Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics (1987)

Cacophony Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics Album

Speed Metal Symphony Lyrics Album by Cacophony

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1. Savage

Here’s a warning
I’m getting restless
Don’t know how much i’ll take
i’m a savage, raging fury
From my wrath you can’t escape

I’m on the hunt
I’m hunting for you
You’ll wish you’d never crossesd me
When I’m through

I’m on the rise
Stalking my prey
My burning eyes will never
let you get away

Savage, I’m a savage in the night
Savage, I’m a savage in the night

Get ready
For a challenge
But you don’t stand a chance
I’m the winner, you’re the loser
This is your final dance

2. Where My Fortune Lies

Took a chance, rolled the dice
Played my cards, won’t think twice
Gambling all I can
Waiting till the day I’ll win
All my life, played the game
The outcome’s always the same

When the day turns into night
And the world is passing by
See my fortune where it lies, on the line
And my quest for it seems bright
Taken all the risks in sight
See my fortune where it lies, on the line

Got to win, It’s my turn
Yesterdays are bridges burned
Spin the wheel once again
Never quit, until I win

Still I’m serching every day
I don’t know any other way

3. The Ninja

The sun was red and to the right
The scene behind me was so bright
On the land where fighting has been
And honor meant to a man

The characters shined from inside my mind
One meant strength, one meant to live

The sword made of steel, the Ninja did bear
Destroying what came in his path
So distant the fear
A dying legend, waiting to leave
Away from the past
The Ninja cries out desperately
With a vengeance he rides

4. Concerto


5. Burn the Ground

He is the master of the ultimate empire
A shattered nation, a victim of his fire
They hold the secret in their hand
And he will ascend upon command

Burn the ground
He walks on
Burn the ground

He was created from a violent combination
He brought destruction and mass contamination
Now there’s a second chance for you
But will you live to see it through

Burn the ground
He walks on
Burn the ground

6. Desert Island

So much obnoxious noise
I want to spend my life at the beach
I’m getting tried of the daily shouting
City gets the worst of me

I want a desert island
In the middle of the sea
Put a message in a bottle
That’s all you’ll hear from me

I need some time to loosen up
Get my head on straight
If I don’t leave this city
I think I’ll go insane

Desert Island, out in the sun
Desert Island, out in the heat

I want some real sunshine
Can’t you see I’m crying out
Break the wall that you’re built up
And listen to me shout

7. Speed Metal Symphony


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