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Barren Earth Our Twilight EP Lyrics Album

Our Twilight EP Lyrics Album by Barren Earth

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1. Our Twilight (Edit)

Remain in silence or death arrives
at strange doors we are now
Quiet in tranquillity or everything breaks
the bow is strung up
No stepping forward no stepping back
better to remain transfixed
Balanced in calmness
lest one twig shall crack
A brimful chalice
Just one drop more
and everything cascades
Benighted stillness
Elusive daylight
Escape in masquerade
A brimful chalice
Just one drop more
and everything cascades
Benighted stillness
Elusive daylight
It”s our twilight
Devoid of strength
It is lingering
No voices no words
One move to deceive the haven
God-forsaken without lucky stars
soon to breathe but not yet
In silence to endure this
or our twilight

2. Jewel

The Earth machine
Like water in your breath
My solid tears
Before the silent death
I say your name
And flow inside the storm
It”s much too late
The distant woods deform
Understand me as I lay down my law
Breaking through all that you missed
Comprehend us until I close the door
Framing my dreams
The pressure hates
Your sdhadow on the snow
You slow the moon
And breathe the icy glow
It calls me back
To die within the heat, eleven eyes
Can”t hear the worlds retreat
Fooling my heart when the moment has died
Scorching your skin from the deep
Grant me the rain and the radiant pride
Pulsing like my infant sleep
Hailing the sun, burning our past
We”ll be undone, run
Take my hand
Make it glow, Understand.
See my eyes
In the light, as it dies

3. Flame of Serenity

Dreaming when the dawn”s
Left handwas in the sky
I heard a voice
Within the tavern cry
Awake the little ones
And fill the cup
As the well of life
Will be drying up
The bringers of hope
Set their hearts upon
Turning to ashes
It prospers and anon
Up from the soil
Through the seventh gate
I rose
And on the throne I sate
And many knots
Unraveled on the way
But not the one
Of human death and fate
From the depths of dark solitude
Weeping turns into blasphemies
The Flame of Serenity
On the desert”s face
Lightning an hour
In itsĀ“ divine grace

4. Floodred

Sneaking in through the night
Darkness the only shelter
Strike the backbone of society
Silent”s the revolution
Self-demotion and rebellion
Praise the hate and oppression
Shed the blood of your demons
Feed the moral depression
Warriors of silent revolution
Master, mistress and decay
Luxury, dramatic despair
Lust, never-ending
For the vanity
By the cost of the dead
They”ve come to taste
A hell made of flesh
Substitute of sorrow
“In the beginning of every generation
There has been a promise…
…and the number of promises will keep increasing
With different forms of cruel explotation”
The dawn of dyers
Freedom and justice for most
Eternal war
Flesh again turning to dust
They”ve come to taste
A hell made of flesh
Gleaming of hope
Dreaming of death

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