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Ashes You Leave The Cure for Happiness Lyrics Album

The Cure for Happiness Lyrics Album by Ashes You Leave

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1. Devil in Disguise

Undress yourself beauty and lay before me
Reveal all your secrets to me, drive me into ecstasy
Kiss me, feel me, love me, embrace it all
In my sleep come to me and swallow me whole

Your lips spread poison
Your words reek of lies
Your caress is all but blessing
You are a Devil in disguise

I can’t get you out of my mind, you’re under my skin
Open your heart baby and welcome me in
Don’t listen what other people say, embrace the sin
Open wide and invite me in

Your lips spew poison
Your words are venomous lies
In the end you’re nothing but
A Devil in disguise

2. Only Ashes You Leave

In the eyes of my soul-mate I gaze
But in front of a stranger now I stand
People say love is just like war
They always come to an end
We try to speak
But only silence we seem to utter
So motionless and silent we stand here
Like butterflies caught in butter

There are no feelings left
On this final eve
It has all been done and said
Only ashes you leave

Long has faded the sparkle in thy eye
You went down cold but so have I
Our years together just passed on by
All gone now, no more tears left to cry

We were never meant to be, this was only fate
Oppressive sorrow takes a leave, the funeral band is late

3. For the Heart, Soul and Mind

In these wastelands of emotions we all strive to find
Someone for our heart, soul and mind
A poet writes of a tale so drear
To grow old alone we all dread and fear

And out of nothing comes a love so dire
I feel it burning my skin like fire
My heart feels wrapped in barbed wire
But what a sweet, sweet desire

So come all the shadows from one’s past
To haunt a lonely heart with a love so vast
As the fiddler plays a dreadful theme
A godlike apparition comes to fulfill the dream

4. The Ever-Changing

Bequeath the gift from the weeping skies
The sheer sight of it will burn your eyes
The raw primal power from the celestial portal
That will tear at souls of each and every mortal
Tender hearts will tremble, feeble minds will break
In a new Eon’s rise, this is ΧÁOΣ awake

…. seeing is not believing

What we are seeing can be deceiving
Just like fire ΧÁOΣ is ever-changing

…so start believing
…start living

And than you will see the future through my eyes
The world will become all that you despise
Creatures from the shadow of your mind will roam the earth
We’ll witness the downfall of your Eden and a modern Hell’s birth

But I’ll take pleasure in seeing you in that sad little world
Seeing you on your own
Squirming like a maggot in a wound
I’ll love to see you when you are all alone

5. Meant to Stray

Are you sure you want to let go
Are you ready to loose it all
Were we always meant to stumble and than fall
And wait for life to take it’s toll

It is the slow turning of the cosmic wheel
that hurts, that aches and prevents you to heal

The stars burned bright to light our way
But never so were we meant to stray
And though bliss seemed just a heartbeat away
Love will have to wait for another day

We were meant to stray, meant to stray..
Now leave…

You could have saved me, no-one else tried
You did fail me as the lovers died
And when all our failures are summarized
There is nothing left to remember us by

The stars burned bright to light our way
But never so were we meant to stray
And though bliss seemed just a heartbeat away
Love will have to wait for another day
Just like for grass in a gentile sway
A wind will come and blow all the pain away

6. Summer’s End

Is this human nature
Are we designed this way
To be unhappy, so uncertain
To live in fear every day
Yet in the affairs of the heart we dwell naïve
So childishly gullible and willing to forgive
And when we’re left with nothing but the choking pain
We hope it will be washed away by the autumn rain

If I could only
Find a reason to carry on
Not to remain lonely
When the burden inside weights a ton
Than I could only
Give this wretched life a try
Deny only
If you think this is a lie

You still linger and brood over your misery
But the only emotion you inspire is sympathy

So play me a mellow tune
Give me a darker rhyme
Let’s make this a sad one
This is a lovelorn time

Summers end…

We were nothing but actors
In this nightmare play
The trees are removing their cloaks
The autumn is here to stay

Summers end…

7. Reality Sad

Guilt haunted,
Hate driven
All those promises so lightly given

Grief crippled
And heartbroken
Vicious lies so often spoken

We struggle
With each day
But mankind silently fades away

So greet a reality sad cast in pain and sorrow
Kindness seems pointless when no-one cares to follow
The last few tears I cry for a world with no tomorrow
Emotions are long lost, stares so distant and hollow

In this wretched
Human spawning
You sought humanity

So bitter
Was the truth
So cruel the reality

We all just fade away….

8. The Cure


9. …for Happiness

Behind those green eyes hides a lady fair
Nor among angels or demons could you find her a pair More and more she drove me deeper into madness
I couldn’t see it than – I am addicted to sadness

You can’t break a broken heart, my dear
Still your heart I can’t even shed a tear
You cant even hurt a broken man
Even if I wanted I couldn’t be whole again

I never felt passion
So sinful and yet so pure
Help me to find a remedy
Help me to find a cure

I am the brooding incarnated sadness
Standing on the edge of sanity I am the cure for happiness

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