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Necroceros Lyrics Album by Asphyx

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1. The Sole Cure Is Death

[Verse 1]
Riot in cellblock A
Psychopaths domain
The zone becomes a human butchery
Mad mob of offenders
Delirious break out
From this ADX Facility

[Verse 2]
Demolishing the hated Institution
Personnel and armed warders slayed
Jailers on watchtowers outnumbered
A throng of vermin pouring through the gates

[Chorus 1]
They flee in all directions
Rapists, pedophiles
Distorted libidos
Sadists and necrophiles
Years of detention
Twisted fantasies
Your worst fucking nightmare
The sick brutes run free
On a killing spree

[Verse 3]
Stolen cars, knives and fire-arms
Indications of the horrors to come
Missing person cases mounting
The orgy of violence has begun

[Chorus 2]
Atrocities located
Mangled bodies found
Lacerated corpses
Carcasses bound
Tormented leftovers
Hog-tied, duct-taped
Adults and children
Stabbed, shot, raped

High on blood
Adrenaline and guts
Hunt them down

[Verse 4]
Release the bloodhounds
Vindictive civilian militias
Law enforcement agencies combined
Merciless coordinated manhunt
To eradicate these maniacal minds

[Chorus 3]
Tracking the deranged
Relentless pursuit
Instant executions
Licensed to shoot
Bullets for the perverts
Splattering heads
When all treatment failed
The sole cure is death

2. Molten Black Earth

Bolstered defenses
Thoroughly prepared
Awaiting the offensive
Blitzkrieg warfare

Strong fortifications
Littered with mines
Bunkers, trenches, ditches
Impenetrable lines
Soviet initiative
Preliminary fire
The battle commences
Armageddon is nigh

Panzers advancing
Storming grenadiers
88 guns blasting
As Tigers appear

Assaulting the flanks
HEAT and AP charges
Pulverizing tanks
Exploding ammo
Blazing fuel
Splintering shells
Raging duel

Burning wreckages
Blood-soaked sand
Smoldering armor
Dismembered men

Dismembered men

All reserves wasted
One last attack
Failed encirclement
The enemy pushed back
Those who held Kursk
Shall be remembered
Where flesh and metal fused
With molten black earth

Molten black earth

3. Mount Skull

Heroic age of Antarctic exploration
A craft defies the seas alone
Long voyage of discovery
To a continent unknown

On board, only veterans of adventure
Seasoned experts in the field
Vying to become the first
To expose what’s unrevealed

Approaching rugged
Barren and white shores
Enveloped in the black of night
A grim, glacial wasteland
Their final destination in sight

Provisional encampment established
Now fixated on the goal
All spirits high
To unearth the buried
Hidden secrets of the pole

Wind-lashed and broken
By extreme temperatures
Glaciers and crevasses
Blizzards to endure

Plodding through persistent fog
Poor visibility
On eroded horizons
Looms an impossibility

Massive range, monstrous peaks
Menacing, fragile
Howling dogs, crew in awe
As they behold Mount Skull

Fears cast aside
On to an unveiled passageway
Battered and beaten by the storm
Shelter found inside the cave

Astonishing Interior
A labyrinth unfolds
Repulsive rotten stench
Sinister shadows

Descending, sweltering
Phosphorescent walls
Troglodytes, dreadful shrieks
Echo in huge halls

So long

Only one, may escape
No companions left
Running from that grotesque thing
Lurking in the depths

Decades passed
Since their disappearance
And then his frozen corpse was found
A body, well-preserved by severe frost
His logbook, had fallen on the ground

An expression of terror
Covers a tortured face
Telling the tale of death and pain
The mountain shaped
Like a human skull
Well, that mystery will always remain

4. Knights Templar Stand

Monastic Order
Direction: Outremer
Established to protect
Pilgrimages there
Vow of poverty
Noble Sons
Granted Headquarters
The Temple of Solomon
Constructing Strongholds
Strategic Garrisons
Financing the Crusades
Military Monks
Sharpened Broadswords
Obvious Cruciform
White Sur-Coats mitigate
The hot Levant Sun
Steaming Stallions
Warhorses snort
Rumbling Splendor
Mounted Cohort
Furious Ram
Faith and Might
Merciless Charge
God on their Side
Lances smashing
Infidel ranks
Deafening Onslaught
Knights Templar Stand
Bonded Brethren
By the Oath they’ve sworn
Gallant Saviors
Hold off the Saracen Swarm
Valiant Martyrs’ Death
Amidst the Heathen Pack
Rather Suicide
Than to fall back

5. Three Years of Famine

Inglorious helmsman
Homicidal doctrine
Maoist delusion
Totalitarian regime
Deceiving the masses
Propaganda feeds

Subjugated peasants
Multiplied production
Harvests exported
For industrialization
Impending famine
Three years of starvation

Once proud people
Reduced to animals
Desperate skeletons
Transformed to cannibals

Infants mean nourishment
Decimated communities
Devouring the dead
Murdering to eat
Intolerable hunger
Manmade tragedy

6. Botox Implosion

Booming business
Med-spa industry
Leeches preying
On low self-esteem

Insecure adolescents
Mentally unstable souls
Faded celebrities
Refusing to get old

Omnipresent media
TV and internet
Defining attractiveness
Idiotic standards set

Fake depressions
Whining teens
Obsessed with beauty
Drama kings and queens

Appointment at the clinic
Plastic surgery
Desirable physical traits
Cosmetic procedures
Breast augmentation
Silicone implants
Botox injections

Into the OR
Improving life
General anesthesia
Under the knife

Black market fillers
Incapable quack
Cheap materials
Causing skin to crack

Gaining consciousness
Finally that day
Tell-tale mirror
Rot and decay

Bodily implosions
Putrid nipples leaking pus
No parading the boulevards
Just contempt and disgust

Instead of perfection
In everlasting decline
Human toxic waste
Bride of Frankenstein

7. In Blazing Oceans

A lonesome freighter
Daring the naval blockade
On course to Great Britain
Lending invaluable aid
About to round Cape of Good Hope
Steady cruising hulk
Ferrying unstable cargo
Hazardous liquid bulk
Drifted away from its convoy
No longer secured
The skipper’s taking precautions
Mariners on high alert

Dangerous waters
Rumors of wolf packs
Double the watch
All hands on deck

Beneath the surface
Unchallenged, unseen
Nearing silently
The dreaded submarine
Ready for combat
Undetected machine
All stations standby
Increasing sunken GRT
Engines stopped

Boat lying still
Periscope view
In for the kill
Target set
Unknowing tanker
Torpedoes launched
Angriff, Ran, Versenken

Fatal impact
Rupturing holds
Thunderous detonation
Igniting black gold
Fractured carrier
Spewing burning oil
Doomed, helpless sailors
The ocean starts to boil

Along with their ship
They all went down
Perished in the blaze
Choked, scorched, drowned
Unsung seafarers
Hideous deaths
Endlessly enshrined
By remote, obscure depths

8. The Nameless Elite

Axis Deception
In 1941
‘L’ Detachment
Badlands Runs
Proven Value
Passed the Test
Tough Selection
Recruiting the Best

(only the best)

Short-duration Strikes
Deep Recon
Small-scale Raids
Direct Action
Secretly deployed
Designated Targets
Damaged or Destroyed

Fanatic Enemy
Waging a dirty War
Swiftly Adapting
To combat Terror

Hostage Rescue
Storming hijacked Planes
Passengers safe
Extremists slain
Dismantle and capture
Sniper Techniques

Concealed Project
Highly classified
Only revealed
When Terrorists die
Protectors of Freedom
Next Mission to complete
Unsurpassed Units
The nameless Elite
(Who dares wins)

9. Yield or Die

Drilled since birth
On sturdy beasts
Hunting, racing, wrestling
And archery

Joyous first kill at the age of thirteen
Young nomad offspring, wiping knives clean

Collective nature
Aggressive man
Stoical hardship
Scavenging the land

Leathery skin covered with lice
Sacred the waters that fall from the skies

Undisputed rule
Shaping the great dread
Vast expansion
Essential bloodshed
A realm on the rise, unlimited prize

Glorious tribes
For plunder they ride
Yield or die

Legendary conquest
In the saddle for months
Connecting east and west
Fighting multiple fronts

Roasted, skewered victims
Raw liver and heart
Ears worn as trophies
Booty, their reward

The women to serve, the children enslaved
Provinces spared if the tribute is paid

Devil’s Reavers
Warrior ponies rear
Genocidal scheme, a tyranny of fear

Standards of loyal Tumen raised high for their Lord
On to your knees or feel the wrath of the horde

In a pile of rubble
Cities burn
Soil salinization
Life never to return

Heaven’s on fire, newborn empire
Victorious tribes
For plunder they ride
Yield or die

Victorious tribes
For plunder they ride
Yield or die

10. Necroceros


Distant singularity
Parallel evolution
Primordial element
Absolute creation
Stabilize balance
Pre-ordained destiny
Maintaining order
Absorbing pure energy

Depleted clusters
Nullified spheres
Perpetual obliteration
For countless light-years
Galactic encounter
Foreboding doom
Boosting vitality
Orbs to consume
Engage the celestials
Designers of stars
Who cannot kill what doesn’t live
In aeons of war
Titanic clash
At last, victory proclaimed
The menace captive
Necroceros tamed
Stasis cell ban
Strength neutralized
Molecular structure

Adrift in the voids
Then, abrupt gravitation
Vanishing into the black hole
Egressing the core of the sun
Confinement systems disrupted
The prelate of death re-released
Mercury and Venus ravaged
Annihilation unleashed

Requiring more sustenance
After rebirth
Biodiverse satellite
Unsuspecting Earth

Initial destruction
Chaos and plague
Crumbling tectonic plates
Shockwaves and quakes
Resistance is futile
Asphyxiating heat
The planet bursting
As Necroceros feeds

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