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Children of Bodom Halo of Blood Lyrics Album

Halo of Blood Lyrics Album by Children of Bodom

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1. Waste of Skin

Open your blood shot eyes once again.
A would-be corpse filled up with pain.
The poison that I down is ominous.
They burn and hide my human being!

They all correct your poses, center around.
Blood dominates my strength to row!

Wrong, never on time
Walking travesty, just what I’ve become!
Running under rule of a madman charger,
Reaper on my trail…
Suddenly I’m betrayed!
No feeling but can see now,
They might give mercy and charge.
Guilty, execute the human being,
Deader than I signed up for!

What a waste!
I yearn for the silence,
That fills my heart with pain.
What a shame!
Human filth in my eyes,
Wish I was in my grave!

Where can I hide,
With a bloody trail by my side?
I can’t deny that I’m a living sin…
Guess I was always just a waste of skin!!

What a waste!
I run from the silence,
That fills my heart with pain.
What a shame!
Human filth in my eyes,
Wish I was in my grave.

2. Halo of Blood

A cold silence washes over the night.

Dark as the blood within
The empty shell that once was you

Dreary whispers everywhere
Chant vengeance on and on
Pick up the blade. come out and play..

So you shot up among the living
Now you bleed among the dead way down below
Down you belong

I follow as you lead the way
Through a cloud of red you say
Take my hand. hit the vein. take this pain.. be my

Halo of blood. turn my tears to mud
Take this grief make me hate

Child of the night. walk with me and light the path
Lead us to the halo of blood

3. Scream for Silence

It’s a long way to the top of rockbottom
Bottoms up. lets drown my sorrow

If you need to feed on pain. you might as well tap my vein

And tomorrow screams for silence
The chaos whispers violence..
It screams out the truth and the truth never speaks in love

Never wanted to be the reason. why i’m ending up alone.
I cry out at my reflection. just to hear that no one’s home

Hey! what happens if you’re still alive?
Will you suffer enough to cry?
If tears infest our holy ground.
That world will spin around

i’m content. i’m high

You wouldn’t dare
To touch. to feel..
Its not like you would care

i’m safe. i’ll fly.. and i will try

You forewent. good bye
You say as i die

4. Transference

Dragged in the light
Like nothing was wrong
Pulled towards where I don’t belong
I hear the fallen angels
Sing my requiem
Take a step
Cross the line
Have a thin…
Glance back and you’re living in sin
It hurts so bad
Like a war within

Looking at the blade
Aiming at my eyes
Staring up
Where the evil call my lies
Keep a promise
If you ever will…
Don’t say a word just
Kill! Kill! Kill!

Wrapped in the legs of my demise
You still cry my final goodbyes
While my demons cold laugh
At their last denies
Try to move
Whip it off sell my soul
Jet black so out of control
Sold out shot to hell
Pay the price
Feel the toll

Looking at the blade
Aiming at my eyes
Staring up
Where the evil call my lies
Keep a promise
If you ever will…
Don’t say a word just
Kill! Kill! Kill!

Devil cries…

Looking at the blade
Aiming at my eyes
Staring up
Where the evil call my lies
Keep a promise
If you ever will…
Don’t say a word just
Kill! Kill! Kill!

5. Bodom Blue Moon (The Second Coming)


I was a man, that I, seldom long.
She had a bond to make, to form with you.
He wanted to gently stroke your hair.
Its the coming one, the son and the heir.

Lay down, close your eyes if you dare..
Before you know you might be down.

You procreate my next reign!
What did you expect to see?
In the water to end, we drown.
You might as well cause we are already going down!

Never look beyond this, scurry away.
Say a month to wait, any old day.
And the Reaper won’t cut you any slack,
You better take a run and don’t look back!

Its all the same, which way to go?
The body of lake Bodom will come to you!
The waters so cold we drown,
It might as well cause we are already going down!

Raise your hammered face,
You’re praying once more,
Trying to survive… But you’re at death’s door.
Run, which way is safe?
You can’t turn back.
Sleep or wait it out,
Until the next attack!

6. Your Days Are Numbered

Gonna do it my way
Promise that one day
All of you are going down
Really just cant wait
To free this pure hate
And that sure as hell is gonna hurt

Do you remember
Thinking i’d surrender
As if i would bow to you
I’m always gonna scream n spit, have a fuckin shitfit
Just wait and you will see

The shining blade of mine has spilled blood before
Dismal. dark feeling is knocking at my door
Your name on my blade i wont erase
Until i get to cut my name on your face

This violent rage i just can’t control it anymore
You better pray to god
As i drink your blood
And spit it in your fucking ugly face

On the edge of madness
Riled up, obsessed to see you suffer as you die

Watch the sun going down like the whore that you are
Wait for the moon rising up like my insanity, its on!

Content to set you free, you’re shackled i hold the key
Your days are numbered at thirty three

Come here just follow me
It will be quick you will see

Cos your days are numbered at thirty fucking three

7. Dead Man’s Hand on You

Walked a long long way down there..
Just to see, feel your glare

I wanna sleep just drift away..

Mother Kali.. just tuck me in, take me in..

Take me out

Heaven, earth and the underworld
Give me the white, the red and black..

Its all i ask, thats what i need
Please come to me, i need to feed..

If you let me love and be.. true blue

I’ll be more than just a dead man’s hand on you
Tell me lies won’t be denied
Mother Kali..will you be my bride?

I’d paint your roses black and show you heaven
Just to feel your skin for one more second
It’s all i want thats what i do
Love me one more time and i’ll let you kill me too

8. Damaged Beyond Repair

Broken down to a deep despair,
I’m damaged way beyond repair…
Fed up, drink up just one more shot.
Fall down, beat up by warm cuts.

Fists are broken,
Times running out…
The scars of yesterday.
Reflection in the mirror, destroying day by day.

Reach out for light,
Stop the whispering,
You’re ok down there….
You lust for progress.
Wont retreat and
The wounds are everywhere.

You try to fade away…in the night
And seal your bleeding heart.
To be a human, broke, never seemed so dark!

Sit down and drown..in the surf,
To the shore, let go and die.
Stop fighting it and say your final goodbye!

The problem is, I’m gone but no one knows!
Walk up under living shadows,
Dancing with the dead!
Same old reason, dead, but no one knows!
Hear the funeral bell going off that’s how the story goes!

Waiting for the dark…
Their placing a rescue while you drift.
Away from the walls so cold.
A monkey on his final walk of truth.

Wasting!…Time breathing!
Razor! Screams my heart!

That’s how the story goes!!!

9. All Twisted

When the damage is done and the words have been spoken
I’m flat on the floor, left alone and broken
Kill the bottle, beat the booze to the punch
Kick the mirror in pieces, grab one break a bunch

How did i get here? once again in a nightmare singing my refrain
Is this my fate, was that my life i just saw flash before my eyes

Saw a lot of smiles, felt tears of joy
Oh the hope, all the life for me to destroy..
Going up going down in a hole so small
A rise followed by a free motherfuckin fall

I’m living with things all twisted
Breathing in life i resisted
This was my fate this is the world where i belong

Don’t know how long i’ve been gone
Nor do i recall things i’ve done

It just feels so wrong.
It seems too good that i was always just misunderstood

I’m living with now gone, dismissed.

Forgotten faces once existed
Laughing at my pride and singing my song

I’m alive with things all twisted
Breathing in life i resisted
This was my fate, this is the world where i belong

All twisted was my life is that so wrong?

10. One Bottle and a Knee Deep


The night’s serenade again
Suddenly you’ll feel the rain wash away your pain
Sin’s the worst drug you’ve had
You’re whispering come out, come out
Wherever you are!

Intoxicating, Looking at the stars
At Lake Bodom…slowly settle, into the darkened night.
Making you want to take another swig.
Making you feel like this is the last thing you’ll ever drink!

Fists in the air
Their coming with despite / Their coming to destroy
Spirits of Lake Bodom are furious again
Something pass you by, you wait for you to know.
At the Lake Bodom where you say your final goodbye!

Soon you’ll find your sat on the floor half a bottle deep,
Swig your drink again until it goes away!
Running out into the freezing waters
At the Lake Bodom where you once was drowned.

Grab the bottle smash it on the rock!
Feeling safer, no weapon, That’s a big mistake!
Lying down on the dock,
Drift away to nightmare, There’s bunch of sparks!

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