Subconscious Terror Lyrics (1990)

Benediction Subconscious Terror Lyrics Album

Subconscious Terror Lyrics Album by Benediction

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1. Intro – Portal to Your Phobias

Yes! – reach out into the mirror.
Observe the unison of flesh and glass sucking you in.
Embraced by the dream spiral, as you float on an air of foul intent.

Battle with best forms.
Of your anxieties, you inhibitions.
Confront the fear scape, venture into subconscious terror…

2. Subconscious Terror

Swirling void, unfathomable dark, inner cranial conflict.
Wading in detached reality, infinite illusion.
Dark abstract, vice – like grip
Subconscious terror!
Never underestimate the unseen.
Brain producing fear and hate.
Overpowering images – the macabre side of you.
Physical untruths, fuel for it=B9s cruel tricks.
What in reality is questioned.
Is reversed into the norm.
Immediate escape! The vital need.
But you’ve been animated at half speed.
Still you run but trip, down into the bottomless abyss.
Consciousness will slowly dwindle,
As your nightmares assume control.
Float in mental purgatory, subconscious terror.

3. Artefacted Irreligion

Contained in blood scrawl, compiled evil artifacts.
Insane instigators of ritualistic pacts.
Necronomicon, bestial methods, age old torrid acts.
If darker side thus beckon, in limbo boundaries must be smashed!

Delving demonic entrance, connecting incantations.
(you’re the) Doorway for unbeings past.

Induce, recite, summon reprise.
Bid welcome to Candarian ‘Guise.

Possession escalates, your confused eyes revert.
Senses nulled, inert.

Induce, recite, summon reprise.
Bid welcome to Candarian ‘Guise.

Your soul now quoshed, with blinded eyes.
Your grasp impaired enlightenment.

Demonicus mortal.

4. Grizzled Finale

Offended by unscathed exterior, unblemished form provokes hysteria.

Self disgust will overpower. Overriding pain acceptance.
Preservation of your cursed hide. Submits to mutilation.

Revel in your attempts, to create the ultimate pain.
Death would undermine, your frenzied theatrics.
No wish for final curtain, or grizzled finale.

Pallor of your healthy flesh, gives the undesired effect.
You’d rather have it raw and crusted.
Reach for the sulphuric acid.

Writhe in burning agony.

Powerless to reject, scarred contentedness.
To ensure pleasure lingers, amputate your fingers.

Revel in your attempts, to create the ultimate pain.
Death would undermine, your frenzied theatrics.
No wish for final curtain, or grizzled finale.

As awareness plummets, into cloudy nothingness.
Enact the final scene, gargling nitro-glycerin.

5. Eternal Eclipse

Another sunrise swathes the earth in light.
The sun, a symbol of innocence, inverse of the night.

Yet with all this energy comes a certain weakness.
‘O hear it’s silent cries as the blackness envelops.

Amass, congregate. Form an ashen shroud, asphyxiate.
Secure restraint reigns, mummify the sun.
Drag it down to earth with it’s age old flame extinguished.

The event of it’s demise, an invitation to it’s rival.
Lord of insanity, replacing joy with madness.
Now all life on earth, turns it’s head towards it’s master.
Rationality, replaced with numbed mesmerisation.

Through centuries of blackness, ten thousand claustrophobic years.
Eyes seeing no light, succumb to blindness.
And cry longing tears, land that once thrived.
Reduced to gray desert, smothered by eternal eclipse.
An eternity of non-existence.

6. Experimental Stage

Clawed fingers forcing iron bars, visions of tortured misery.
Semi-human tears of frustrated rage, hunched up in this fuckin’ cage.

My emotions are artificially induced. Though no further need to feel.
Now I’ve fabricated steel limbs, electro-pulses throb within.

Man made monster, morbid science.
Deaf to my feeble protests, I’ve served my purpose.

In my veins life fluid used to flow. Now drained and replaced.
With sedative substances, to restrain instinctive rage.

Man made monster, morbid science.
Deaf to my feeble protests, I’ve served my purpose.

7. Suspended Animation


8. Divine Ultimatum

Through all seeing eyes, scrutinize the world.
Syndicate of one.
Angered by mankinds affairs.

In his divine wisdom, he laid down the guidelines.
Laws govering existance.
Which mankind dismissed without care.

The deadlines expired – crush them.
With their own evils!

Armed to the teeth power crazed countries.
Levelled by storms of atomic overkill.
Mother nature chastising the corrupt and the selfish.
Unleash the elements in all their fury.

Battered humanity extends it’s hand in hope of repentance.

The divine one recoils in defiance, due warning was given.
Divine ultimatium, nothingness prevails.

9. Spit Forth the Dead

Released from nether regions, bowels of the earth.
Seeping through cracks to foul the air above.
A lifeline to those to which sleep is eternal.
Concocted since the dawn of time.
To now release agonized souls.

Spit forth the dead!

Carried on the air, purity aiding the filth.
Seeking consecrated ground, sensing cemetaries in a blanket of dust.
Fertalizing the infertile from six feet under.

Intoxicating with false life, coaxing from the brink of decay.
Animating the inanimate, from wooden box to light of day.

Exodus from the ground, stale forms tasting air.
Each united in their cause, yet of it’s ground.
Ground mates unaware.

Now the dead govern the earth.
All resistance to them crushed.
Life is now minority, the world another hell.


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