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Atlantis Chronicles Ten Miles Underwater Lyrics Album

Ten Miles Underwater Lyrics Album by Atlantis Chronicles

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1. Enter the Bathysphere…


2. …and Embrace the Abyss

There is a place right in the deep sea,
Where time doesn’t count anymore.
There are some waving souls
They seem to be real
Purity seem to be their essence of life.

This procession has come to an end
Look at yourself, so selfish

Enter this world where the blue rises and shines
Forget about your closed mind.

Enter this world and breathe the water
You will never feel so comfortable.

My procession?

Should I be alive?
It’s like I’ve been drowned
That’s what they said
It is my chance

3. Echoes of Silence

My attention fixed on a black paradise
Crystallizing fears of the end,
fears of the unknown,
Echoes of Silence.

If I screamed at the top of the universe
I would have nothing back in return,
Except for dark echoes of silence,
I have a shrewd idea that I am alone
All alone,
I failed… failed in this life.

Trapped inside the ocean
It seems to reveal my differences
Black and white tribes
Different kinds of fate
that “Gaïa” confides in me.

It’s telling me its own story
A tale of what it saw,
we’re all to blame
It was whispering
during the last decade.

I heard the earth whispering to me

And it said there is an endless
profusion of life down here,
But I can’t see….
It said we’re here to stay
Revealed we’re gonna pay
For all these darkest days
For all that we have said, sorry….

Bound by the same future
It’s our misfortune,
We’re lost in here
Blinded by our power.

Fortunately so peaceful,
I become aware of what lays
beneath the ocean
It’s a second life
Nothing here seems real
and I’m breathless, ignorant
I go to get my redemption and forget all the lies.

4. Thousands Carybdea

Deeper and deeper, I sink in the water
Wondering if I’m wasting my time.

The point of no return is passed
And I cannot except any way back.

This deep-sea diving has to end.
Whatever is costs to me,
it has to be…

It’s a terrible but still beautiful choice
To descent in this darkness,
A heaven in blue

I am not aware of time any longer
My psychological state is tarting to decline,
But I wanna know if it was only a dream.

Earth to earth
Dust to dust
It’s getting worse,
As I keep falling down
I must admit it,
I lost my faith in the two universes
But then, a form of life suddenly appeared.

I may have made a mistake
Forcing myself to be here.
My conscience is not so clear
I brought my madness in here.

The Abyss; unexplored territory by mankind
I was waiting for the sentence

The agonizing pain that I felt
Left without leaving a single trace.

5. Homocene

This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang

This is the way the world ends
Not with a “Bigbang” but a whimper,
Hollow men condemned the whole of humanity.

I couldn’t believe it,
but now I can see the reality of devastation.
Devastation of a world which coexists with us,
Ocean to ocean it’s the same outcome
It’s such a shame, it’s such a waste.

Our blindness will kill us all

I watch us as some murderers
Underwater, I feel like I’m a stranger.

Don’t know if I am welcome in this place.

I become aware of my fate
I’m here to stay.

6. Ten Miles Underwater

Still don’t you get
the importance of the mess around
A mess that you deserve

As we’re diving,
Why be here, so loud?
As we’re diving,
Stay away from all the lands.

Stay away from all the lands
Out of control you remain the same,
Disrespect for all.

Here we are flying to a new world,
A place like we’ve never known.
Here you are flying
with a few friends of mind,
some creatures like you.

You destroy your own society,

Take away all your preys
And your sick lifestyles,
You’re out of bounds
leaving these towns
Reborn in this place
You will feel the grace.

Peaceful darkness, peaceful place.

There’s a place in a colossal trench
Where we can drown despair and sadness,
Shrouded by waves,
Which makes us fly to the depths

Come on and taste redemption,
Come on and take heed of myself
and all the creatures
Which live here at ten miles underwater/

Here is your new home
You walk at the front of the giant line.

7. L’ivresse des profondeurs


8. Architeuthis dux

Starting the trip,
Waiting for it.

Time as come. I can’t wait to face The monster.
It’s part of my fate, It’s home…

No more sadness, only kindness lies in the ocean.
I found the beast and raise my fist cause I will not fail
Seeking for life through the waves.

I drift through the liquid world
Making my own luck, I resign from your world.
Sealed in my Bathyscaph I agree
Maybe there’s no safety when you come from the land.
But i want to ignore that huge place of terror
Reach my incarnated fears.

Architeuthis, Architeuchis
Architeuthis Dux is mine

Beholding its eyes, I stood still,
Seeing… Reflections of a lost world.

I feel the experience life sized
And the creature reveals it’s real.
So I have kept my child side
Yes I have keot my child side.

9. Tales of Atlantis

In that entire time, you couldn’t cross the world
Without meeting a powerful nation.
Ten kingdoms united by one man,
He knew the price to pay for being king.

And island ruled by the voice of Atlas
Son of a god, the god Poseidon.
Him and his brothers were spreading terror
From both sides of the coast
Atlante’s soldiers were proud
Of the society they formed.

One nation could…
One nation went against this devastation.
The Athenians went against this devastation.

Only one nation could go against this massacre
Only one nation should…

So the war began
A war of vanity
As well as the liberty of every country
Next to Atlantis.

It created an aversion to the god,
They killed them all
They punished every soldier.

Crushed by the most powerful wave
That you could ever picture,
Humanity had to give up the fight
Facing the strong power of nature
t remains a water hole
It began a new era.

As the Atlas mountains were disappearing,
Under the influence of god’s anger
They all died.

10. Stomias Boa

50°S 100°W
A remote point in the ocean,
An amazing sound emerged from there.

A well-being grows through my veins and chest,
Adrift in this home, out of despair.
Intoxicated by freedom
I think I know what’s happening to me.
I’m gonna stay cause I cannot resist to nitrogen narcosis.

Collapse has just begun,
I cannot bear it
Pressure’s too loud

I finally meet the scaly Dragonfish,
The symbol of my fall as much as my resurrection.
It sounds like liberty.

Full ahead through this great mystical space,
I can tell that my travels are self-contemplation,
I reached my goal.
It shows the way of self-denial and blissful feeling.

11. Behold Kraken

Let’s behold the kraken now
Go deep and find the legend.

I heard so many stories of the beast,
Now I want to know what it costs
to those who dare defy the myth.

It’s my only chance to reveal the facts,
There is elegance
and some cruel traps in this dark blue world.
I’m not a fool.

As we’re travelling to a hidden shelter,
I can barely see the shipwrecks of the past.

Scary voices are coming from the depth.
It seems like a tortured scream from the sailor
Devoured by some brutal creature
of an olden time.

So many ships were sunk, whatever was their size
Nothing could stop the giant bloodbath.

This unreal demon must still have it in mind
Be prepared to meet the kraken,
It’s just a matter of time,
All the grace we knew, soon declined.

We’re lost
We were swallowed up by a gigantic vortex
Coming from the bowels of the earth.

When I regained consciousness,
I was the witness of the most epic fight
Between the two colossal lords of the sea,
The kraken against the “Dux”

A dualistic fight which transcends stories,
That violence terrorized me,
It unleashed hell

I said my farewells
when I was thrown out of here.
Leaving two species to their symbolic fight,
A constant duel between good and evil.

12. William Beebe


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