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Cadaveria The Shadows' Madame Lyrics Album

The Shadows’ Madame Lyrics Album by Cadaveria

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1. Spell

Beautiful witch give light to this black muddy sky
Snatch darkness from these hours
devoid of evening and morning
devoid of stars and funereal lightnings.
There is a path with no light and no moon
I ran through it to rescue my flesh from the poisoned darts.
Modify your mind follow the shapes
from the red seven to the blue one
Mark the sacred space in the name of wind and sound
Say your solemn prayer to the burning fire
Invoke the grace of water sources and raging oceans
Invite earth’s creatures to your dance.
May Rafe lead my soul to victory
He’s the master of my turbid game
May his energy bless my hand when I move the pieces
His power protects my secret plan
May his genius hasten the times. His presence secures my triumph.
Enemies’ minds are frozen in a cloud of impotence
Their projects are sentenced to fail
No acts in the present, no acts in the future.
Now destiny is engraved on eternal memories.
Cosmic energies will spread it in the Universe.
No forces in their bodies No life in their souls.

2. Declaration of Spiritual Independence

My will is invulnerable like air with the sound of my voice
the universe shrinks in a wrinkle of pain.
Listen to me. I will nourish your flesh with blood dew
Explore the labyrinth of memory and free yourself
from the hypertrophy of remembrance.
I want to awake from paralysis the icons buried
in the absence and disharmony so that they can
enjoy again an instant of contemplation
and penetrate the realms of senses.
This is the final call, the time of rebirth and catharsis
the quietness after the storm
Univocal language of phrases ancient like music
Relish the essence of this immaterial fluid
Principle of aggregation and disgregation,
everywhere and nowhere
Forsake the anguish and waver in the absolute freedom
Let stasis convert into motion
and let your essence strip of all lies.
Throw your dice and enjoy the chance
The moon could not appear again.

3. In Memory of Shadows’ Madame

Diaphanous figure who silent rides death’s wisdom
It’s said you came when the weary sky was sinking
into its eternal sleep
And that only your cry would have announced a new dawn
Mistress of the air shaking the fronds of icy hills
who at dawn caresses the bare branches of foggy plains
You grew up as a lonely witness of existence’s foolish theatre
On your visage the signs of a gloomy memory
Your lips wound false innocents’ hearing
with painful truths and biting sentences
You knew the inner pleasure of senses
the poetry of wind, the secret of fire
Your will has the strength of thunder
Your spirit the impetus of the final fight
Oh great mother who lavishes love generating hate
Enchanting muse of unspeakable fancies
You will rise again from the ashes
wrapping the great catastrophes
Pure, joyful and immortal Darkness and light will eternally
follow you in the temple of the new dreams
In memory of Shadows’ Madame.

4. Circle of Eternal Becoming

Primordial spells have been written on water’s surface
The abyss silver heart conceals the eternal prayer
Fire and wind contain the timeless secrets of the knowledge
Ancestral spirits of the elemental space materialize their ethereal shape
Dryads, Naiads, Devas, Oreads.
I trust the practice and theory of what is agreed to call magic
I believe in the spirits’ evocation, in the power to create magic illusions,
in the visions of truth in the depth of mind.
I believe mind’s boundaries shift continually
and different minds can flow together, one into the other,
and create or reveal a unique energy and individual memories are part
of a great collective memory, the memory of Nature itself.
Perpetual movement eternal rotation, oscillation of the night sky
Oh silence devour the eternity of Time.
As above, so below. My end is my beginning.

5. The Magic Rebirth

Celebrate and praise the dead spirit, bury your hopes with him. Nobody and nothing can rejoice me except the world of pretence.

The god doesn’t deserve my sacrifice and his image must not be transfigured in divinity

Let me make experience of me, relish the horror of a bloodshed, feel an instinctive pleasure before what commonly stirs up disgust.

And then I could approach following existences disembowel the unconscious. Express my verity, hidden or denied that will appear like a blind enigma to you. And I will find childlike purity again amorality that hurt the false minds. I will essay the elementary pulsations those you have secluded in dreams. Or destroyed with a symbolic castration.

I prepare my magic death – I enter the reign of imagination – I enter the thunder’s memory

And my body revives, my spirit is in peace, my heart is ready, my essence plunges into warm earth and my mind blends with the cosmic energy. We all raise with the sun and we’ll return to death like a drop of rain towards the wide ocean. I’ve dreamt a winged snake eating its own tail, encircling the earth. And a mountain of crystal bearing the child of an old witch who died confessing her sins. I woke up and I looked at myself in the black mirror and I felt a new magic strength enliven the blood time had frozen in my veins. Now I follow my religion and the brightness of my mind. Since now I revive

I honour and respect the choices I made – I don’t let silence dominate my heart – I don’t let fear suffocate my shout.

May the queen have new desires that come true with the heat of fire
I close my circle lightning the candles of stars
I celebrate my rebirth

6. Black Glory

Purple flames celebrate the new warrior’s feats
while dry tears take the old triumphs to a silent death
The old men’s corpses consumes in an obscure dust
while the new secret shines in a golden aura
Past glories could rejoice only a brief instant
Soon the new gloom’s birth will wrap the present and the future
in a pall of algid fires and glacial quivers
No blood is willing to be shed in memory of your sighs
No wind will agitate the trees’ fronds at sunset
The foul insect will suck the virgin infant’s pulp
The fifth simulacrum’s sect will perish under
the vibrating echo of the white queen
Every sword is unarmed in the presence of the goddess’s dagger
Every shield is smashed by the young witch
The third magic star protects my mental acts
The master of the astral fluid illuminates my path.

7. Absolute Vacuum

This is the archetype that pre-exists the man
Evil is an inner voice that transcends the life’s principle
It is shameful and sharp, but secretly desired
Don’t resist the charm of evil, let fire burn bright,
obscure and contradictory form of bliss and lust
It lives in our heart, but awfully beyond us.
Death is certain but its time is a mystery forever unknown
Every drop of my tears is eternal, death is eternal,
it’s the evidence of everything’s end and corruption
Suffering is pain, don’t mistake it for ache
Ache is consciousness, everlasting expiation.
You can’t defend yourself from the void nothing
Lunacy is a false cure to mask emptiness
Existence is tragic ’cause we begin to see the dawn only when darkness falls
We have been called to live in the name of archaic myths
To refuse them is like to fly with no fear to sink
Into the eternal and primordial sleep
To sink into the earth’s secret heart – We have been given a mask to lay upon our face
to throw off it is like to feast with no fear to drink at the sacred source, to eat forbidden fruits, to learn the mysteries of fire, of water, of human souls, of our destiny
The throb is dying out in a vibrating echo
Cosmic memories protect us from the chaos
Choices cannot be erased, neither by mind.


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