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Black Majesty Children of the Abyss Lyrics Album

Children of the Abyss Lyrics Album by Black Majesty

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1. Dragons Unite

One survived against humanity
Hidden away from all the world to see
Let the prophecy prevail
On the wind of destiny
And the oath of blood is given
In the seas of immortality

With wind filled wings
He breathes flames that give life

Fire and brimstone
Dragons unite
To fight in the sky
The night is yours
For the taking
Raise hell spawn
Dragons unite
And then take to flight
The dragons have taken to flight

Fallen ones
Rise from the ashes
Walk through the fire
Let give the fire birth
It was written on the wind
It’s your legacy you’re right
Take your first breath
And give in the flames of immortality

2. Something’s Going On

Can you tell me one thing
Is life really reality
Or reality is becoming a lie
What’s those words you say
That you mean but you don’t really care
Come to bed and I’ll make you forget
All the strange things that you’ve ever seen

No, this cannot go on anymore
Keep your poison to yourself and go

No one ever told me
There was something going on
Pack up my bags from here
And head down the road
There were suspicions
Intuitions that I felt
The pants found in there
Were not the ones I wear
Something is going on

Are you trapped in a lie
Living your life on the telephone
And Facebook has become
A big part of your day
What’s those words that you say
It’s a friend for me not to care
We don’t have anything anymore
It’s just you on your phone with your friends

3. Children of the Abyss

See them standing around
With their hands in the air
Running down in a circle
Hysterical plans, they don’t care
They don’t care anymore
Beaten down
Down to the ground
Facing reality
They tolling the bell
So welcome to hell

They’ve been surrounded by darkness
So welcome to blackness
Welcome to blackness

Come on in
Children of the abyss
Tortured souls
Damned and condemned to fire
Welcome in
Children of the abyss
Lonely souls
Nurtured then sent here to burn

They lay silent awaiting
With vertical stars
In a daze and controlled
Their view has distorted, don’t they see
Can’t they see anymore

4. Hideaway

When there’s nothing
Nothing left to fight
Got your back against the wall
Bent and contort
Just walking the edge of the blade again
When there’s darkness
Let it take your soul
The silence screaming
Tearing deep into the core

Better hide your heart
When getting ready for the fall
Better hide your heart
Get ready to survive

Rise, don’t hide away
When there’s only sorrow
To defy all that is to conform you
Rise, don’t hide away
Don’t have time to borrow
Just live for tomorrow

Time to face it
Face adversity
Let the demons locked inside
Face inside you then subside
If there’s darkness
Don’t let it cloud your soul
The silence will come screaming
Deep into the core

5. Wars Greed

Before the dawn
Though the stained glass window
Before the world is walking
You’ll see the sky will fall
Another lost soul in a place of no return
The universe awaits
While another star is born
Keep shining bright
In the darkest of the night

The world is turning
Even when your eyes are closed
Others are fighting
Never knowing right from wrong
The sacrifice was gained
To the battle to end the wars

Are you prepared to fight
For all you idiocies
And to give life away

That’s what you call
Is the war to end all wars
Your reek of greed
And rip the innocence from men
That’s what you call
Is the war to end all wars
Take a good look in the mirror
At yourself
You’re sending women and children to hell

Who are those leaders
That control these blinded men
Fathers are falling
They watch their motherland die

Are you prepared to sacrifice
Spilling the blood on your country

6. Always Running

Lost in illusions of a fantasy or dreams
Do we remember distant memories
We’ve fought the demons
That wakes us from sleep
Good night, sleep tight
Don’t wake up in a fright

That’s when it all begins
Don’t close your eyes

Running, always running
Just as far as I could go
But this dream has got me stable
Now I’m running out of time
Running, always running
Are my feet nailed to the ground
If I’m not flying around free
That’s why I don’t want
To dream anymore

In these confusions
With horrifying things
Do we surrender to the beast within
We fall from mountains
And endlessly we fight
Good night, it’s time
To wake up in a fright

7. Lonely

From the first breath
That we take into this world
That’s when our dreams
And inhibitions to soar
So at the crossroads
Of your fantasy and life
Try to reach down deep
Take that dream and make it fly

There’s no universe as lonely as me
Try to reach the stars and still might succeed
Do find yourself as lonely as me
Don’t give in
Something’s coming your way
Something that’s real

We might have fallen
Many times had been in doubt
At the end you’ll rise
And realise what really matters
So at the crossroads
You’ll have dreams to share in life
You have reach down deep
Take that dream and make it fly

8. Sanctified

Do they fear – As they steer
Through the centuries of time
Let this cold embracing
No believers – Man of little faith
Burn it down to the ground
Don’t let the memories remain
So they say the sand reclaim
The knowledge of greater better men

I’m standing here
All that I can feel is pain and agony

You bring the pain
While draped in gold
And you’re sanctified
We pay the toll
And bear the scars of life
Can we be sanctified just like you

See they rise – And they fall
Still they claim to know it all
Watch them building temples
Make believers
Reaching their higher grounds
Tear it down – To the ground
Don’t let history reclaim
Let our voice of change
Be heard to those
Who’ve looked to better days

9. Nothing Forever

We can refuse the truth
Forever you
Forever us
Salvation watch us drowning
Bearing the scars that is life
You’ve given me
I’ve given you
Salvation watch us rising

All that is left
Is behind so move on

Nothing’s forever in life
What goes around won’t come around here
So surely your promise won’t stay with me
Nothing’s forever in life
If you let it fade, then there’s nothing
Forever you’ll find

Blinded denied to betrayal
What do we see
How do we feel
Temptation now is finding
Bury the pain that survived
Tearing at me
Tearing at you
Temptation won’t survive it

10. Reach into Darkness

Some they may say I am evil too
Just because I’m listening to you
Been on this ride since I can recall
And it ain’t changing very soon

There’s only one thing
I can say to you

Come on with me out of the dark
And reach into the darkness
To find just who you are
Tell me just who you are
There’s no light to receive
All you’ve dreamed to have seen is gone
So come on in and reach into the darkness

Now I understand why I live this way
Choosing a path no one has a say
They pushed and shoved me in different ways

There’s only one thing I can do
I’ll walk rite over and bring you
Into my darkness

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