Fin de siècle Lyrics (1999)

Cemetery of Scream Fin de siècle Lyrics Album

Fin de siècle Lyrics Album by Cemetery of Scream

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1. Colder than Ever

Where the sky is burning
Where the fog is lying down its wings
On the brown soil
Where are the reefs of the asphalt trees
Like lost thought
I was flying

The wooden Grief lost in silence
The scream of life cold as a shudder

The acrid taste of air
On the path i walk
Loos’n’ my own breath
A fool with the tick’N’ clock

Bitter sorrow made by Moonlight
The guest-snake fortunate gambler

Its colder than ever

Bits of life fall’N’ from my hands

Searchin for a dream
I don’t need it

2. Descent


3. Insincere

I see the past days in front of me
Longin’ for something that has passed
Askin’ about the future
Hidden deep outside the world

Insincere in my own intentions
I found it inside of me
It’s been waiting for its new Moon
To live in my eyes

The instant
Bitter like some bile
Burning like a wound

Each simple day’s over
Pickin’ up the Flowers
Over the TV-Set
To protect the eyes
With bare hands
Run’ way from the pain
In a world of a Dream

Thrown into a whirl of reality
Lips are so fervent
Stars are so distant
Each simple gesture
Lookin’ in each other’s eyes
Touchin’ the hands
I can tell…

4. Introduction – Dimension Zero

Darkness…? No, It’s just that disgusting imagination.
The day is no longer a day and the Night is glowing
With the hellish colours of a rainbow.
Hollow ambition, Earthly emotions, And power which
Gives an illusory taste of darkness.

You’re dreaming of the gardens of eden but what you’re
Really making are only contaminated coffins.
You desire to become like god himself, Yet finally you’re
Opening the corridor to the one who controls the clockwork
Of Light…

5. Radioactive Toy (Porcupine Tree cover)

Run through the forest on a hot summer day
Trying to break down the walls of numbing pain

Give me a freedom to destroy
Give me a radioactive toy

Taste the water from the stream of running Death
Eat the apple and cough a dying breath

Feel the sun burning through your black skin
Pour me into hole in form my next of kin
Run through Grave-Yards on a dusty winter day
Spit the dirt out and try to say…

Give me a freedom to destroy
Give me a radioactive toy

6. Apocalyptic Visions (Part 3)

Sad’n’ Sufferin’
That’s the reward for eternal life
The Red Colour of a sunrise like blood
Pulsatin’ in my veins
Shadows of the Mothers’ tears
The nameless desert of an Abbys

Dark’n’ bare
Walls of my prison
Are screamin’ out the voice of the past people
Where is my land of hope?
Words of despair’n’ impotence,

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