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Darzamat Oniriad Lyrics Album

Oniriad Lyrics Album by Darzamat

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1. Into the Abyss of Forgotten Woods

When a forest dies and hearts are asleep
with unforeseeing fascination
I was there and they were silent
I screamed but they were silent
the trees standing proudly in their white dresses
watching me from the distance
nobody and nothing was able to make them
speak to me and forgive me
one night I met a tree
tired and bleeding
I sit near by I’m listening to her cry
pain so deadly embraced me
and I was united with my thought and spirit
she looked at me in a mournful rapture
she gave me the sign
to carry on with my journey

2. The Longest Journey

Let it be the longest journey
the longest journey of your existence
let’s meet on the border of magic
the border of tangibility and fantasy

Where the darkness fascinates
where the dark gives no pain
which thought closes the gates?
which thought opens the dreams?

I cross the depths of the crowd
I walk through the depths of the crowd
I can’t see you I pass you by
I close my eyes I’m swimming

Take me to the unreal world
the most beautiful of my dreams
the longest journey of my existence
I close my eyes
I’m swimming

3. Nameless

Sad melody sounds in my heart
I await endlessly for the non existent pictures
I cannot forget the awakening time
when the heat was burning in my hand

I don’t name you because you drown
far from my knowledge but I want to believe
that you exist somewhere beyond the time
again you imprison me when the dusk comes

I know every thought you hide
I cannot believe in the words of goodbye
when the heat was burning in my hand
they roar like the waves leaden by the inspiration

I reveal all secrets but again you leave
when the dawn comes I tear the golden dreams
where no one dreamed of real dreams

I can remeber the roar of the waves
and the roar of the storm
I wanted to keep the fragile moment
but looking for freedom
I picked up the flower of longing

4. Beauty

Unseen far beyond the reach of my hands
slightly noticed on the border of my thoughts
but I can see you with the eyes of my imagination
I know the taste and smell of your body
smell of your body
pleasure of your body

I’m listening to the sound of your call
I’m standing naked in front of the perfect thought
I’m looking for you with all my heart
the sensible journey into the pleasure of your body

Your smell unleashes my senses
your taste makes my heart wild
your passion embraces
your look gives me splendour

I’m dying once more that night
I die every night

5. Time

The time is not my ally
I swing at the edge of the words
I await eternally
the moment I have dreamed of
temptation of elements
neverending is so great
they are passing too fast
darkness, light, night, day

I am the ray but time is the light
when will my heart feel the wind
who knows the taste of freedom
who knows the taste of calm

I must fly above reality
I must fly above the real
the wandering is not my karma
let’s meet at the other side

6. Moon Has Imprisoned Me in Her Shine

I travel to find some calm
and every night I’m lost between
the flowers of my garden
and every night you run away
from me into the dark

I can see you
I can see you so close
you burn the flames you burn the heat
I melt the ice I shall be close so soon
the mask of ice is loosing greatful power
I’m next to you again so close
moon has imprisoned me in her shine
I follow the voice of my heart
lunatics never die

During the day I dream so beautifully as at night
during the day I think so dense as at night
during the day I picture you so much as at night
during the day I look for you so intense as at night

7. When the Dreams Died

At night I swim the dark depths
so hard so much of it
oceans drown feelings somewhere
time is not a friend
hearts got empty and don’t remember
I cannot fly anymore
the dreamed lands remain far from here
mysterious and unknowing
I can understand so much
I remember only one moment
when the dreams died
and when they left only heavens wept
from the clouds with rain
the thoughts have fallen down
the dreams have fallen down
no way leads to the stars now
no thought will ever enrapture
I dissapear in darkness
no thinking of words of freedom
everything I forgot somewhere

8. Elegy

I can see you in my dreams
you run away from me
I miss the time we did not have
but the rain keeps washing my sadness away

I know you’ll still be in my mind
I know you’ll still be in my heart

I close myself in my castle
never to come out
to give vent to my evil thoughts
to remain there in shadows in forgetfullness

I wander looking for the time
I am dreaming of
I make circles around old places
I discover things

I know you’ll still be in my mind
I know you’ll still be in my heart

9. Soporific

Dream through eternity
let it be the eternal journey
without the end

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