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In Your Honour Lyrics Album by Black Majesty

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1. Far Beyond

There is something that resides within us all
Where the calling is getting stronger
And it’s testing our will

Journey out
To the unknown
The undiscovered
Open your eyes
And let the magic
Uplift you

To new horizons
Just you
Can see it through

You were born to ride
You were born to fly
Under this sky and far beyond
You were born to ride
You were born to fly
Way far beyond

Let the world know
Your existence is within
Make them feel
Take your presence deep into their soul
Don’t back down
Success is counted by persistence
Then you will see that you will shine just you
Shine right through

2. God of War

Born as the slayer
He was caught between two worlds
Hunger’s the fire
And the passion fuels his cause
Killing was life
And life was made just for the kill
His slumber broken
He was woken let the blood reign begin

Circling its prey with talons poised
He’s hunting for the fight
Not hungry for your life
Sights are set on you
Ready to strike

Hail the god of war
Mercenary from above
Unforgiven devastation
He’s been brought back from the grave
Hail the god of war
Heart of ice and eyes ablaze
He’s the master of destruction
Glance and never be the same
Hail the god of war
The night is burning
As the creature takes to flight
There’s no objective
That’s considered wrong or right
No mercy will be shown
No mercy for the weak
Annihilation certain
Run for cover flea the slaughter

3. Millenium

As the light turns into darkness
We are headed for the abyss
No conception to direction
See our world is standing still

In new millenniums we wake to realize
This quest for knowledge
Was it worth it now can it be undone?

Set in stone, we’re all condemned to wait
Set in stone, we were told
To be patient and wait
New millennium

As the age of reason
Declines into an obscurity
It will take a million lifetimes
To achieve what has been seen

4. Break These Chains

I can’t remember how I learnt to fly
When the images and words were soaring
That was maybe other stories
Throughout the days and nights went passing by
Sails were full of wind but never moving
Onto new horizons

Now I recall there was a time
Just happened to be free
I’m free to live again

I’ll break these chains
Once again
Flying higher to never set my feet on land again
Terra firma nevermore
They’ll say to stop but i’ll keep going on
Never backing down again
No nothing can hold me down

When you’re searching for the emptiness
There’s a void that you must fill with sorrow
Just to make you feel less hollow
I can’t recall how did you ever fall
And never learn to get
Back on your feet again
You’ll never learn to fly
You’re a rainbow without sun
There’s nowhere you can run

5. Further than Insane

Was it meant to be like this?
Being lost within a dream
Faceless people staring out at sea
Can’t remember where it was
Can’t recall the final toll
Only visions will be reappearing

Senseless images were meant to disappear
See them drowning slowly
Only to resurface once more

Get me out they call
Am i losing space?
Is it all just images? Pull me back within
I’m not losing face
Am i racing further than insane?

It was not so long ago
Had to learn to let it go
Reoccurring manifestations
Was it voices in my head?
Just before i laid in bed
It’s this vision that will reappear

Invading images collide
They were meant to all subside
See them drowning slowly
Only to resurface once more

6. End of Time

Don’t recall my memories
Immerse themselves deep in my soul
I breathe the air that brings me down
Standing firm on this solid ground
My belief is spinning ’round
Learnt behaviour slowly fading out

I tried to make believe
So now i’m going to run

So now i run
Where the spirit takes me further than my will
That’s where i rest
Only then to think of circumstances
I run again
Just to free myself from mind and spirit
I’ll never stop
Just keep running from now until the end of time

Try to find my sanctuary
This solitude my masquerade
They will regain my final day
Feels like sifting through the sand
The more you move the less you find
This cannot be my final stride in life

7. Wish You Well

When your ships have sailed
They take you where you want to be
Right there
Right there where you belong

It’s never going to be the same
Never be the same
All that you hold dear will soon be gone
Letting go is the only way of you learning how to
Say goodbye

Set your dreams for the stars
And to hope a safe return
Spread your wings and learn to fly
For a safe and better life
Let god speed be your guide
And protect you on your way
Wish you well dear old friend
Until the day we meet again
When all else is gone
Keep a hold onto
This key to life
You’ll be alright
As it will serve you well

Never gonna make mistakes
Never make mistakes
All that you hold dear will soon be gone
Letting go is the only way of you learning how to
Say goodbye

8. Follow

Dressed in her lace
She comes out at night
One more lonely heart
She had to fight
When all she wants
Is out of reach
Lights that shimmer call
Nights young she walks
When there is no pain left to feel
Memories will all fade
What remains is rage

The trials of life are lessons learnt
And that is what you follow
It’s taken you from years to tears
Hold on just can’t let go
Living on rage
He’s on the run
One more life to take
He surely would
When all he wants
Is out of reach
There’s no more taking
While walking the mile

9. Witching Hour

Cold’s the night right next to you
There’s a figure staring
In your room
It’s looking at you
There is nothing you can do
As you lay there frozen scared to move
Not even breathing

Must remain inside the light
Not be called into the dark

Where will you go?
Where will you hide?
In the witching hour
Shadows looking back at you
Where will you turn?
Where will you run?
In the witching hour
Figures chasing after you
You try to run
But you can’t run
Expressionless the being
Has drawn you into its enchantment
As you feel the end is near
You think your dreaming
But your nightmare’s only the beginning

Tic toc, knock knock
The hour of fear is drawing near
What holds you dear
That consummates you leaves you laying on the floor
Tic toc, knock, knock
Who is out there
That has been scratching at your door?
It is your fear
That consummates you
As you’re huddled in your room

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