Half Past Human EP Lyrics (2021)

Cirith Ungol Half Past Human EP Lyrics Album

Half Past Human EP Lyrics Album by Cirith Ungol

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1. Route 666

Cruising down the road, how could I know what would happen that night.
My engine just died, I didn’t why my eyes were blinded with light.
I started to run, then started the fun for then came the beast of the night
I turned round to see, it beckon to me and felt my blood turn to ice. To ice.

As it capered toward me, all I could see were its eyes filled with fire.
As I felt it caress, and the heat of its kit my loathing turned to desire.
I leapt to its touch, and ran to its clutch my heart beat faster and faster.
I knew it too lat to change my fate I was slave, it was master.

When you travel this road, you know soul is sold.
To the beast who is waiting for you alone. On Route 666.
Yes, you know you’ve been picked by the beast who is waiting on Route 666…

If you don’t believe, what happened to me don’t you call me a liar.
Just look in my eyes, don’t look surprised I said they were filled with fire.
Yes, now it’s you turn, and now you can learn it means to be picked.
Goodbye my friend, but I’ll meet you again. I’ll meet you on route 666.

2. Shelob’s Lair

Escape from danger to the light of day.
But he knew too little of Shelob’s ways.
Through are stifled in the choking air.
Forever trapped in Shelob’s lair.

Warned eyes that never sleep.
Ores swarmed from their dungeons deep.
Nazgul’s cries rent the blackened air.
The ringbearer lies in Shelob’s lair.

Selob was hungry: inept on her prey.
She never looked where Samwise lay.
But even as he looked on in despair.
She sensed an intruder in Shelob’s lair.

Too late she looked, and felt the bite.
The biter of “Sting” pierced her armored hide.
The stench of death filled the stagnant air.
Now Shelob dies in Shelob’s lair.

3. Brutish Manchild

So long ao, years untold.
When Man Ape found the Vein of Old.
It’s very first stops were led astray
Down the path to us today,

With a brutish glare on his sloping brow.
More than an ape it seemed somehow.
Intelligence lay behind those eyes
And yet its first few words were lies.

Down the road from ape to man.
Through the years of darkness’ span.
Comes the One of which we’re warned.
Brutish Manchild – A Beast is born.

4. Half Past Human

Travel forward into time, to see what’s going to be.
Evolution in reverse, an ugly thing sto see…
Fifty million centuries, Man-Ape rules the Earth.
Science is forgotten, as Darkness sweeps its curse.

The fate of mankind flickers, like a candle in the wind.
Man-Ape only laughs – there’s still time for sin.
Sacrifices to the Beast, hear their balebul cries.
The anemic of all tomorrows, for evil never dies.

The Beast has arisen, to lead Its Chosen Ones.
Into darkness eternal, beneath the Dying Sun.
Tempest of the Eidolon – the ritual begins.
Thirteen screaming souls, to feed the ones within.

Earth is dark frozen, never to be another dawn.
The bloody rule is ended, for mankind’s faithless spawn.
Dead disciples, frozen Earth, but the Beast does not mourn.
It croaks a laugh, and turns Its thoughts to worlds yet unborn.

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