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Devil Doll The Girl Who Was... Death Lyrics Album

The Girl Who Was… Death Lyrics Album by Devil Doll

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Album Lyrics

1. The Girl Who Was… Death

Don’t trust him
When he turns his back
He looks at you.
Don’t trust him
When his eyes are closed:
He still looks at you.

I fled, I fled
Devouring the space.
But the shapeless bulk
Was chasing me -enraged-
Breathing my footsteps,
Unsated with killing me
Nailing my incandescent thoughts
Along the border
Of insanity,
In a place where
A procession of fleshly numbers
Slides incessantly
Into the ironic waters
Of the cosmos
Seeking to remember
The sense
Of the impossible word:

“Who are you looking for?
What are you looking at?”
A light? “A star”
A boat? “An insect”
A plane? “A flying fish”

“I’m looking at somebody
Who belongs to my world”
“This is your world,
I am your only world”.

I can’t remember
When the fog
The real and inexplicable
That crowd together
The human brain lobes-
Imprisoned me
In the spider’s web
Of the one who touches
The minds of the mad
Curbing and churning
The confetti of their thoughts.

“Without corpses
There’s no war
And without war
There’s no victory,
My dear!”

I will not be pushed,
Filed, stamped,
Briefed, debriefed
Or numbered!


Welcome, my friend!
Here whole generations
Of ghosts
Have raised
Their eyes and wings
Each morning
To unbounded space
With the innocent joy
Of crysalids
Their final metamorphosis.
And in the evening
They’re dead and drooping
Like lifeless flowers
Swayed by the plaintive
Whistling of the wind.
You must learn, we are all pawns
On this hopeless chessboard;
Your move!

“Maybe you don’t know my face,
But well you know my name
-My name is Death”
Dressed in white, smiling,
The girl who was Death,
And loved me so much,
Desiring to bring me back to her,
The only way out.
To no purpose.

“Why are they trying
To kill me?”
“Because they don’t know
You are already

Face to face,
Shut up
In the cage of time
The man and I
Joined by fate
In the degree absolute,
The challenge
Without return match
Where the price to one is:
And pain to the other is:
Not dying!

The mask! The mask!
I must take off
His mask!
Now! Now!

But just as victory
Seems finally
To favour me,
And the unknown
Persecutor appears
-frame after frame-
In a slow instantaneous
Electric shock,
Here is my contorted face
To reveal, sneering,
The final dramatic
When victim and hangman
Exchange roles
The triumphant freedom
Of a thousand dreams
In the reality
Of a new incubus
-once again-
Made of
Smiles, masks, lifeless confetti.
Be seeing you!
Wandering through the catacombs of life
Desperately I plunge into the whirl.
Wandering through the catacombs of life
Slowly I fall into the whirl of

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