Fragments Lyrics (1998)

Dawn of Dreams Fragments Lyrics Album

Fragments Lyrics Album by Dawn of Dreams

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1. I


2. II Luna

Well, I hear the singing of the wind,
the moon spreads her wings over this pale world,
memories are frozen in the fog of the sunset in which your burning kiss is lost,
where fragments of the sun are dancing on the waves of time

Well, I hear the aim of your caress,
the sun closes her eyes over this pale world,
pictures are dancing in the dust of the moon fog to which I send my sighs,
where thousands of stars are flying on my arms away

3. III Sunseth

Every nearness is so far away
and loses itself in shapeless silence
– a prayer without wings

And we drink the holy wine
and stain winter’s serenades
– that sound into the still of a dreaming world

4. Autumn

Now I feel like the whole year is gettin´ to an end
– like winter is only a dark and an empty space

Once warm, once cold is the freshest breeze of all,
bringing me the news of the arriving winter

When leaves cover my mind and dance with the wind
full of lust and happiness I feel sorrow

It let’s me hope, that it passes soon
…like winter is only a dark and an empty space

5. The Serpent

The beast rises from the waters beyond, but we won’t see it – you and me
– we won’t see it, because it is a part of ourselves – the serpent
The reign carries on, endlessly, like the waters of time
– and noone can stop it, because this is the serpent’s dance

6. Scarlet

I am living in a dream, far away from reality
When my eyes are dearly closed, when the sun sets for evermore
Imprisoned in a blackened mind I cannot see any form of life
But I don’t feel alone, ´cause you are at my side
Dreams – scars in the night
Dead birds sing their songs
Nothing but silence – and I still feel this scarlet passion
Never leave me bleeding in my peaceful dreamland
Only the thoughts resist, leading us into another world
This is my home, to where I’ll always return to
Just when my life it ends – I know this dream will become true

7. IV

My eyes burning in disguise so bright
Feeding my soul with pain
I am disgusting to this world
Lead me away from here
Disheartening believe broke my
Filling my head with rain
That’s pouring it’s anger down on me
Exposing my insanity

8. Eve

Words cannot explain how I feel when I look into your eyes
When I hold you in my arms and feel the warmth of you
Nothing seems to matter when you’re at my side although you’re far away
The fire still burns in my heart
My life is like a puzzle and you are the part which makes it complete
When you come to me my heart begins to pound
I never had so strong feelings that I have for you
When you come just let me hold you
for a second, for a minute, for an hour, forever, forever

9. V Aura


10. Winterveil

Paintings of raging colors caressed by words of golden dust
To hide the darkest past under winter’s veil

Gemälde tobender Farben unter dem Schleier des Winters

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