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Beyond Creation The Aura Lyrics Album

The Aura Lyrics Album by Beyond Creation

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1. No Request for the Corrupted

I am now attacked by someone corrupted
Suppressing I am, suffering I’m still
Is he what humanity is seeing?
As my own, I will cover my eyes
And say to myself;

Deliverance is waiting, deep inside my corpse
Betrayed, I will fight for the cause I see
No longer you’re gonna stay free ’cause
I am the only reason for you to fear daylight!

An imperial pain is getting you now
You are your own victim
Still suffering, an imperial pain is getting you

Visions are decimated, this horizon is mine
What is entering in your eyes, right to your bastard cerebellum?
Is for sure a creation of fearless society
Fall on your knees, your pale face is exhumed to us
Divinity has rejected your request…cover up your head!

Solo: Kevin/Simon

You are now attacked by people you left behind
Is this what you ever dreamed of?
Look how you ruined your life
You should have thought of the consequence
Now pay the price of your existence

Still suffering, an imperial pain, is getting you!!!

2. Coexistence

When the universal darkness is covering the earth, and hold us tight
Some spying eyes are drawn to the sky stuck upon it,

Filled with interrogations
They are questioning about life:
What is the reason for our presence here?
And what can we do to prevent human mistakes?

When the first minute of the day arrives with this total silence
Some light crystal beams are penetrating the room
Delivering this darkness that doesn’t show me
In which world of trouble we are living

Pressure, slaughtery, crime and monetary shit…

My eyes are opening to a totally different world!!
A cepage of flesh that awaits to be hacked up

Feeding your deadliest thoughts
Human of century
No more can I accept these lies

They are all standing there, without anyone talking and no reason to be heard.
But life is so important! This life is yours
When someone chooses to take or give life
Many lives are resting on their shoulders

Solo: Kevin

It’s a choice to make, the way of life you’ll take
So I wish you to take the good path!

If society can’t accept itself, how could it deal with each individuality
This nightmare must be overcome
This truth is for us!!
It’s a scar that cannot be healed but it could be known
At this point, coexistence could be a scheme.

3. Chromatic Horizon


4. Omnipresent Perception

Avoiding life, searching for an unknown light
Make them realize, they are the masters of their lies

Locked in the abyss of their thoughts
Crushing the gate of their minds

They are searching, in all this omnipresent perception
Spiritual path to fight deception
With assimilation through dimension of this strange and malevolent self-resistance

Solo: Simon/ Forest/ Christian Donaldson/ Guyot

5. Injustice Revealed

Solo: Kevin

Worthless for some and prominent for those
Memories are now the only chance to progress
Surrounded one foot in the abattoir
Another bastard will govern us
Giving the script for the next game

Regression of existence will start

Fought to be the one
The one who showed from human misery
Pieces of reality
When lifetime seems to decelerate
And extinction appears to them, In the gray sky
To be the ultimate fee!!!!!!!

A vision for liberty will take us to divinity
Leaving them in a painful sentence

From chaos to their last breath
Injustice will be revealed!

6. Le détenteur

Tel un engrenage fragmenté,
Fracturé comme l’homme et sa duplicité
J’ai les yeux rivés sur ce qu’est notre société

Immaculé sous son immensité

Différencier entre le bien et le mal et ces actes qui font mal!
Ces perpétuelles erreurs qui font de l’homme son seul détenteur

De l’humanité il est convoité
Pour dénoncer l’arrivée
D’une personnalité qu’il s’est créé
Pour une société, un visage/une image

Un visage à présage

Tel un engrenage fragmenté,
Fracturé comme l’homme et sa duplicité
J’ai les yeux rivés sur ce qu’est notre société

Le temps ne cesse d’avancer
Et nous, en quête de destiné
Vivons sans trop penser
À ce que monde peut arriver.

7. The Aura

Solo: Forest/ Simon

Knowing your thoughts, Forecasting all slightest gesture. I am the Aura that guides you in every step of life.
I’ll make you feel what I like you to feel and taste

Now listen to these gusts of mechanical torture that are irradiating all these people

Inhale this odor of Rotten flesh.
These canon fodder have been our fellow members
No more now than memories, all of them have prayed and sweared for a man, a traitor
A tyrant that doesn’t care much for humankind

Without fear and questioning, they have obeyed to kill one another for a better world

Blood has flowed into the eyes of our distraught race

Our fragile existence is drowning in immorality
Reduced to slavery
No one can think of victory

Solo: Kevin

How can these people think to have the key of life?
They are perpetuating all error with hatred

But always trust yourself and I’ll show you the path to stay alive
All we can dream is a new breed of human beings.

Solo: Simon

8. Social Disability

Is it the end, or is it just me?
Will it happen that we’ll be set free?
Chaos is near: the fear of all fears

Shall we continue to hope when faith starts to bleed?

When truth isn’t told and still controls a fold…I feel blind
I’m questioning myself but I can’t find…

I try to dream but sleep took off.
I felt not sure and went for a walk.

It is the end and we are not to blame.
We’ll feel free at last and the game will end
This game will end…

I feel like I’ve been told lies from the day I was born
Enacting a story that is not mine, is it enough of a burden?

I try to climb between the doubts that are surrounding my mind
I don’t feel free and guess what; I don’t feel that I’m being me.

9. Elevation Path


10. The Deported

Standing all alone in a deserted place, I wondered where the clouds were
As wind became stronger, I closed my eyes to what was coming there

Pushed and Tossed by an invisible force
Pitch black all around us

Something was falling from the sky

Solo: Kevin/ Simon

Crystal eyed flakes were floundering around
I don’t know what they want, but I fear what they might find. In this world of misery
Crystal eyed flakes were floundering around
It is time to act in another direction, In this world of misery

Solo: Simon

Are we the chosen ones?
If so, did we respect life itself?
Are we the chosen ones?
We’ll be deported to another world, where creatures like us are toys for them.

Standing in a humid place, where sorrows will surround us
My mates are crying their souls, cursing their brains.
Pushed and Tossed by visible corpses
A bright light is all around us.

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