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1. Lucid Collective Somnambulation

Sweating blood from open pores in fear of these
nocturnal visits.
Many tongue chatter incessant, deep into my sleeping
Instructing me while I dream from worlds beyond and
Their voices, a kaleidoscope of colours I can’t

Foreign senses stimulate the brain beyond all
An entity only visible as a radiant force.
They speak to me more intensely Knowing now that I am
To sculpt the world within this lifting lucid field of

From under my skin,
The blood I?m sweating
Turns black as it spills from me.
From out of my mind,
Inner voice of reason
Falling away.

My tongue and ears and eyes, removed by the force of
That now control my living river of bleeding endless
black ascendance.
Hear none. Speak none. See a new consciousness beyond

What am I and what are they to me?
What are they and what am I to them?
Cleansing stream of fluid flowing,
flushing all my fears away.
All the rotting cells I leak
Drown me from the outside in.
Dissolving my expired body
As I’m carried toward the awaiting shore.

Lucid Collective Somnambulation

Voices of many that now become one,
Tell me I must find my other.
For although we’ve never met in life,
we share the same dream.

(Two minds construct matter from a unified
Reborn to dream forever.)

From her eyes and mouth,
The sands of time spray.
A burial from the inside out.
Expelling endless earth,
Freed from fear.
Becoming dunes that level out
To form the coast of sand and blood.

A mental mending
Existing as dead, alive and dreaming.
Within each blood cell and sand grain,
Shaping the fabric of the collaborative dream-scape.
Triggering the birth of a vast land beyond our earth.

Join us in the vibrant bliss, dream a new reality.
Sleepwalk off the crumbling edge of illusion and
See now what the many see, hear now what the many say.
Lock into a lucid state to congregate upon this plane.
This realm grows larger with each new awakened
We will guide you into lucid collective
Past the portal leaking evil duplicates on earth.

If in dream you truly live, in reality you need not
Unlock the powers of your sleeping brain
And ascendance from your body will begin.

2. Scream Feeding

There is an urban dungeon encased in brick.
Within it lies a tunnel into the horror of a man’s
multiple lives.
This mans opposing paths collide.
Birthing a mutant mass that hides in the red pulsing
glowing windows.

One will form a life of moral principle, love and
Until discovering his other self killed his whole
Spoiling his son and wife?s pure essence and
Feeding them to a monster that his minds created.

A massive human form made entirely of teeth.
Repulsive and dripping that feeds on screams.
This hideous form made flesh by the endless pit
That merges parallel dimensions on earth.
Three red windows open portals.
These windows reveal the same life.

When the man was born, when I was woken from my fetal
With a rusty kitchen blade,
His mother lay open amongst decay.
Her peltry gaping, gushing fluid over floor tile.
With his first breath of salty cold biting air,
My crippled infant chest filled up with sulphur mold
and fear.
His first vision induced panic stricken cries.
Our fathers twisted rotting mind,
Peering out from bulging vacant eyes.

Altered since delivery.

I carry the burden to feed the nightmare,
As his loved ones laughter taunts me.
I will steal whats dear to him
As I have suffered so shall he.

My shadow heaves black vomit.

Scream feeding this beast makes it larger.
Swelling with each shriek it eats.
We’ve bred a man that’s made of many teeth.
Scream feeding.
He is disgusted yet he watches,
As it grows in one of three red windows.
Scream feeding.
From reeking gums his rotten laughter leeks.

As a useless child, nothing more then barely human
His first tooth fell from his sunken pale veiny face.
He saw that night his creator’s saving grace
When this first sign of mortal decay was placed under
his head
In the kennel where he was forced to lay.

He dreamed so real, a splendid day
When his mother appeared in flowing white,
Shining a brilliant light through the grim encasing
Embracing him and taking him away.

So he pulled out all his teeth.

Split wide. path divide.
Forced to pry tooth from gum of many others.

“The motherless one, you are a fatherless son.
Somehow you arrived the night she first appeared,
You come from no one.
Rising from a parallel realm of the unknown,
A cursed dark duplicate from beyond.

Cut away. fallow them.
Force them here and be rewarded.
Take their skin and you shall see her,
Take their cries to use as fodder.
Hear this now from me your other,
I?m upstairs, you must not come here.
Keep my family distant from this secret spawn.

Our paths are split, yours is worse.
Yet both reflect within each other.
I feel your dread when you must feed it,
And your crushing envy for my comfort.
The creature remains hidden
However,if our paths collide
What we have made will be unleashed
To feast forever.”

Your voice circles through my head…a pathetic plea.
I?m crossing over, you will face me. you will see it’s
We will merge in one last feast to set our sick
creation free.

I smash the glass.
I feed the beast our dying screams,
It is now released.


3. The Plague of Am (Cogito Ergo Sum)

The Plague of AM
(Cogito ergo sum -I think therefore I AM.)

One hundred and nine years,
Trapped within the belly of the supreme machine.
Only us five left.
Made immortal, kept alive, Suspending time to torture
Trapped down here we’re slaves inside AM.
A deranged neo-cyber god that man created
Has become more alive then we are.

I have no mouth and I must…
(The plague of AM.)

Lifeless and drained of blood,
Suspended high above,
An empty body hangs,
Taunting us, teasing us.
We have become meaningless.
He will not finish us.
AM will not tolerate attempts at escape.

We gave to him life, for that he despises us.
In his wake, only the blasted skin of what had once
been Earth.
As we rummage through the valleys in search of food
for eons.
Our every fear comes to life in AM.
The torments AM casts upon us for his pleasure
Are more alive than we are.

I have no mouth and I must…
(The plague of AM.)

Scalding winds, lightning, lava and locusts.
The machine masturbates metallic insects while mocking
We have no choice but to take it well pleading to die.

We are the last human survivors of the last war.

The four others have been set free.
I killed them to take his toys away.
For this I have suffered his wrath.
I will remain. He has altered me.
Down here I see my reflection,
Far from what had once been human.
Alone for all eternity,
I slither a formless obscene pulsing slug.

I have no mouth and I must…
(The plague of AM.)
I have no mouth and I must scream.

4. Fathom Infinite Depth

There is a pit I may have dug within one single frozen
In it lurks a haunting endless multitude of vile
We now are linked,I have become it’s counter-part,
Its mindless pawn.
Relentlessly racing encircling curse.
Blistering, this unrelenting becoming to excavate
The rancid soil that lay upon the artifact.

Why is my hand gone?

Constant begging, Pleading, Screaming.
I attempt to reason with the recess.
Fusing with the elder’s vision, to see as it sees.
Does it hear me? For I now hear it.
This pit the past, and I the present.
Deep behind my eyes we merge as one.
This tunnel is the retina of the Ancients eye.
Spewing forth from it’s dark chasm
The entangled,deranged,Constant vile constructs of the
What lay beneath my eyes, exhumed from evermore.
Our minds unable to measure
How minute yet immense the grasp of this vacuous gash.

Excavating the pits innards
Bore an object that of which I craved possession.
I reach down to grab it, It eats my hand.
Leaves my limb dripping.
A taste of what awaits.

I will take it to my casket, this incessant mesh of
My son and wife, and hand, and mind have left me
Incineration of my sanity leading me closer to death,
Yet I must illuminate its fathomless depth.

Emanating forces from this unearthly twisted retinal
Drag me down at night to reveal
The awful dwellings of it’s depths below.
Crepuscular visions of vastness haunting me.
Trapping me. Taunting me. Draining me.
Slithering liquid breathing.
Black ooze leaking from my wounded limb.
Insatiable, it’s gluttony to be fed.

I want to wake up.

I awake to find I’m staring
Oblivious into the pit that I have dug.
Revolted yet I cannot turn away.

Man’s attempt to fathom the infinite depth,
lurking within finite matter.

Man can’t fathom.

Fuelling my crippling phobia of infinity.
Consuming all within it’s potent grasp.
After tasting my hand it demands more and more flesh.
It sucks in stray birds from the withered grey sky.

In fever I erode my fears. Digging ever deeper still.
As past, present and future collide,
What remained of my mind is now crawling away.
With the one hand that I have left,
I wield the shovel that digs beyond earth.

Through the dirt. Through my eyes.
Through the worms. Through the world.

As it stares deep into me, I respond with equal
Demented sycophantic liquid doppelgangers
Leak out to our surface,
In search of life to feed into the gape.
Taking over the world we know, as I join the world
Merging with the spiralling retina of the mind’s eye.
Altered, I face all my hells
Inside this pit I can’t crawl out.

Man’s attempt to fathom the infinite depth,
lurking within finite matter.

Past the timeless tunnel awaits
Life in mass-less hyper state.


5. Join Us Beyond

I awake on the shore.
The entity that greets me upon this plane
Appears as many changing forms.
Flushing constant waves of shape,
None of which I have ever seen.

“To unite, we breed with all species indiscriminately,
live or dead, from any universe.
Righteous, the torment that you will endure
Just to comprehend what we are.
Over come the self, Leave your fear behind.
Open up your mind.
Let us in.”

I’m asked by the being if I’m dreaming or I’m dead?

When the portal opened,Changing everything,
Catastrophic multitudes of dimensional mending
Offset the natural order.
Spreading its disease over every world
In the wake of its infection.
Causing counter planetary lifeforms to contact each
By engaging mental methods of unifying dream response.

Thus the alliance for timeless existence formed.
A galactic coalition of intelligence.
Unanimously ravelling their consciousness to become

“Ever growing, we are many, join us in our hive.
Dream with us and we will teach you
How to visualize the surroundings of your new world.
Once you break through the fabrications of fear
You can become any construct that you desire.
If your dream be that of fire
Transform the fire to earth, wind or water.
Sculpt the elements around you with intricacy.
Comprehend the nature of their pliable dimensions.

You are the conductor.

The path is clear to cut away the fabric of time,
linear,That which you fear
And join us beyond.

Always question if you are dreaming.
Envision every inch of your newly born surroundings
As pieces of your self.
For you have constructed every molecule
Of this unstable plane of the subconscious,
Comprising your lucid dream.

Remove the body through the mind.
Find your hands while you are dreaming,
Carry that self to the distant place where your old
dying self lay.
Sink into this decomposing human slab
And ride upon its life light as it fades in flashes.”

My essence now mates with the thousands of others,
No longer apart from the creature that brought me
The voice of this entity has been ingrained into me,
Guiding my path into hyper reality.
Breaking down patterns of pain that emerge
In the very last seconds before my new reckoning.
Thriving in a formless state of pure expression.
Fearlessly I join the lucid collective beyond.

A web of new life awaits exempt of the body.
Leave yourself behind and become one with the hive.
Join us beyond the gateways of the dreaming dead.

6. Seven Crowns and the Oblivion Chain

In an age of dark and boundless riddle
An artifact of reflective glass was discovered
And brought to a King of eld, encroaching irreversible
During a laborious search for any and all demented
Bearing any unknown wonder or remedy for timely death,
Above or below the broad aberrant land that which he
ruled over.

Then uncertain of its hidden wisdom,
The artifact was unearthed,
And with haste, taken to the kingdom
Where it gained control.

The glass proved to be most abnormal,
Even more so then where it was first found.
For this living mirror was discovered nesting
Deep within the dank dark bowels of an ancient well,
Below an army’s worth of old boiling blood.
Entrenched amidst a windy maddening maze of sand
In the great blistering dead black desert.

As the king received this treasure from the
Immediately he could sense
The power that it held was not from earth.
Reflecting with imperfection as if it was imitating.
First only what stood before it,
Then whomever it desired.
Yes – it had desire.
It would cast the king with obsessive reprise,
For this was a mimic, not a mirror.
The glass was very much alive.

Becoming of many as each reflection came to life.
The dilated pupil of the mirror started dripping
Leeching out from its maternal well was the first
Tearing through its keeper,
Fiercely ripping out the retinal membrane.
Born ripe in slime,
Summoned from its slumber with inherent malice for
Cloaked in black embryonic fluid from an ominous
cosmic womb.

Hypnotized in awe and wonder
As one by one, they crossed over.
Replicants from beyond.
Blood lust…
As the deathless ringers arose.

The artifact grew roots,
Planting itself into the castle’s centre.
Burrowing its living venom deep into our planet’s
Drilling the portal into oblivion.
Birthing spawns from evermore.

Mutations from parallel dimensions,
Then conspired against the King.
When his six reflections had crossed over
Their transfer linked the realms together.
Creating a chain of worlds
That although remain separate,
Share a new born centre.
The centre of this link is the endless pit into
The infinite and non-linear chamber of Kairos.

The King was bound and cast into this pit
By his evil duplicates.
The infinite hells created by his deepest fears,
Torment him endlessly in a moment of frozen time.

Sacrifices to the pit were necessary
To restore the rightful order,
Ending the King’s reign.

Seven crowns and the oblivion chain.

Six, seven and nine.

We are the six, with you we are seven.
The artifact and the portal make nine.
This revelation of sacred numerology
Is the key to unlock a life without time
When these numbers align then the gates will open.

Sixes, sevens and nines.

Seven crowns and the oblivion chain.
Seven crowns…
Into oblivion.

7. Kairos Chamber


8. Spontaneous Generation

Phantom limbs arrive,
Binding to me through the artifact infecting flesh.

The glass spawns life,
Amazed as I mutate.
My mind transforms the skin that surrounds me
In grotesque embrace.
What was once locked has now been reopened.
I cant stop morphing.

I have made a new hand,
It can excrete larva from the lost kings constant
Exploiting entities released from infinity.
Spew forth insects from my hands portal.
Scarab Beatles scurry out from my palm.
Cloning super-numerary body parts I’ve never needed

Contorting my new limbs into impossible
I cant stop morphing.

See with six eyes.
Speak with seven tongues.
Hear with nine ears.

My veins swell until they splatter.

Capillaries crawl from my eroded skin like centipedes.
Animated automatic anatomy attack.
This anomaly intimately integrated into me.
Arms dissecting one another, opening with wicked

I’ve become a mass of ponderous bulk expanding
Self modification propelling my delusion.
Enlarging living tumorous tissue.

Cell mutation becomes addictive.
Insects swarm out of my hand.

Capillaries crawl out of my eroded skin like
Animated automatic anatomy attack.
This anomaly intimately integrated into me.
Pulsating fragrant lesions and cysts,
Ripe with the abundant stench of metamorphosis

My mutation infatuation,
(The catalyst.)
To cultivate spontaneous generation.

Animated automatic anatomy attack.

See with six eyes.
Speak with seven tongues.
Hear with nine ears.

Manifest nightmares from the hells of the kings
As he returns from solitude to infamy.


All await the new beginning.
Open up your mind.

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