The Passage Back to Life Lyrics (1998)

Ashes You Leave The Passage Back to Life Lyrics Album

The Passage Back to Life Lyrics Album by Ashes You Leave

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1. Salva Me (Intro)


2. The Passage Back to Life

Cross the line of dirty minds Walk through the flowers and colourful mountains Where you sense the odour of the sky Where you touch it with your fingers Breathe in the air that the sky gives to you Sense the smell of heavenly plants In mountain’s garden made for people like us Where an artist creates his priceless pieces It will sink into blackness, it will die Take what life offers you today For tomorrow it may not be here Maybe only there we can find peace, prosperity Towards the blue mountains White like dew and blue like rain Prosperity, the passage back to life It’s human hand…the kingdom before the lies Take me, let me feel When will the real kingdom come?

3. Thorn of the Dead Flower

On the way led by the steps And on the dead sea You can find the way but not until… You make blind, hate destroys Tears leaf from bleeding tree Maybe the tree of life Maybe of me Don’t need you, don’t want you Don’t need a saviour I hate you, I trusted you I lost the wind Through your hair my fingers bleed Like a tear and a sunset in the woods It’s a shame to wish to feel But not until… Now I see the thorn of the dead flower In your eyes, in your eyes Like a sea that runs Into the Abyss, oblivion I see the past of humans black I stand all night and I pretend To know the way to the cathedral Touch inside, touch with me, deep inside I need to know… To know the world Oh God! i’ll take the light from me Come with me follow me Follow me to see the truth Among the clouds, follow me Or I will prove your existence Follow me, follow me Or I will prove that you are dead Among the clouds, among the clouds Sadness lives after we die Like a star in my mother’s…

4. Drowning in My Dreams

Meadows of candles around me I’m drowning in my dreams

5. Lay Down Alone

Till now my life was just a play The love, the pain and faith I feel this cold wind on my skin This gray wind of the pain Winter wakes up my memories And screaming to my heart I’m looking through the emptiness And search for your light The time has taken our innocence Don’t let time take our soul This dead ocean in your mind Is every moment of the past I’m still trying to believe that beatings of my heart Are the signs to call the love Not just the rhythm to survive This is the wheel of life, of me Praying for another kind of stories You can see the sad time, Oh! Lay down alone You can see the flowers eyes But just on someone else Now my life is the sad bloom Lay down alone

6. White Chains

You confess your sense of guilt You son of the dust And you pray for forgiveness The forgiveness of the sky Please don’t take me with you Now I won’t die happy You don’t trust yourself You need someone else Someone you can blame for all For all your…(bloody deeds) 1000 deaths, sufferings and pain In this moment, on this earth Your life are memories life without ending Love what can give Only naked snake Don’t take me with you The man of stories You kneel beneath the cross And pray with all your heart Your inferiority needs… Someone greater than you

7. Tears

Tears Like the mountains and the forests Endless rivers of red rose Your heaven is satanic poetry Your heaven is when I bleed Through the bleeding heaven Through the clouds of dying children Tears While my youth still lived and grew Horizon of wide sights Sadness only far away But where are you now distance… Blood of the holy body Are you here to hold me, to kiss me Go away you hurt me… With every sunrise, new sadness, new pain

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