The Ultra-Violence Lyrics (1987)

Death Angel The Ultra-Violence Lyrics Album

The Ultra-Violence Lyrics Album by Death Angel

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1. Thrashers

Metal mayhem; hit the stage
Thrashing to the madness,
You can feel the rage!

Denim, leather, in the crowd
Feel your ears are bleeding,
Wanna hear it loud!

Thrasher! (x4)

Posers strike us us in the back
I can’t take their bullshit,
Turn around and attack

???????? say to me,
How I live my life
And baby can’t you see?

Thrasher! (x4)

Smashing, thrashing, on your knees
You beg for mercy
Smashing, thrashing, on your knees
You plead for mercy

Thrasher! (x4)

Fighting, fall off the stage
Screaming with a rage
Thrashing, lose control
Smashing I like drugs
Madness, all around
Falling to the ground
Dying for your breath
Living to your death

Thrashing, smashing, on their knees
You beg for mercy
Thrashing, smashing, on their knees
You plead for mercy

Thrasher! (x4)

2. Evil Priest

His eyes are fiery
The flame burns within
He wreaks of murder
His mind filled with sin
The sickening stench
Of blood on his breath
This villainous beast
This angel of death

They hear the noise
The people in the town
They cringe in fear
Frightened by the sound
A sacrifice is required to live
Must choose a girl
In which they must give

Victim is falling
Many died without a sound
Victims crawling
Bodies laying all around

He once was a clergy man
Swore to bring peace to lands
Lustful doings not foreseen
He blames it on Satan’s screams

His mind is twisted
Schizophrenic freak
Once in his presence
Demons dare not speak
His piece of meat
Must be young and fresh
He loves to feast
Upon her tender flesh

Now he has risen
Holy powers fell
Anti religion
Mercenary from hell
The town has fallen
Southeast of Wales
In this backwards legend
The evil priest prevails

Men were slaughtered left and right
Virgins couldn’t sleep at night
Raping many, victims fell
This evil priest was born in hell !!!

3. Voracious Souls

In the night
In the circle of death
They congregate to hold a feast
There lies a body in the center of the ring
Each human soon becomes a beast

They sing the song to glorify the dead
They chant, the chant eternal life
The master smiles as he lifts the gleaming blade
The sound of flesh sliced by the knife

Men without anguish
Men without fear
Men chosen to ride the earth
Evil confrontation nears

These mindless sinners
Sit there without
Greed, not even grief
The final incision
Having now been complete
As these ominous demons
Start to eat

A strident hum
Lurks through the room
The bloody bath to set them free
As they fulfill their long awaited dream
A bloody orgy of intense ecstasy

4. Kill as One

Strangers beware but come if you dare
You’ve entered their sacred domain
Keep to yourself or with them you’ll be dealt
The thrashers will put you to shame

Fight for your life but you have not a chance
Violence runs in their blood
Tear you apart as they rip out your heart
You’ve come to the wrong neighborhood


Come take a chance in the unholy dance
Where blood on your face is a treat
Dive off the stage your mind filled with rage
You’re lucky to land on your feet

Jocks come along and they think they’re so strong
Looking to start up a fight
They don’t play fair jocks outnumbered and scared
Death will occur on this night


5. The Ultra-Violence


6. Mistress of Pain

Enter her lair
Deep in her lair
The tension you feel
Is burning inside
You meet her at last
It happened so fast
The look in her eyes
There’s nowhere to hide
Pain on her mind
Eternal and blind
Everything’s black
But you’re turning white
She knocks you down
Whips you around
Nothing is heard
But your screams in the night

Mistress of pain
Lady of domination
Executes her discipline
Upon her bonded slaves
Lashing you with her whips
Keeping you bonded in chains
Drool starts to seep through her lips
Gets off on affliction of pain
Violence in her eyes
Insatiable lust
Terminal mistake
Face to face with death

7. Final Death

Scream in pain as you gasp for breath
Now it’s time to face your final death
Melted faces blood is on the ground
Earth and darkness utters not a sound

Flash of light fills the midnight air
Scraps of metal flying here and there
Satan laughs as he watches them bleed
World of sin to the Devils feed

No escape the end is near
Too late, die in fear
Scared now of judgment day
Final death is on its way

Minds decaying in the acid rain
Savage torment as they go insane
Mutilation of forgotten souls
Satan drags them down into his hole

Dogs of war, for your blood they lust
Radiation turns your body to dust
Watching fallout as it fills the sky
Now it’s time for this planet to die

8. I.P.F.S.


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