Something Wild Lyrics (1997)

Children of Bodom Something Wild Lyrics Album

Something Wild Lyrics Album by Children of Bodom

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1. Deadnight Warrior

Before the daylight falls to the graves – deadnight shadows
Soon I’ll cross through that rift
I’ll fly across the sky

It’s such a lonely way
This one’ll be black
The jet black always in the sky
It reflects hatred in my eyes

If the daylight dies the shadows fall all over me
Then death, you’ll have your way
Scorn the torment in moonlight’s shadow
I can’t get out, lost the way for eternity

You’re the guard of the dead ones
In the night I’ll find you to drink your blood
Still the deadnight’s screaming in my heart
The dead of night’s close by!

So wake it up, call my name, it’s Deadnight Warrior!
Send them on a trip of pain
I can’t wait!

It’s such a lonely fight
This one’ll black
The jet black rises to the skies
It reflects hatred in my eyes

Feeling such a pain to die now
Being a hungry wolf
Crying under the moonlight’s shadow
Sensing you

2. In the Shadows

I cannot get up by the howling cry
Just justify my longing to die,
Bury me down at last,
I think about it in the shadows and cry!

Can scissors heal a man torn of tears,
A fading I fear inside.
The reaper in sheet will stand by me
I’m dreaming, I’m wearing a black dress that night!

I’m just a being tonight,
And still I’m dressed so black… OH YEAH!
Maybe I’m just blind,
But maybe I should try…

Can’t you see why the vision is calling you?

I got the one, the dream of horror!
Dreams of blood, dreams of war!
Rudest eyes have seen the fright
Welcome to the eternal night!

You won’t be a butcher
No, you won’t be at last
Somebody’s the trigger
Take it off!
What, you are the priest’s son? So fuck –

Sill I stand against the death!
Am I just a shade?
Always I’m awake and in black!
Sill I dare to praise the Lord –
No I won’t pass to the lord
Goodbye – no…

So the keeper waits upon,
He waits upon a border
Let me own your punishment,
It’s time to break the border!

The Candlelight fades away
There’s nothing at all but me… [classical Part]

I stare at death and the darkest one’s
Watching me with cold eyes
A god has been with me in the shadows
I lost my reason to hate! Ya!

(So it’s right…)
(I can leave the shadows!)
(The last one has to survive!)

With my light shining bright
I got my way, to regret ?? (just my hearts)??!
With my last dying ryhme I got my world
To betray for what I did by my motherfucking heart!

The shadows draw back into honesty and love!
Obey, and it will cut your throat
I can’t speak and you shant be the next,
The shadows strike in your blame – YAW!

3. Red Light in My Eyes, Pt. 1

I feel so lost for me inside,
Lost am I, will it never end,
But never am I stained black
Now the end is drawing near,
My hate is growing, can’t you hear,
It burns me with my cruelty

(And I’m off!)

Like the fire of pain in the daylight
Full of hate, your hatred gets up doom

Hate… I can’t control it anymore,
You’ll see the red light more and more
Trapping you in destroying despite
By the red light in my eyes

So, better wake up, drink your blood,
Follow me and be a god
Can’t you fucking look into my eyes,
Watch this god arise, yeah

(Come on!)

I feel the last one in this time,
Lost am I, will it never end
But never am I stained black, jet black
Now walk away and flee into Hell,
Take away and bleed my heart
I do my blood-red sigh

I can feel your hate of death,
I’m running on this darkened little path
Take your time, beat me down, sometime, to die (die!)

Hate… I can’t control it anymore,
See the red light more and more
Trapping you in destroying despite
By the red light in my eyes

Doesn’t matter what is on the top, right, way too down below,
That’s how the werewolf burns in me
Oh God, I see the light again,
I’m gonna be getting someone in my grave

Hate… I can’t control it anymore,
See the red light more and more
Trapping you in destroying despite
By the red light in my eyes

4. Red Light in My Eyes, Pt. 2

Pulling the last cry, I was alive (alive!)
While I’m down in my hatred, weird, right (right!)
Your god has set you on fire, in the day you’re dark your way

When we reached this final dusk
Then bring me fire and insanity
The jet-black eyes are showing butterflies,
They dance in the fire insane, so

Fire: dance with me
Fire: come with me
Fire: your fire

Of the everlasting flame, did burn me;
The one we are all off often struggling down, down, down, down
And when you hear me forth to the everlast,
Hear me used to bear dreams cast in a silent near

Fire: you’re killing me
Fire: a thorn, sweet, so rare
We’ll praise the Lord to begin it

Until the others will fall
But, victims are we all

We will at last destroy human gods
And within us the fire is burning
The dream lives forth and we’re standing strong to fight
And the everlasting fire is burning

Fire: come with me
Fire: my god is with me
Fire: together (forever)

5. Lake Bodom

Get me some divison,
I called the dead by night to the god!
Allay the chaos!
Chains to my last victim!

Set up the lights on the way to the skies
Raising my sword to the lord!
Calling your death in a black obsession,
The only way WOW!

So wait for salvation
Coming to me!
Life to the saint,
Life for me!

Your lord,
Who smashed this bloody god on earth,
Is tonight by my side,
Take me to the place to die for you,
And give me life in flames!

It’s black after light,
An Odysee of the end,
A lord of chaos to be,
Searching my dreams of the lifes in my vision
It’s a night of war, YEAH!

The son of the night was,
Left to destroy
I wait now to destroy…


Why this bloody god on earth,
Is always by my side,
Take me to the place where I die for you.

The last song of hate
Is a song of my heart
Tonight’s gonna be,- yeah!
Something wild!

6. The Nail

While cutting their shadows, kill them into the dark trough
Black is all the way, furious never-ending darkness show
Only way could be hard in their small and human nation
I kill the first man, getting by death, we are God, through death

Go, get up… victims that died
Waiting for death, I should cry

Take the farther off to cut your means,
listening up for afraid by means,
They showed laughing me for my heart
So they wake up these scythes, following me,
cold wind blow out, now to go,
Let it go again with the scythes

(Something wild!)

It’s got the light, blow it out within you
Never let the best shot come from fucking Avalon, that`s the one
Time to feel my spirit… I gathered my souls
Beat my night to kill them into my sin (doom… get up!)

Well go, get up… victims that died
Waiting for death, I should cry


I can’t wait to for my heart…
I can’t get up, shadows… down (can’t get up!)
Set them along, time is right, far too along…
they wake me up (wake me up!)

7. Touch like Angel of Death

A glance to my eyes, deep within reveals
This worn-out warrior’s mind
I’m killing you by suffering
Discomposure of a deepest kind

In the night I crave to feel your breath
And your touch like angel of death
In the dawn I’m in chains of beastial rage
And forced to make you dead

The chains get tighter around my throat
I can give you no love, only dead-lift of pain

In the dusk of evening i tuck you up with feather
Forever I’ll stand by your side
In the twilight of night I’m laughing
While cutting you hundred and thirteen times

Can’t you see I am evil, double-edged razor
Child of eternal hate.
To torment you like a motherfuckin-whore
I’ll make you cry forever more

I’d crawl through broken glass to you…
And your name is written in my very flesh
With the knife I’m still longing to use

In the night I crave to feel your breath
And your touch like angel of death
In the dawn I’m in chains of bestial rage
And forced to make you dead

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