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Alestorm Concealed Lyrics Album

Concealed Lyrics Album by Alestorm

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1. Beatus

Long lost hours locked in, drenched in fear
Faint steps resound closer, impending pains to withstand

All senses out to the debauchery
He will come secreting Eucharist again
Black robe, the veiled ogre, prayed his way to the fresh meat
For the shepherd also dines on lamb and he bends for the frail and tender
Nightly taught in vice, housebroken with virtue, tamed, humiliated
To god the souls, but the flesh he’ll takes care of…

Magister, magister, dolorae inferis
Magister, Magister, in caudae venenum est
Magister, Magister, caro mea vere est cibus
Torrente voluptatis, tuae potabis eos

(He stalks the corridors, question which room he’ll sneak in
Shivering puppies’ cringe, praying their turn has not come)

Et clamor meus ad te veniat
Pulling sheets overhead in hopes to be spared
Exaudi meam, miserere nobis
Whence the evening came, he brands his cattle for life

After eons it is time to go
All of them empty shells walking, overused toys
To nowhere they march, martyrs of lust
In the making, more martyrs of lust
Until guns blow or creaking ropes swing
Beatified carrions in betrayed faith

(Solo: Mathieu)
(Solo: Patrick)

2. …Ever Know Peace Again

Do mourn, the glory days are gone
Like roaches scattering under a beaming light
Run out of history’s backstage
As your flags burn over spoiled Eden
Looted for you to waste

Kings of the hill, inflated frogs, staged heroes, die!
Altogether world bowed in disrespect
Clenching teeth, towering hate
World won’t ever know peace again!
In none we trust
Sowed salt within our soils
Fed us what even rats spit up
Perpetuating the times
When wealth spoke the speech
When wealth swung the whip
On sweat sown your power
Now harvest billions of enemies!

Oppression is deserved for who complies to fit within
It is fantasy freedom; tied to galleys we row
Docile on our way down the food chain
Livestock salivating at pellets in a trough

A fate to which we almost fell
Rolling meat screwed within the machine
Silkworms soon to be boiled, all others denied awakening
Like cattle we were bred, raised and processed
Baited in with hopes for none to achieve
By scarecrows guarded under a gray sky
No wonder we were all afraid to open the cage, never…

Woe to you, mothers of all sores
Woe to the defeated
Great eagle fallen, feathered
In ire crowds come marching
Ignited, ablaze, exploding

Don’t you smell the sour stench of demise?
Forseen all to nothing

3. Cosmic Migration

Sol has sunken behind the mountains
And the velvet curtain came falling
Daily world is put on hold and
The less of it we perceive
The brighter is the sight to beyond

Answer the firmament again
The wind plays the reeds
A signal for stellar voyagers
And like mist they will come

Waiting for a sign, back to see old friends
Appointed we are in carnation
Anointed into stellar civilians

Do you remember?
As a child you sometimes awoke in tears
With a sense of falling
And a familiarity to the stars

Thoughts pervade in looking for words
And stories start being told

(Solos: Mathieu)

4. Nocebo

Puzzle done! The picture comes clear
And the despair comes complete
So lucidly we drown in sedation

Or else feel the pulse of one’s cranium
A bruising reverence to the concrete
Shedding suits, setting the actors free

Far away, feeling so lucid
Peeled the thin veil of lies
But soon arms fell down
The task, overwhelming utopia

(Solo: Mathieu)

Here comes Don Quixote
Charging windmills on and on
Rise and restart! Hope to overcome…

How meager arms could have shoveled mountains?
How could meager arms break all their chains?
Pacified with bread and games

(Solo: Mathieu)

They groan under the yolk of bondage
Until life itself becomes a burden!
Restless hearts pumping ire… each one in his corner!

Passed down as pride, an inescapable animal duty
(Possess and procreate) Do fornicate!

(Solo: Mathieu)

5. Alien Shores

Wake the world out of slumber
From cattle some have raised to redeem memory
All shall come discover the world into the eyes of lunacy
Gateways to the unknown, wide open they call
Intuition peeks beyond the veil of lies
Lucid delirium in the eye of enemy
Seemed like a hoax, now yields verity.

We call for disclosure
And the curtain is sooner to fall
It might give a jolt, release all holds
And I swear that this time no one will reel you back in

You’ll no longer care about how it was in your life before
Once you’ll see what I’ve seen beyond this crumbling theater set
That we were domesticated to call reality
Like filigrees all across Mercator
Outlandish alien shores, majestic signatures of wisdom lost wait
Their names erased, painted over, forgotten

More and more (of) you come aboard
We are raising anchor to sail far away
Against winds and tides
We yearn to regain what memories have lost
We will walk the Earth with an inner compass steering our way
Partake the crusade, to free those minds in need for the horizon

The veil torn with word of mouth
Absolute weapon lays in all minds
In your heart, in your soul,
Inquisition visibly carried on
Only quit burning people
Yet we see the fervor rising, exhilarating
Global hunger for illumination
Alius sum! Alius sum!
A stranger in the eye of the ignorant

6. In Russian Dolls Universes

Igne natura renovatur integra
Endless rotation works its way round
Stars shifted, a New Start

Tabula rasa, total renewal
In pain ended the Age of the Concrete
Their pride by storms dissolved
In the earthly forge world remolded

Time will erase all the scars from the careless hand of man
Leave a few of them to restart, first redeem beauty disfigured
For all warnings went unheard we meant to absterge

(Lead: Patrick)

Seasons have changed
Leaves have fallen, elements dispersed
The death of cells in the flesh of time
Universes keep on revolving

A tiny voice in the celestial choir
Brought dissonance and got forever silenced…
Therefore the great order prevails, undisturbed

(Lead: Mathieu)

7. Becoming God

First, let there be the art
Painful urge to create in all matter embodied
Let there be the stars to sign the work
For earthbound creation to worship when
They’ll start gazing upward

Let there be the light, glowing from a far
Like a blasting horn bellows forth our coming
Divine architecture drawn onto the veil of existence

Your very existence, by sole will conceived
Since the first cell divided itself
Provided the canvas for the work to bloom
Until the time came to make apes into men
A sorry pinnacle drawn to regression

Creation, you self-predacious kind
The canvas you stained in majestic idiocy
For eons all was miscomprehended
Offerings slain for heaven granted better harvests
To vultures alone

To our image and resemblance
Animals we did disguise
Behind a mask of intelligence
The beast can be sensed

Creatures, so unfit for liberty
Always at war to force-feed a vision of divinity
Manipulating holiness
You see evil in all senses
Blindly guessing the why you’ve been

Arisen, given speech, made into flesh and blood
Given a script and a play
Characters (for whom) higher will is reason

8. The Lair of Purity

From the day my eyes first open
Voices inside started speaking
Lullabies like faded memories of an Eden in eternal spring
Where at will colors reappear, where creation blooms in rejoice
Dodging away its mourning mantle
In horizon ablaze the sun shone
On those mourning themselves, slowly given back their senses
Given courage to hold on longer and a goal to breathe for

Desert traveler in a mirage welcome
Feeling a presence, yearning for fairy hands
To steer the dormant soul back to life again
Remote heaven, like an island by all lines bypassed
At times seen drifting in the horizon to disappear

A mere glimpse was enough to reopen the wound

The awakening comes
Sorrows held within all want out at once
All day sleepwalking
Daydreaming over a memory
A star around which all thoughts revolve,
Worlds feeding on its light,
At times the dream comes to life, yet elusive remains

Stars fell from the skies, by this marvel overthrown
At last breathed life in, from mire raised
Reality comes soiling illusions
With its clouds the skies darken

Flogged by the wind, howling heavenward
To keep away storms marching in
On the march of time, so winter won’t come again

Then the sleepwalking resumes, while the anima sleeps
Chews its way to the core, worming within the domain of dreams
Beckoning refuge, until the worm wiggles in its sleep
In lust for this life again, this constant cycle of hopes and despairs

9. From Eden Estranged

10. …as Sea Devours Land

One day the sun seemed to fall
And the horizon came soaring
Clouds racing, ground heaving
Crumbles another kingdom
Engulfed where skies and sea collide
Hear the whistles turning to howls

Quicken your pace northward
As sea devours land
Billions swept away, envied by the living
In global mourning, suffering in unison
They cry at azures darkening day by day
Wilting breed of legends

Forsaken breed, giants have fallen
Hitting stones together again
Vain calls for a lost light

Gathered for the holocaust
They give lives away
For gods to embody again
Then from the abyss ascended

This now happens to you again
Under many disguises
The wombs yield offerings
As they did, as they will
Slavery will never cease

As they did, as they will
Slavery will never cease

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