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Darzamat Transkarpatia Lyrics Album

Transkarpatia Lyrics Album by Darzamat

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1. Sanguinarius (Intro)


2. Vampiric Prose

Petrified with icy fear
You’re waiting for the only ray,
the sign, the rebirth
And every night you mourn in lament
Let my hungry lips close to your neck
For I tell the cooling blood to run fast
Because I am the One

More and more I am filled
With eternal criminal lust

I am the one who is the Night
I am the one who lives with your blood
I am the one above mortality
I am the one – you are the key

And I feel pleasure
A little dizziness
Tiredness, coldness
Extreme excitement

Now I am your moon,
your stars, your sunrise
We are listening to the music
from within the silence

3. Hallucinations

Hail black mushrooms clouds
Hail ladies of paganism
Hail Devil’s servant
Hail Master of ceremonies

Secrets of Black Art…


Black Art – a direct appeal to the spirits

Fire through your veins
Dismal bliss inside
Overtakes me
Darkens my eyes – to see…

While they dance to the accompaniment
Of barbarous hearts with more than real
I cross the deepest river of my consciousness

4. Inhumatus (Intro)


5. The Burning Times

Trials tortures executions
Fire gender extermination

Collective hysterics, crazes
Mass murder and panics
Witch – hunts resulted in trials and tortures and executions

Ill – fated heroines exterminated by the holy deadly institution
Mere victims of narrow-minded prejudice
And fanatical judgment (mass murder)
Scapegoats on which every imaginary blame can be laid

For male – dominated christian society
Women were anathematized and cast as witches
Because of enduring grotesque fears they generated
In respect of their presume abilities to control men

Witchcraft was one expression
of the constant effort of the race
To rid itself of the sick religion imposed on it

6. Letter from Hell

My beloved daughter
Innocent have I come into prison
Innocent have I been tortured
Innocent must I die

They said: “You are a witch! Will you confess it voluntarily?
If not, we will bring in witnesses and executioner for you!”
You are a witch/ you are a witch/ you are a witch…

The executioner put the thumb-screws on me,
both hands bound together, so the blood ran out at the nails
and everywhere, so that for 4 weeks I could not use my hands,
as you can see from the writing.
Thereafter they stripped me, shaved me all over,
bound my hands behind me and drew me up in the torture.
Then one said: ”Invent something,
for you cannot endure the torture you will be put to.
One torture will follow another until you say you are a witch.
Not before that will they stop.”

Am I a witch? Yes, I am a wicked woman turned aside to Satan,
seduced by demons. I pass over great spaces of the earth during the nights,
obeying commands of my mistress Diana.

My beloved daughter, goodnight, for your mother will never see you more.

Hemlock Foxglove Almond oil Wild celery
White willow Poppy Water lilies Deadly nightshade
Green oil Greenish oils…

7. Blackward

In the name of hatecraft
In the name of their blood
In the name of the night
In the name…

Look inside the executioner’s hood
I feel no mercy but I will let you meet him well
Come with me upon the scaffold
I will show you his grimace
Hard to read and understand

Come with me upon the scaffold
I will lead you through the horror
Look inside executioner’s hood
I will show you his grimace

You can not hide from me

A shocking and blasphemous vision
Making sick with smell of blood

I am the blasphemy stealing your freedom
I insult and I hate
I arouse fear and prayers
Nobody dares to look into my eyes

Whose face has the executioner?

Come with me upon the scaffold
I will lead you through the horror
Look inside executioner’s hood
I will show you his grimace

8. Recurring Yell

Can you hear these voices?
Dark brown dresses around me
Can you hear these whispers?
Fear inside me
Can you feel this bitterness?

Rapid mountain rivers
floating stories down the world

Voices are rising from the earth
Screaming for revenge
Up in the skies
Run by the wind
Just one more time they set the fire
I open wounds not healed for ages
In anger I stand
Dripping with blood and burning
Secret paths high up and down

Their lots floating on mountain rivers
Faster faster down the world
Are you aware of that ?

The Carpathian Forests have seen it all
Keeping every pain
Drinking blood with ancient roots
Swinging in meditation
They feed us with the air heavy of memories
Heavy of slaughters, murders, lynches and agonies

9. Araneum (Intro)


10. Labyrinth of Anxiety

Unholy land greets her with fog and death
The further the worse – anxiety whispers
More subtle than scent the sense of hunting is
In a labyrinth of crashed memories
Memory dances among the ashes
Fear and horror biting deep

Anxiety whispers Anxiety screams

Fear and horror biting deep
Pyres burning, sword is cutting
Painfull pleasures lick with their tongues

Out from here comes evil
Out from here gushes blood
Out from here sips poison
Out from here pain and suffering

The only just ones screamed in savage madness
False prophets with love offered pain
Prayers bringing an overwhelming fear
Meticulous intrigues, ignorance and humiliation

Inculcated hatred against everything about the magic
Soaking through every world
Trapped waves hitting the ruins
But there is always someone for the dark wisdom to survive

11. Virus

I lay down, my breathing slow
Poisonous plant running up and down my body
I breathe in the fumes of wild herbs
All alone in the night
Stars are staring, rain is drumming
Something is calling me
I want to know I have to know I want to know
All alone in the night
Something is calling me

Visions enter the gate of my eyes like an old friend
With the knife my wrist will dance awhile
And it is so good and I do not care anymore
Stepping into an unknown world
Invisible scar
All alone in the night
I want to know I have to know
All alone in the night
My breathing slow

I lay down my breathing slow
Stars are staring, rain is drumming
Something is calling me
I want to know I have to know
All alone in the night
All alone in the night
And it is so good
Something is calling me
My breathing slow
My breathing slows…

12. The Old Form of Worship

Fight Fight Fight Fight!
Souls in revolt on your side!
Fight Fight Fight Fight!
You are the one to decide!

Howling of wild dogs
Initiation into the craft

You will get your heart’s desire

From now onwards!
My own diviner
Zealously overlooking with the Evil Eye

13. Tempted by Rot

The scent of dark red death
Summoned from the land beyond the time
You light the lusts on the altar of darkness
Sinister mistress of crime

I feel like you and this is so elitist
I feel I can do anything
I feel I transcend humanity

I feel I am becoming a murderer
Possessed by obsession
Overwhelmed by the lust to revenge
I stand in thy adoration

Possessed by sick obsessions
I stand in my adoration
I feel I can do anything
I am becomimg my own murderer

My soul rides between the worlds
I will give my life to death
That is the temptation! That is the temptation!

Ifeel like you and this is so elitist
I feel I can do anything
I feel I transcend humanity

Who, having fertilized Death, his beloved one,
Would look at her face willing to find the horror
Fear and blasphemy dwell in darkness
I dance with Death willing to keep life
Willing to keep life I dance with Death

14. Tribute to…

Tied to a post and with brutality of the period- burned
Fastened upon a hurdle and drawn at the horse’s tail
Through mud an mire
Ceremoniously hanged and then quarted
Forced to confess untruth
Put to the torture
Mentally raped
Thousands of women committed to the flames

Better an end in horror than horror without end!

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