist slowly, so-called king
And when my words become your one and only world…
Keys to the gates of submission
Obey, and look down
I don’t love you
I’m the eye of deception
Control the worms
I was meant to die, to order and to reign
I am just a white fading flower
As he used to call me
Burn the witch
Last breath

Krieg in Sicht

Yet if as holiest men have deem’d, there be
A land of souls beyond that sable shore…
How sweet it were in concert to adore
With those who made our mortal labours light,
To hear each voice we fear’d to hear no more
Behold each mighty shade reveal’d to sight
The Bactrian, Samian sage, and all who taught the right !

Motherfucking sage will not come to save you, fool !

Krieg in Sicht

A smile – I defy
With all my innocence
My lips closer to yours, I feel your breath
Attraction, repulsion and pride
Desire made me think I had the right
To take your life away
Die by my own will
Nature of Holocaust
Just walk away from the line
Do it

7. Hail Tyranny (Sergey Rachmaninov cover)


8. Ordo ab Chao: The Scarlet Communion

His excess of light is searching for your darkness
He is the tyrant
There’s one only law for him …to be pure
He comes from above
He died a thousand times and put his hand in mine
He hails victory and loss

I hear him coming every single day
And the queen desires me
To use some gentle entertainment to him
If it be her will…

And I have no choice – Plus de chemin nulle part
I should kill for him – I will kill for me
He shall bring me the anti-matter
No compassion, never
Never kneel before anyone

The wound is so deep
Them – Us – Against

I sacrify my right arm to the golden rain
And I know it’s a sign
I know the end is near
One black cancer to make the children close their eyes
Abime, Abyssus, Propator !

The red earth is trickling down on the wall
Its blood is running off my veins

Et tandis que le grand feu devore le monde la matiere
Je prends ma place a la porte du cercle divin

Antagonize the world – Incest and crime
Humiliation of the whore – Cum, suck me child
Vengeance is mine – Murder is wine
Purification through the forever more

Hold your breath and picture the scene

The green-eyed angels are losing their wings
All mothers are devorating the babies
While children fornicate with animals
And fathers die of overdose

Dressons le bucher de ce monde
Et les ames des elus seront la substance divine

United we stand
We walk through the flames
We walk upon the ruins of your dreams
Of charity and of respect

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