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Dark Moor Dark Moor Album Lyrics Album

Dark Moor Album Lyrics Album by Dark Moor

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1. A Life for Revenge

Life for revenge!

I have survived for my iron will
And for a reason I just can see
Allthough I feel myself sad and ill
Dark thoughts encourage me to get me free

I need my life
Just for revenge
Its worth is only in the justice it makes
Life to avenge
Life to perform a fake

In the dead shape
I escape
To fulfill my duty
(To) fake my false friends
To their end
Damning my wife’s beauty
Changing my name
I proclaim
With a manifesto
That from this time
For good I’m
Count of Montecristo

Life which is doom
Coming out the tomb
Which has been fed
With the obsession bread
It’s a rebirth
To fulfill the vengeance before leaving the earth

2. Eternity

Who in the night
With wet sight
Doesn’t think that it’s rougher
His hard life
I mean strife
Load that we suffer?

Divine blow
More than we know

I feel immersed
In the clockwork of the universe
Deep metaphor
In which I’m the very core

But I realize
With sunrise
That are shades all my sorrows
In this wheel
I can feel
There’re much tomorrows

It’s what we’re
Valley of tears

Like a gift
One descends when you’re lift
It’s like a whim of the eternity
It’s a kiss
Within your bliss
Has every color you see

3. The Bane of Daninsky, the Werewolf

It’s a long hard way
To find a solution
So I feel so stray
Day by day

And when Moon’s full
I’m the evil Evil’s tool

Causing a dastardly havoc
I can’t retaliate
But when I’m a man again
I’ve got just a rest of pain
When I turn into my shape just
A sense of guilt remains

I feel ferocious
Oh ooh oh, howling for the mayhem I’ve just made
I feel atrocious
Oh ooh oh, howling at the moon before it fades

Yes, it’s a malady
I can not suffer at all
Seek a remedy
And just fall

And when moon’s full
I’m the evil’s tool

Inside me a harsh beast wailing
I hardly hold in
But when sun appears I’m sane
I’m released from my cruel bane
And I’m able to endeavor
To clean up my soul stain

4. Philip, the Second

The empire beyond the seas
When sun does not decease
Glory to my king

Greatest is our land
Honour and glory to my good king
King of both the land and sea
We wish may god save my king

For ever I will the prince
From Uruguay to Philippines
But my sigh of remorse
Just prays god for peace and force
Tears in my eyes never convince
But more defy with weight of sins
To reply to my pain
With more punish once again

But the pride
To decide
My people’s fate
Makes me fight
For their right
At any rate
Because Spain is my kingdom

Like a golden dream of greatness
Our olden land will sing
Songs of the glory
Songs of our king
O, Philip the Second
By our lord enthroned

With all power
I can’t fall power
It’s the hour
Death is around
(The Prince is dead laying in his bed)

Is this, Lord, my reward
(Mourning and pain the king’s insane)

My places will be Escorial
Built, in place esoterical
The earth and heaven will be one
Forgetting the loss of my son

(Magia, sueÃnos, son sus dueÃnos, sombras, gritos en sus ritos)

In my nightmares, I see a black dog
Keeper of the hell’s door
Coming our from fog
Whispers of the dream of Solomon

(Royas ilamas, negras damas, duelo eterno, cielo, infierno)

The horoscopes foretell
Hanna be my Queen
And from our love spell
An heir’s been foreseen

Never dies
The spirit of sacrifice
Of my king who gives
His life so that his dream lives
For his land
He makes what can’t understand
No one useless him
God and him

5. From Hell

Pure dark badness
A black cold sadness
Falling into
Hole of madness dying to

Step into the city
breaking out from silence
Iron Gods
Pouring flaming violence

Sirens, don’t stop crying
Really crying loud
Murder now
Is allowed

Hissing arrow
Soaked in fire
Wrapped in wire
The souls cry

From hell!
Right from hell!

Crazy driven horden of brothers
Money given to slay others
Richness striven between smothers
Is paid in blood

Keep on fighting no surrender
Judgement coming no defender
Just believing the pretender
Evil rising into

A spiral of madness
For all will be sentenced
And this way
Justice will take vengeance

Power does conspire
Against innocence
Wrapped in wire
The souls cry

6. Cyrano of Bergerac

This is the story of more than a man
A notable gentleman (born in Bergerac)
Who his life gave for impossible goals
That both time and fortune stole

In a soulless world
Where all is such cold as false
Where all has been whirled
As if was a mad waltz
I mean to be like
The warm spirit of a song
Noble and dreamlike
Now and for so long

In the battle and the poetry
Brave and dashing I will be

And when foes came ten to one
Was a foul game and I won
While I made rhymes with the wit sword

And when love came light which glows
Was my sad shame: heart or nose
Nose she chose

Falls the curtain
Making certain
I’m not shadow of my friend
But the glory
Wrote my story
True love I’ll defend
To the end

But the drama had
Words behind good appearance
His beauty was clad
With my spirit and romance

But the beauty died
And soon the voice was got mute
Letters dulcified
Turn into spoilt fruit

In my dreams and false illusions
Sweetest lover I will be

And when love came light which glows
Was my sad shame: heart or nose
Nose she chose

I’m dying
Death can’t catch
A sole thing, my penache!

Now I see
What my soul didn’t
Ideal true love, real would be
If my eyes has been my heart
My eyes show pain now I know he’s free
And he’ll never be close to me

Hero who romantically died
Poet who made people sadly cry
Your mind, can’t find, can’t find
A strong bind, a sure bind
Lover who can love with no reward
Gentleman whom will sing all the bards
Your mind, can find, can find
A solid sign for world is not so blind

7. Attila (Part 1: Overture)


8. Attila (Part 2: Wind like Stroke)

Fort terrois imparata
Terra mortes est sembrata
Demonorum generatjo
Romanorum contestatio

From east came storms leading fire and iron
By grim demons gathered all as worms
Track the trails and find the place to environ
Breaking through winds on their way to Rome

To the city, source of evil vices
Everybody calling it their home
In the time when it grows and rises
A rush is coming provoking its fall

In the air
In despair
Gust that blows out
In the breeze
The disease
Breaking out
Flying about

Riding horses
They have blood thirst
Firing grasses
On their way
Blaming crosses
They slay, they burst
In black masses
They are the god’s enemies
They are the god’s enemies
They are satan’s breed

While their preys run
They dash over frays and nuns
Attila the Hun
Barbarian trail of blazes following the sun

Attila the Hun
Is bad seed, and devil cruel son
The bad deed is done
For all people is fleeing and can hold on no one

Rome is just over
Ave Rex!
It’s times complete
The dust just covers
Mortis vox!
It’s face white neat
Mal atrox!

They’re near the city
Ave Rex!
To make new rule
Sorrow and pity
Malis res!
Victory’s full

Demonorum imperator
Fillium noctis
Malus et hostis Dei

9. Attila (Part 3: Return for Love)

I was to old Rome
And there I did meet
My true love
Back to my real home
Happiness complete
Soul of dove!

But I promised to her
I would return one day
To hear aloud hoorays
As emperor

Like winds which burn
For love
Like gales which shove

In my land I stayed
Thinking of my fate
Fixed in fire
I’d invade
To the gates
Of the empire

I had to demostrate
And make my love observe
How I really deserve
To be her mate

10. Attila (Part 4: Amore Venio)

La la la la la la la…
Amore venio

Amore venio
La la la la la la la…
Amore venio

Amore venio
La la la la la la la…
Amore venio

La la la la la la la…
Amore venio (Venio)

La la la la la la la…
Amore venio

11. Attila (Part 5: The Ghost Sword)

The moment came now
His brother died
And he became his people’s guide
Though was suspicions
Of fratricide
Behind him they ride

They all know the legend
Who bears the ghost sword
Brings the world an age end
And must be it’s lord
Thinks his feats the legend
In fire will record

Like a wild blasphemer
Out of all control
A little of a dreamer
A little a free soul
It’s Rome his first goal

And then, a stranger
Came to the horde
Unafraid of sure danger
Gave the ghost sword
To the most adored

He has come already
To the city gates
His decision’s made
He’s not to dissuade
But the Pope is ready
There to imprecate:
“Don’t be so steady and capitulate!”

He how speaks of crudeness
Love and Jesus’ sake
And he feels that goodness
Inside his awakes
To take what you wouldn’t is
Always a mistake

12. The Dark Moor

Tells the legend, there’s a magic place
That could nobody find its trace
Land of darkness, land of forlorn songs
Where all is mystic all along

[The Traveller]
Where I am? Lost in the stream
Is it real or a dream?
My stunned mind listens to a call
Like a spirit into crystal ball
But in depth, I see a gleam
Fearful I’ll follow the beam
With the shadows I will brawl
So I will arrive to the light hall

Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Hall

[Spirit of the Art]
Who comes in the Hall of Olden Dreams?
[The Traveller]
I listen to a voice in my head
[Spirit of the Art]
Speak! And then I just could deem
[The Traveller]
I don’t know why I am here
[Spirit of the Art]
I read in your fate
Choose your goodness! Choose your badness!
[Spirit of the Art]
You must cross the gate!
[Devil of Greed]
It is too late
[The Traveller]
Yes! I obey the command
Find the gate in Shadowland
If my destiny it wrote
Only the trust wants it to denore

Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
City of the dreams, where is its gateway?
Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
Among gothic gargoyles always the Art stays
Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
Sleeping in the darkness there’s a light
Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
Bathing like moon in the silent night

Care with the nice evil lies
Because the greed never dies
Care with the sweet false promise
Which proclaims the paradise

[Spirit of the Art]
Don’t listen to it’s false word
Moreover don’t fight with it’s bejewelled sword
And ever don’t play in its black rich board

[The Traveller]
Who’s there in the dark?
[Devil of Greed]
I’m who keeps the ark
[The Traveller]
Why do you talk me?
[Devil of Greed]
Your friend I could be
[The Traveller]
Why’ll I trust in you?
[Devil of Greed]
It would be a good view
[The Traveller]
Move away! With your false hopes
[Devil of Greed]
Your illusions are your slope
[The Traveller]
You don’t try to cross my way
[Devil of Greed]
Riches you can not slay
[The Traveller]
Perhaps I cannot win
Nor a new world begin
But now and ever in my heart the Art will be my sin

Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
Sleeping in the darkness there’s a light
Dark Moor, Dark Moor
Welcome to the Dark Moor
Bathing like moon in the silent night

[The Traveller]
I can see
In my soul
The gate’s before me
Mystery’s real
My destiny

[Devil of Greed]
You won’t free
[The Traveller]
Let me go
[Devil of Greed]
You can’t flee!
[The Traveller]
I am falling slow

[The Traveller]
Then I crossed the Gates of Oblivion
In the dark moor my spirit could fly
I am glad about my decision
As my word could always testify
With the Muses I danced in the night
Beneath the full Moon I felt the Spell

And its poetry gave me its fine old bite
And I could never say farewell
And the music in my heart
Filled my illusions with the Art
And the angels showed me
Which is the way of the stars

Like a dream immortal
You crossed the dark Portal
You will be blasphemer, deemer, dreamer
This is the gift of the Gods
Which for men will be odd
This is the dream of the demons who envy it

[The Traveller]
Oh! In the end of time
Muses teach me that I’m
Who choose my truth forever
Oh! Spirit of the Art
If my soul must depart
My mind will stay with you
[Spirit of the Art]
Poet of the dark glance
In your eyes a romance
With it I dance
Musician of the dreams
[The Traveller]
My inspiration will be
All the strength of my destiny
I wake up and my throat screams
Was it real or a dream
But why’s tears there in my eyes?

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