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Dawn of Dreams Eidolon Lyrics Album

Eidolon Lyrics Album by Dawn of Dreams

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1. I


2. Lost

’cause I lost…

I can’t find a way back out
I can’t find a love to shroud
I can’t find a thing about
I can’t find what’s going round

there’s no law I’m under
there’s no god to whom I pray
there’s no pain – lets me bleed
that’s my life, that’s my way

I don’t want this again
no, no more time to be
please leave me alone to be
please leave me alone to be

3. Eidolon

At your side – I never died
My Eidolon – so hold me tight
With trust in you my hope shall live
And bring me through my endless dream

Created of same blood and flesh
Drank your wine and ate you bread
On your cross you left me here
And filled my heart with darkest fear

I never hoped
I never did
I desired the endless sleep
Never lost my trust in hopes
That have grown within my heart

I always wished
My life would end – where…
…light and dark go hand in hand
How I’m scared ┬┤bout what I intend
Please embrace me now forever

In my mind – I lived a lie
About a God – who held me tight
With trust in him my hope it died
And truth was burnt into my eyes.

4. Benediction

I am, I am
You die, We die

Softly spoken, heart caressed
Gently touched, – “Stay with me!”
Hear my voice – through the night
As I read your every word

Go and bless me
Go and heal me

And as we die – Our souls, they fly
Our hearts are one

Such a free mind – thoughts unfold
Sweetest angel – “Take me now!”
Velvet words – on which you lie
I’ll lie near you – until we die

Go and bless me
Go and heal me

We weep and cry – Each day and night
Our souls unite

5. The Wind’s Bride

I saw it again
The wind walking on water
Touching the waves with his feet
Never sinking – always sliding

I heard him again
Whispering your name
Raindrops ruin your hair
Curly as it is – how sad

6. Do We Know

Here, we’re standing calm – and never speak
We will not talk – ┬┤cause we’re too weak
The words that harm – were never said
They’ll never be – until we’re dead

Do we know
And if we know
Do we dare to say
And if we said,
Because we dared
Do we want to pay

All my thoughts are a graveyard
Surrounded by your whispering trees
They open more their leaves (to talk)
Than we’ve ever did

7. Coma

so – we gaze – at the shores, at our souls
thoughts – they fly – up to sky, up to him

see the writing on the wall
watch a god pretend to fall
pull the stars all down to earth
die once more an then – rebirth

all the writing on the wall
watch a god pretend to fall
pull the stars all down to earth
die again and then once more

once more – we die and greet angels keen
leave a message to the past which will read

8. Passion

My wounds are growing deeper
As blood flows to the ground
I know it is over
But it still hurts…

I’ve lost my energy
Of being still alive
With every cut into my veins
I’m coming closer…

This seems to be my passion
Once again with a broken heart
There is no way back
Not for me and not for you

It’s always the same for me
But where is my fault?
What have I done to this world
That it has to be this way?

Maybe there is a day
When I’ll find the real one
But I don’t believe it
No, I don’t believe it

9. Dreamcycle

As the days are passing on
And the nights – it has no end
All the fears that kept inside
Another state of my insanity

Can’t wake up although I try
Begging for the light of day
I want to scream but cannot cry
And all my dreams won’t go away…

Lost inside a cycle of dreams
Transforming night into day
I try to grab the light
But only darkness remains for me

10. Your Eyes

I am the painter
the one who paints
your face so gold

I’m your believer
who changes your
sweet lies in truth

You are my one
and you’ll always be
until we die

You are my sun
which shines so bright
above the sky

I will take you – where the moon is shining
I will treat you – like a golden sculpture
I will pray your words – every night
I will never turn – my back again

Be, be my one… and unveil… my darkest desires
My love and my passion… and my reason – to live
Be, be the one… and teach me… your prayers
My love and my passion… and my reason – to live

11. Breathless


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