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1. Het spook van de Leiffartshof


2. A Strange Presence Near the Woods

White is the mark of this sighting, black is its soul. Dark is the soil where it haunts upon. Jesus Christ! You were never capable of protecting these desecrated woods. Shadows over Lammendam, shadows over Lammendam. It’s the point of death’s return for a grand castle there once burned. Something is following me! Yet there’s no one I see as I walk the old pathways near the woods. A murderous identity is staring from the trees. Now I realize that I have trodden spectral sanctities. Wandering through forests and dreary fields, I think I’m lost. Yes I’m lost. Cannot describe this horrendous fear, I think I’m cursed. Tricked and cursed. Suddenly I stumble onto a forgotten sanctuary. A tomb of a castle scorched by time, bound to the entity that is determined to take my life. Here comes the night! Nocturnal threnodies and funerary thoughts of my death-bell clanging through my mind.. Overwhelmed by approaching dark sounds. Listen to the devilish anthems of a shrieking ghost when the moon is perfectly round. All that’s left is a shallow empty moat. There were my rigid body floats through a cold void what Dutch men call ‘dood’. No one in the village knew, why disappear? Wish they knew my corpse was here! Shadows over Lammendam. No return, no return from Lammendam!

3. Haunting Echoes from the Seventeenth Century

Hear this legend: a saga of despair from an old southern town called Sjilvend. The elder peasants warned us, we should fear a hidden unmarked tomb in those marshy woods not far from here. This is the saga of the white ghost haunting Lammendam. There a sick reflection keeps resurrecting only when the sun is gone. Once there stood a castle in a wood. It seemed a rather old, wealthy looking farmstead. There lived a girl with the beauty of a pearl. Especially when she wore a white dress and wandered through fields of hard-working churls. Everyone knew there were two young fellows who gave up everything for the love of their dreams. They did not care. Poor or rich. She stole their hearts like a goddamn witch. This region once was called De Leiffartshof. One was the German son of Högenbusch, the other one came from a domain called Heeringhof. And they both weren’t aware of their mistress in white who could not decide. Echoes.. from the seventeenth century! During day he came with his horse and carriage then whistled.. Then she knew he was there.. A secret affair! Therefore you’ll be crowned as a whore. Lammendam! Lammendam! The sun is drowning in the landscapes of the earth. The time to seduce her second admirer. There lies a note by the old knotted oak, carrying a stone and romantic poetry telling her when where to go. One day he’s riding his black horse through southern paradise. By coincidence he caught his doll cheating with another lad. Slut! Why?

..and they hated passionately ever after.

4. Phobic Shadows and Moonlit Meadows

Hatred’s occultation, causing harm upon their relation.
No amour tomorrow when love shall be consumed by sorrow.
In olden days these kind of acts were a shameful disgrace.
Maybe the price of jealousy and hate sealed her malicious fate.
One night the village was awakened by agonizing screams.
Her castle burned like sceneries in Hell.
She suffered like a pig.
Oh God, I love this tale to tell!

Whorish desire sentenced with the punishment of fire.
Repulsive temptress in white prepare to die.
And kiss thy pale, warm skin goodbye.

Hör mir zu!
Dein Fleisch ist in meiner Welt verboten.
Du solst tanzen im Schattenreich,
dem Land der Toten.

In Dunkelheit..
In Finsternis und Einsamkeit..
In Finsternis.. in Dunkelheit..

Whorish desire sentenced
with the punishment of fire.
Unfaithful mistress in white,
where is your pride?
Accept your faith in twilight.

In Dunkelheit..
In Finsternis und Einsamkeit..
In Grausamkeit und Finsternis..
Im Schattenreich..

5. Hexed Melting Flesh

That night was weird,
restless and bright,
for the moon kept shining this awkward sick light.

The winds came forth as if it sounded like a little child.
No hundreds! Weeping as if they realise it’s time to die.

Raindrops keep falling and falling like tears.
Like the infant’s sorrow, as if it’s raining from their fears.
Then what happened no one could tell, but mark my words,
it’s a pretty sick trick from Hell.

Sleep tight…
My mistress in white.
Sweet dreams of death and moonlight.

6. The Carriage Wheel Murder

Next morning his corpse was found twisted, cut and broken. The way those empty eyes stared! As if they saw the doors of Hell going open. Something bewitched returned from the ashes where she once burned. Princess of the moon. Roaming timeless gloom. Murder! Murder! Once sick of hatred, now frightened of these unsolved deaths. His cheating mistress and her lover passed away like rats. Now Ian’s hourglass is leaking time like a bleeding that cannot be stopped. For a lugubrious existence is craving for his teardrops and blood. Kijk mij aan zodat de duisternis in jouw ziel kan schijnen. Jouw bestaan zal als een tijdloze vloek in de dood verdwijnen. That day he’s riding through the forest as his intuition speaks: “You are being followed!” Then the spirit attacked from the trees. It pushed his face into the spinning carriage wheels. His skull cracked open..
..and  there  were  no  more  screams!

7. Corpse in a Nebulous Creek

One year later, still traumatized by her ghastly screams.
He tastes and smells her burning flesh
in his most sickening, hypnotic dreams.
These illusions seemed so damn real.
What a nightmarish ordeal!

My lady’s corpse was never found within the remains.
Even her skeleton dissolved.
There was no proper burial day.
What a shame that heavenly beauty could not stay.
And something devilish stayed to play.

Corpse, corpse…
His name was Manfred,
his father was a German count.
Depression hid companion
until his pounded, cold corpse shall be found.
Now he is suffering a severe form of psychosis.

Corpse in a nebulous creek.
I saw something white dwell through the woods
like a macabre dead bride.
Trembling with fear, still cannot believe
that like a false dog it kept staring at me.

Corpse, corpse..
Seriously considering suicide.
Shall I drink the poison, cut my wrists or
hang myself high tonight?

He made a choice
and took a ride along the farthest trees
and then, when they jumped a misty creek,
he fell and broke his neck.
Was he insane? No!
She came back and pushed him, so sad..
Broke his neck. Horse shot dead.
Broke his neck. Now he’s dead!

8. Invisible Physic Entity


9. Heretic Poltergeist Phenomena

Ghost, a lost semi-transparent appearance. Soul, a fog-like human form of mental anger, caught between life and death. A threatening presence of an invisible personality. It keeps bewitching the sceneries of earth instead of departing to a much more blissful world. Doomed and forgotten in a mortal realm of bloom. Repeating tragedy summoned by the moon. Paranormal hysteria. Poltergeist phenomena. Listen to the laments of the sick moaning dead. They speak a simple fearsome language. Knocking, moving objects and scratching against the walls. For some reason they refuse to pass over to the light. It could be love, hate and vengeance that keeps them wandering circles at night. Heretic Poltergeist phenomena! Heretic poltergeist phenomena! Ghost, a lost semi-transparent existence. Soul, a misty human form of negative anger, confusing life with death. Cursed and desolated in an earthly stream of tears, it keeps arising like a wolf when a full moon appears.
Paranormal hysteria. Poltergeist phenomena.

10. La Malédiction de la Dame Blanche

They plough on the lands near a damned, baleful source of evil. Drifting foreign knaves, broken slaves of war. Trying to avoid the wrath of the french revolution. Eyes of fear and confusion. They seem terrified of the white cloaked haze that lies dormant in daylight yet haunts moonlit crops at night. The French peasants called the apparition ‘La Madame Blanche’. Some of them worked late on their fields and mysteriously disappeared. As if they just ran straight into the black marsh, to escape from the atrocities of the white ghost. Certainly convinced she came forth since that hellish fire. Like a straw she burned! None concerned until her phantasm had returned from a bleak spectral world. Frequently she’s seen in the gleam of a dismal chimerical moon floating through clouds of gloom. La malédiction de La Madame Blanche. This town is haunted. This town is goddamn cursed. These trees have eyes. Staring through your soul during moonrise. Oh, you don’t believe the truth?

Turn around! Perhaps she’s standing right behind you. Right now! Right now! The French peasants called the apparition ‘La Madame Blanche’. These words were transformed by the Church which identified the curse as ‘De Lammendam’. And don’t expect a happy ending when I say goodbye. You may kiss the bride before you will brutally die.

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