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Avatarium Hurricanes and Halos Lyrics Album

Hurricanes and Halos Lyrics Album by Avatarium

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1. Into the Fire / Into the Storm

From the volcano
Like a bat out of hell
The avenger will rise
From the heart of the flames

Drawn to the battle,
Drawn to the sun
Who’s gonna die when the hero returns

Into the fire
Into the storm
Just one desire
Into the hurricane go

Never looked back,
Never to die
A griffin in flames across the sky
Wing-bearing mother
The heathens will suffer
Lonely assassin,
Bringing the thunder

Into the fire
Into the storm
Just one desire
Into the hurricane go

Swords and circles,
Boots filled with blood
Nothing is sacred for the chosen one
A shooting star,
Crossing the stratosphere
Lonely assassin
You burn in the ash of your words

Into the fire
Into the storm
Just one desire
Into the hurricane go

2. The Starless Sleep

When you cry, the stars fall down
As snowflakes to the ground
It is late and the clouds gather ’round
To catch you when you come

Afraid of the claws in the deep?
Is the darkness alive in your dreams?
But they are there, the lion and the angel
The guardians of your sleep

Why don’t you go to the starless sleep?
Don’t you feel welcomed by the night?
Don’t wanna leave the warmth
Around your feet?
Don’t wanna leave the light?

So what happens when you close your eyes?
Will the breeze inside your head
Become a storm?
Will the moon drift in the evening sky?
Will the mole-man find the secrets
That you keep?

Will the dark knight find the hidden door?
Do the nightmares ride like crazy in your mind?
Are you afraid you won’t get out in time?
Captive forever there inside…

3. Road to Jerusalem

See the sun
Rise again
Burn my eye, burning higher
Armed with truth
And feathered feet
I can feel the fire

Winding road
I kneel and pray:
Strong is she who walks alone
This time know
What no one knows
I will throw the first stone

I will go
Where no one’s gone
Doubt is fear is my desire
Blood and tears
Dripping down through
Brimstone and hellfire

I am on my way

Darkness do you lead my feet?
Shackles is it really me?

Sea of flames rise again
Keep me safe on the road to Jerusalem

Oh so far and still so near
Darkness can you feel my fear?

Sea of flames rise again
Keep me safe on the road to Jerusalem

4. Medusa Child

I am the gorgon… Hair of snakes…
Gaze of crystal fire
I prowl the dungeons, born in a desert cave
My face’s the cold white death

I am Desdemona…
Daughter of the three…
Half dragon child
I hide in a hole, the unwanted kind
And I’m as blind… As the world is to me

I just wanna be a child
But they say that I have evil eyes
My snakes will leave you petrified
Turned to stone in sand and salt
I just wanna dream and play
Dance in light of moon and tide
I hide inside the fabled night
‘Cause I know I’m a monster child


5. The Sky at the Bottom of the Sea

Rising up over the rainbow… Flying, trying
I see where all the clouds grow…
Soothing, smoothing

And I go under the stones
Through the tunnels of fame and fate
I talk to the witch and the bones
Show me the way…

I scream from the top of the mountain
Bursting, cursing
I drink from the crystal fountain… Thirsty, mercy

And I go under the city
Away from the ‘what-has-been’
I see nothing that’s pretty
Oh, the amoeba he hings…

Sun in my pocket
And the sky at the bottom of the sea

Oh, the world’s spinning ’round
…what was up is now down
And the night is the day
…in a strange kind of way

Sun in my pocket
And the sky at the bottom of the sea

Excited, I’m thrilled and delighted…
Fighting, biting
And again I will dance on the lightning,
Loaded, corroded

And I go under the mountain
Where trolls are awake
They hide in the mirrors
And the underground lakes

6. When Breath Turns to Air

Take my coat
Take this old shoe
We leave as we came naked and true

And soon, so soon breath will turn to air
And then, then I’ll be everywhere

Take my hand
Tell me no lies
Prepare your heart
Prepare your eyes

And feel, feel breath will turn to air
And you’ll know, know that I am everywhere

Away way away I go
Can’t stay don’t wish it wasn’t so
I can’t stay
I can’t stay

7. A Kiss (from the End of the World)

I thought I’d visit for a while
See Mr. Sun be born, then die
I came to rest and take long walks
Instead the whole wide world went dark

I spent a weekend at road’s end
Away from pest, away from friends
Hot card from apocalyptic trip
Sealed with radioactive lips

I blew you a kiss, from the end of the world
And one day I’ll return…
So I blew you a kiss from the end of the world
Oh, the stars they burn

At the inferno, acid rain
I’m sitting here with paper and pen
Now the sun is turning blue
See you Sunday, love you too

8. Hurricanes and Halos


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