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Cruachan Blood for the Blood God Lyrics Album

Blood for the Blood God Lyrics Album by Cruachan

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1. Crom Cruach


2. Blood for the Blood God

Prepare the first born child, cleanse the infant’s skin
Wrap the child in linen let the sacrifice begin
To the plain of adoration to our idol covered in gold
The mighty God Crom Cruach, his power we behold.

Surrounded by a circle, of standing stones so tall
Crom Cruach reaches to the sky, we hear his ancient call
Oh old and powerful deity, we are yours to command
Guide us in our struggles, and bless this ancient land.

We offer you our first born
This innocent life so pure
Sacrifice in your name
So we may long endure.

We offer you our first born
A blood offering will ensue
Protect us Oh Crom Cruach
We offer this life to you.

Bring the blade to the infants neck, slowly cut the skin
Tear open the veins of life – blood flowing from within
The child begins to flail, and tries in vein to cry
Then calms and becomes silent, soon the child will die.

At the feet of Crom Cruach, we leave the infant corpse
A vital sacrifice for our land, we offer no remorse
We pour the blood on our idol, we smear it on our skin
We hear the sound of chanting, from our sacred holy men.

We leave the sacred site, as the blood begins to dry
Returning to our village, under a blood red sky
A prosperous time awaits us, Crom Cruach is appeased
No more fear of famine, nor worry of disease.

3. The Arrival of the Fir Bolg

From across the sea they came
Fleeing from slavery
To the blessed shores of Ireland
Their people to be free!

They sailed for many days
In seas that raged and swelled
Many ships traversed the depths
Full of men who were compelled

To find a home for their people
In the land of their forefathers
The ancient tribes of Nemed
Those ancient Irish masters.

Five brothers led the way
Sailing on the Western squall
Many dangers they encountered
And many warriors did fall.

Till at last they did arrive
In the glorious seas of Ireland
As they headed for the shore
One more trial was at hand.

The wind became a storm
The seas became enraged
The Fir Bolg ships were scattered
And many too were razed.

Separated into three parts
The Fir Bolg, Domnann and Gaileon
Finally docked in Ireland
As the seas began to calm.

They overcame so many trials
As they sailed to their new land
A new dawn awaits the brothers
A new era is at hand.

At Tara the brothers held council
They divided the land into five parts
Peace had come to the Fir Bolg
But this peace was not to last.

4. Beren and Luthien

In his fight against the enemy
Beren fought hard and strong
Against the dark lord Morgoth
And the hellish Morgul throng!

He was forced to flee the battle
When his army was destroyed
The Elven realm of Doriath
That is where he did arrive.

There lie saw a female elf, in the woods of Neldoreth, such beauty he had never seen.
He called to her “Tinuviel”, when they met they fell in love, her father would not be so keen.
“To win my daughter Luthien, bring to me a silmaril”, this was Thingol’s quest to Beren.
“I accept this perilous task, I shall journey to Angband, I swear you will see me again”

He journeyed to Nargothrond, a vast Elven stronghold
Ten warriors joined him on the road to Angband
Neath the shadowy mountains and disguised as orcs
They were observed by Sauron as they crossed his land.

Sauron’s forces attacked, they tried hard to resist
They failed in their struggle and were captured by him
On the isle of werewolves many died by these beasts
Beren survived but his chances seemed grim.

He did not know that Luthien, had secretly been following,
And she came with Celegorm’s hound
The hound killed ail the wolves in sight, Beren ran into the night
And would try his task once more
Luthien was by his side, and toy came to Morgoth’s throne
A magic spell then made him sleep
Beren seized a silmaril Morgoth wakened from his spell
A giant werewolf then appeared
It bit and swallowed Beren’s hand, the silmari! burned Its Inside
It ran off in agony.
The two lovers both escaped, and returned to Doriath
The tale had softened Thingol’s heart.

He allowed their union, though Beren’s task was not fulfilled
Beren left to find the wolf.
And find the wolf is what he did, but the wolf had gone insane
Beren died but did prevail.
The silmaril had been retrieved, but at great a consequence
Luthien and Beren died.
But Lord Mandos did feel grief, restoring mortal life to them
They would live as one again.

5. The Marching Song of Fiach Mac Hugh

Lift MacCahir Og your face brooding o’er the old disgrace
That black Fitzwilliam stormed your place, drove you to the Fern
Grey said victory was sure soon the firebrand he’d secure;
Until he met at Glenmaiure with Fiach Mac Hugh O’Byrne.

Curse and swear Lord Kildare
Fiach will do what Fiach will dare
Now Fitzwilliam, have a care
Fallen is your star, low
Up with halberd out with sword
On we’ll go for by the Lord
Fiach MacHugh has given the word,
Follow me up to Carlow.

See the swords of Glen Imayle, flashing o’er the English Pale
See all the children of the Gael, beneath O’Byrne’s banners
Rooster of a fighting stock, would you let a Saxon cock
Crow out upon an Irish rock, fly up and teach him manners

From Saggart to Clonmore, there flows a stream of Saxon gore
O great is Rory Og O’More, sending the loons to Hades
White is sick and Lane is fled, now for black Fitzwilliam’s head
We’ll send it over dripping red, to Queen Liza and the ladies.

6. Prophecy

A question to you false, deceived fools,
who venerate nothing but a falsehood,
Why do you perpetuate this lie?,
your blind faith will never be understood.

A hateful concept from its inception,
born in a sea of blood and terror,
Yet based on many of my traditions,
perverted, corrupted and broken.

Listen to my word and understand my way,
I will sanctify, I will have my day! – I am risen!

I am as ancient as the earth itself yet veiled in secrecy,
When I rise – mankind will kneel and worship me.

Listen to my word and understand my way,
I will sanctify, I will have my day! – I am risen!

7. Gae Bolga


8. The Sea Queen of Connaught

I tell a tale of a pirate queen,
Grace O’Malley was her name.
Through her deeds and actions on the seas,
She found fortune, respect and fame.

Born to a seafaring family and educated well,
Salt water in her veins, at sea she would raise hell!
She preyed on trading ships, that entered her domain,
And before the Nine Years war, became a British bane!

When she was but a child, she cut off all her hair,
In defiance of her father who brought her to despair!
“You cannot sail my ships with hair that is so long.”
“But, father, can’t you see? All my hair is gone.”

She prospered as a Pirate-Queen,
Patrolling our Atlantic coast.
She recruited fighting men-
From Scotland and Ireland, a true pirate host.

Targeting traders, and merchant men,
She boarded their ships and demanded her toll,
Those who resisted or tried to fight back,
Tasted her steel or were held in her thrall.

When tribute was paid they were free to go,
Their safe passage was guaranteed.
The pirate horde would flee to the shore,
Disappearing in coves, her fleet would recede.

Attacks were not limited to the sea,
Grace would strike castles on the shore.
O’Loughlin, O’Boyle and MacSweeney clans,
Fell victim to Grace and her pirate war.

Her career began and prospered at the peak of Gaelic rule,
A loving mother and wife yet a Pirate Queen so cruel!

Called to meet with England’s Queen, she conducted herself well,
They spoke in Latin, reached an accord then they bade farewell.
On her return, Grace did learn, that the meeting was in vain
Her demands were never met, mush to her disdain!

Gaelic rule was in decline but Grace remained defiant,
She assisted in rebellions; she would never be compliant-
And always fought off raids that came close to her lands,
She fought a band from Galway, killing their leader with her hands.

She died a natural death in the same year as England’s Queen,
Saxon rule increased, of this Grace had foreseen.
The Nine Years war was won, English rule was complete,
But Grace-she will live on, she never knew defeat!

9. Born for War (The Rise of Brian Boru)

From Limerick the Vikings came
To the village of the Dal gCais
To rape to pillage and to maim
With Viking sword and Viking axe.

So many lives were lost during this Viking raid
Brian’s father fought heroically but fell to a Viking blade
A seed of hatred was planted, the promise of vengeance was strong
“To the Northern invaders of Ireland, leave now! you do not belong”

Brian’s brothers were not convinced
They sued for peace at any cost
And formed a pact with Ivar of Limerick
This pact was flawed and would not last.

In the year of our lord – Nine hundred and Sixty Eight
Brian led a raiding party to King Ivar’s fortress gate
Then fled towards a forest, Limerick Vikings took the bait
They left the safety of Limerick, they could not foresee their fate.

Three hundred Dal gCais warriors
Faced six hundred Viking men
On the hillside known as Sulcoit
Viking blood would flow again.

Brian’s men were ready to unleash a surprise attack
The Vikings were caught off guard, they desperately tried to fall bad
The tangled forest confused them, their wall of shields did fail
A single Viking warrior was no match for a single Gael!

The fighting started late
And lasted through the night
The Dal gCais were victorious
They killed Vikings with such spite!

Brian then went and sacked Limerick
Though little fighting would ensue
The Dal gCais warriors were relentless
Behold the rise of Brian Boru!

10. Perversion, Corruption and Sanctity – Part 1

An evil in our midst that pervades our modern lives
An arbitrary congregation of the lowest form of man
Governed by a doctrine almost two thousand years old
Allowed to fester in our world for far too long!

So many times we hear the stories of their sick and vile crimes
The rape of innocent children, the destruction of their minds
Several decades of abuse have been carried out by some
The pleasant parish priest? the abhorrent raping scum!

And from the Vatican – silence! they turn a blind eye
No condemnation of crimes, accusations they deny!
It’s time to make a change, time to call them to account
This corruption can’t continue, we have to flush them out.

Our children they are sacred, more so than this church
That needs to disappear, to die out and withdraw
But not before we try them and make them recompense
Do unto others as they would unto you,

And to the leaders of our nations that allow this cancer spread
Who carried out no trials or looked away as the priests fled
You are just as guilty of this sodomy of innocents
Shame on you to let it happen, you should be put to death.

Deliver us from evil so that we may find respite
Grant us peace and let our children see a world that is forthright
Let them be free forever from these sick and aging men
And guarantee this ancient cult will never rise again!

11. Perversion, Corruption and Sanctity – Part 2


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