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Cemetery of Scream Melancholy Lyrics Album

Melancholy Lyrics Album by Cemetery of Scream

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1. Prologue

O szyby deszcz dzwoni, deszcz dzwoni jesienny
I pluszcze jednaki, miarowy, niezmienny,
Dżdżu krople padają i tłuką w me okno…
Jęk szklany… płacz szklany… a szyby w mgle mokną
I światła szarego blask sączy się senny…
O szyby deszcz dzwoni, deszcz dzwoni jesienny…

Wieczornych snów mary powiewne, dziewicze
Na próżno czekały na słońca oblicze…
W dal poszły przez chmurną pustynię piaszczystą,
W dal ciemną, bezkresną, w dal szarą i mglistą…
Odziane w łachmany szat czarnej żałoby
Szukają ustronia na ciche swe groby,
A smutek cień kładzie na licu ich miodem…
Powolnym i długim wśród dżdżu korowodem
W dal idą na smutek i życie tułacze,
A z oczu im lecą łzy… Rozpacz tak płacze…

2. Melancholy

The lovers of night in the fadded mouths
brought the message of the hopeless solitude
silent nature in the possessed dance bowed trees seem to pay the homage
humiliation’n’death the gods of heaven irony of things which are still passing
immortal’n’eternal march of the martyrs alone on the rock of might of existence
dying in silence conscience like the rugged velvet
empty balconies, the windows of closed lands
the rain is sappin’ the blood from the death stones
of the power of naked nothingness
So ridiculous in his sudden will of fight
entanglin’ the legs in mazes of eternal condemnation the hopeless of life
the smell of thousands of candles burnin’ on the nameless tombs
for glory of the unknown pagan deities you’re overthrowin’ the monuments to
overthrow the nyth of power thorn of rose hurts your hand
too weak to beat the soulless stuff the gloom of soul and the sea of destiny
melancholy of the silent funerals dry flowers, tears like tragic jokers
no one know your name blue flowers in the moonlight
are bleedin’ of your voice

3. Dolor Ante Lucem

The rows of the even planted old trees
standing like the aged monuments of tradition
passed on of the eternal rule of light
immortal stigma and the chains for brain
The fall is painting the trees in the colour of blood
flowerbeds of fadded and dry flowers like the human beings
sentenced to the eternal estrangement
Cemeteries plunged in the fire of sun bare and empty marble doms
overgrown of moss and shrouts crosses
are screamin’ to heaven for a fear of the light
I’m standing at the gate of eternity
with eyes full of pain gazed in nothingness
vileness and meanness – those are the earth kingdoms
The daily torment of existence comes again every part of a clock
energy and stone is a part of destiny

4. Gods of Steel

I know the pain of insane which comes to my soul
I see the streets drowned in rain the melody of sad
Flag is tremblin’ in my hands I’m beatin’ out the paintings in rock
the picture of the dying people monuments of black tales
Glaciers melted from the glow of thousands of hells
forged with hands of the condemned beings the create the inaccessible heaven
the vision of modern machine of extinction
Scorning the might of universe we’re staying equal gods
to feel the shudder of anxiety when the all generations fall to ruin
aspiration for eternity for the might of mind
dark visions of bright’n’pemicious tombs
Glaciers of steel the monuments of superhuman effort of the crowds
stupified of life when the impotence and lack of final apocaliption inside
Wrecks of words, of ecstasy this all
mixed up with mud’n’slime of hopeless expectation
Be equal to heaven’n’have a glance at shadows eyes
feel the taste of divinity and fall of the huge ceiling
those are the poisoned drugs of a limited mind
the circle of light is whirling like the mill
When the earth will have covered the steel of our feelings
it will stay just the silence and the marble monument of the man

5. And Just the Birds…

Elegy of silent windows of wind in the boughs of the trees
of the plain of lights wrapped up in a grief
The crest of roof broken’n’left walls overgrown of grass’n’wine
white shrub washed down of drops of storm windows bunged with rotten boards
And just the birds live here wanderers from distant hills
the bringin’ the breath of a space breath of unreal impetus

6. Apocalyptic Visions (Part II)

And when sky will burn by fire of purple
and the earth will tremble under my feet
I won’t tell anything I will fly high driven on
the angel winds or I will fall straight to the dark abyss
I won’t tell anything… I will stay somewhere far, far…
where? Don’t ask for it man, fly and die!

7. Anxiety

Where is my real imaginary world? Empty spaces of the sunset
spaces of the lost hopes of the deprived of feelings faces
The laughing devil is disappearin’ in the clouds of smoke spiderweb
life is running ‘way against the sad light of the day the left shreds in my hands
Blood in the empty, forgotten tins cut off heads, strange creations of the nature
the bulbs, black lights from under the vault acrid teste of blood in mouth
I found oneself death in the room tangled hands like shoots of vine
the grimace of scream has twisted my face anxiety in the death and cold eyes
The tyrant of life triumphed

8. Landscape of Sadness

The blue eyes full of hues and sunshine the sad mouth full of longin’n’desires
the puppets of the characters took out of fables they are making endless seas
The eye, nothing but a soulless shape
when the world and the universe are lying open
the night and black the opposition for day and white good and evil
thousands of colours like the sounds are flying up to the drew out hands
The dream, the spasm, the desire eternal target, motivation for a life
the black of curtain ending the play the weight of dead man eye-lids
limits of existence and perfection where the truth, where the flowers
where is the smell of thousands of flowers paradise
The landscape of paradise the landscape of life the landscape of sadness

9. Lost Flowers

Dust particles of th eempty words like left wings of the unvisible birds
flowers the storm of the words’n’feelings h’s like wind
frail and brittle stalks-it’s time to pass and die lightnings of feelings
the silence of the warm evening stars threw on the heaven like the seeds of
flowers of hate’n’love
The rains streaming along the edge of the counter
flowing down the shoulders and face cold blows of whip
the whisper of silent drops windows, panes of flashes’n’brilliance
the darkened by the grey fog of the gloom
Liberation’n’freedom empty cages out of pigeons
we were floated by the ocean with the eternal prophecy in the hand
The poetry of the streets drowned in the rain
the green of the trees and the black of the night
contrast of hope and hidden sad floods of tears cold and soulless
Lost flowers covered by the dust of oblivion
mercy hidden under the veil of the old splendour the past
immortal monument of hate’n’love of passion’n’desire
Someone said to the mirror when you’re alone in your world
it will be the end of your dreams it will stay just the sad
the green of hope the next blessin’ left on the stainy table

10. Violet Fields of Extinction

Violet fields, blooming at the nameless crime in the light of the empty screens
pulsating ray short shutters of hatred ritual dance of shadow gestures
Lodge of scoffers, tangled hands
humiliation, blooming on the breasts like a weed
transfused on the paper, the makes endless marches of
twisted and sick gestures, insane shapes
Evil, diminished to the measure of a tear in our might, small as the empty words
madmen on the sock of glory’n’tradition darkness will come, bringin’ the relief
I won’t see the face of god when he’ll come with bowed head
legs in the slime of dirty life left in own hopelessness
on the armchair of illusions I will submit the sentence
I’ll stay the moon saving the cadaverous light
on the violet fields of extinction

11. Epilogue

To w szyby deszcz dzwoni, deszcz dzwoni jesienny
I pluszcze jednaki, miarowy, niezmienny,
Dżdżu krople padają i tłuką w me okno…
Jęk szklany… płacz szklany… a szyby w mgle mokną
I światła szarego blask sączy się senny…
O szyby deszcz dzwoni, deszcz dzwoni jesienny…

Ktoś dziś mnie opuścił w ten chmurny dzień słotny…
Kto? Nie wiem… Ktoś odszedł i jestem samotny…
Ktoś umarł… Kto? Próżno w pamięci swej grzebię…
Ktoś drogi… wszak byłem na jakimś pogrzebie…
Tak… Szczęście przyjść chciało, lecz mroków się zlękło.
Ktoś chciał mnie ukochać, lecz serce mu pękło,
Gdy poznał, że we mnie skrę roztlić chce próżno…
Zmarł nędzarz, nim ludzie go wsparli jałmużną…
Gdzieś pożar spopielił zagrodę wieśniaczą…
Spaliły się dzieci… Jak ludzie w krąg płaczą…

12. The Shadow of Notre Dame

The scream is break’n a silence of the birth
Days’re crash’n against the wall of the cry
The mist wears the moonlight in the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral

Insane dreams of your dead feathers
Tradition seems too hard to understand
Trails of smoke are stranglin’ the large pillars
Cry of the naked child wrapped up in a scarf is
Flow’n straight to the starry heaven
Smell of future darkens the sad

The maze of your feelings’n’dreams
The sea of obsession’n’hopes
The laugh of fate’s diew in the shadow of Notre-Dame Cathedral

You will fight together with the eagles
You will fondle your ear with a cry
Smell of darkness is too strong
Forever it will be your shadow

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