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Bathory Nordland I Lyrics

Nordland I Lyrics Album by Bathory

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1. Prelude


2. Nordland

Land of unforgiving winter
Cold, clad in white, under a dark grey sky
Silent, the wind, it whispers
Pale sun of gold, gazing from far up high

Endless forests, lakes of water dark and deep
Misty mountains, where giants sleep


High above all, the ravens
Spreading their wings to fly to the hall up high
Messengers of the all father
Oden behold all with his one eye

Eagle soaring, old crow cries
This land and heaven, forever tied


Cold the waves along the shoreline
White wolfs realm from here to mountains high afar
Land of ours since it rose out of deep cold sea
Shine on our path, ye brightest of all, Northstar

Foreverdark woods, cold winds sweep
Barren landscape, untamed and bleak


3. Vinterblot

All male, nine by nine, hanging gently, swaying in the wind
The bark of ash absorbing the splattered heaps of blood
For the return of the sun, a winter sacrifice
Ox, dog, horse, sheep and slave, all offered to the gods

The dusk of grey keeps falling upon the landscape bleak
While gently still the bodies sway, hanging in god’s tree
The ring of torches lighting up the heath, a ghostly shine
The mighty ash unites the earth with sky for all time

The golden mead flows freely, chant of the sun is sung
The runes are read out loud and clear, midwinter night is long
Lifegiving disc shall fill the sky once more in all its span
The vinterblot, a reawakening, Hail Nordland

4. Dragons Breath

Ride the Dragon’s breath, mist of poison green
Come ye flames, a burning death, face the unseen
Deep within the cave, lit up by the torch, a pale gleam
As told of in the ancient tales, the Sword of gold and steel

Eyes of ember, fangs and claws
Creature of fire
Jaws of death, walk through the haze
Crimson and dire

Engulfed in mist, the Sword of Gods
Onwards son and ride the Dragon’s breath

Struck from mountain ore, chilled in morning dew
Forged by hand of Gods, when the world was young, this land anew
Blade of shining steel, grip covered in gold
Carved into its blade, the legend untold

Eyes of ember, fangs and claws
Creature of fire
Jaws of death, walk through the haze
Crimson and dire

Gods in the sky, the Sword is mine
Untouched I am by the mist of the Dragon’s breath

5. Ring of Gold

Silver, the moon high over pond of water calm and dark
Woe, mist, the breath of the dragon, sweeping down mountain side
All still, the day asleep, the sun rests in nest of the Gods
Afar high adventures await me, I hear my brothers calling

Spring is here and the ice breaks free
The endless sky and open sea
I will sail where the raven will lead me
Fly on black wings, high and free
I shall return with the wind the day
From high adventures, swelling sail
Autumn red comes to Asa bay

Meet me by the well where the water, crystal clear, flows free
From deep within the great mountain towering to the sky
I will be awaiting you coming down treading the trails of elves
Bare feet, let your hair down like the mist across the pond

In dawn of time, before gods and man
When earth and sky was first divided
A star did fall into river deep
A star of gold into silvery water
While I sail, by this you shall remember me
Wear it, yours forever to keep
To bind us beyond end of time, to thee I give a ring of gold

6. Foreverdark Woods

Evening is falling, all still around me
The old crow is calling, but the landscape is at peace
Down the trail through this forest, through thicket we ride
The unseen is watching from behind each stone and pine

Slowly the golden disc of the sun is setting
Beyond the rim of Nordland at the end of long day
Slowly the ominous dark descend upon all
Engulfing all land and heaven and the shore of Asa bay

Here lie the bones of our fathers long gone
Deep in the soil of these woods
Among these great trunks legends were born
Here many great battles stood

Trotting the trail, my stallion cautions
Present the spirits of foreverdark woods

We rest by the fire, the shadows come to life by its light
Three brothers, sons of white wolf, observed by the eyes of the night

Night is long where the sunlight is pale
The fear is strong when you ride in the dawn
Down foreverdark woods trail

Heavy the turf, bone meal and blood
Raise high you pine towards sky
Firm in the soil, tree trunks of gods
Like dragon ship masts straight and high

Reaching the glade, ride on to Asa bay
Watched by the spirits of foreverdark woods

7. Broken Sword

A veil of mist, a foreign coast
The calm before their battle cry
Steel drawn, the line of shields must hold
Through mist, the first arrow, it flies

Battle, hold firm the line in battle

Shoulder by shoulder, brothers at side
We may stand victorious or fall
This fine day, a fine day to die
We shall fight and may die by the sword

Cutting through flesh and bone, your sword
My brother, our father taught you well
But from behind the unseen blow
Mortally wounded, down you fell

Battle, hold firm the line in battle

Shoulder by shoulder, brothers at side
Silent by my side you did fall
This was a fine day a fine day to die
Brother, I’ll keep your broken sword

8. Great Hall Awaits a Fallen Brother

Brother, we did cross the raging sea
Our fathers, has watched our trail for long
Battles, many we fought, side by side
Through foreverdark woods we did ride

Now your journey has reached the end of its trail
For today was a fine day to die
We shall meet again in great hall in the sky
And shall be until the end of time

We shall meet again in great hall in the sky
And shall be until the end of time

Sailing, the wind was strong against your face
Fighting, great battles we did win
Offering, the vinterblot, a sacrifice
Open wide, the gates, to let you in

Brother mine, in battle beaten, not slain
Hall up high awaits you, come eternal life
Stricken down, o brother, this was your day
Rest you now, we will meet again

Stricken down, my brother, this was your day
Rest you now, we will meet again

Close your eyes, lay still, no more pain
Washed away, your blood, a gentle rain
The blood shed is blood of mine

Flames, your pyre, reaching high in the night
Sound the horn of bronze, it is time
Goddess of warriors to call

Rise and stand, my brother, whole again a man
Walk down golden aisle in hall up high
Take your seat, raise your cup, eternal life
Forever a Northern son

It is told, ancient tales
A great hall awaits a fallen brother

9. Mother Earth, Father Thunder

By lightning conceived was I
The stars above became my eyes
Hvergelmer flows in my veins
My hair the mist across the never ending nameless lake

By womb of soil, the moist of dew
Born when sun was high, the day was new
And the raven soared high up in clear sky
The land will speak to you, when your heart is pure
And you were made by

Mother Earth, Father Thunder

This heart winged, I am eagle’s son
Through storm and strife, untouched, it is pounding on
This sword, forged in fire and ice
The runes that trail its blade can be seen but by my two eyes

As if written in the snow, the lies, shall melt away
By the wheel of sun to cross the sky this day
Shadows may lay heavy upon the earth
But the truth, cut deep in stone, will last
Till the heavens comes tumbling down upon this world

Mother Earth, Father Thunder

10. Heimfard


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