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Argia Lyrics Album by Diabulus in Musica

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1. Et Resurrexit (Libera Me)


2. From the Embers

Ex cineribus resurgemus, ex cineribus renascemus

Beyond the senses I create a parallel dimension
Where I can keep my dreams, save my imagination

You know this is insane, you know you are living an illusion
You are owner of your thoughts and slave of your confusion

Ex cineribus et ad caelum versus; ex cineribus in astra

My fantasy is what made me live what made me keep on moving
When reality shook me blinding my eyes, breaking my wings

You think you’re strong now, you believe in your regeneration
Turning your back to life won’t take you to salvation

Never felt so close to the Apocalypse
But from ashes we will rise
After the fire burns all the lies
From the embers our hopes and dreams ignite
Turning rubbles into golden time to realize our fight was fair

Let healing come to pain though sushine turned to cloud
After the thunder speaks the silence takes revenge

3. Inner Force

Search your inner strength, find the self within
Explore your consciousness, set out on your quest
I’m an illusion
Maybe not real
Just a reflection
Of inner fears that drowned your beliefs

Here I come through space and time
Born from your nightmares
But modeled byt energy of life

You can decipher
From night I rise
An improved version
Of everything you didn’t dare to start

Don’t you recognize your eyes in mine?
If you only looked up in the sky
You would be able to see
The sun rises always near
Every morning shines and waits for you to live

You have fed your perfect hell, have built your fears,
have set your downfall

You have fed your perfect hell,
have built your fears: have set your downfall
Seek deep in your soul and you will find the true self
that lies within you, deep down inside

4. Furia de libertad

Tiempo atrás la realidad te marcó
con un pulso firme golpeando tu ser
Te arrastró un torbellino de ilusión
y emprediste el vuelo con resolución

Con sudor comenzaste a recoger
lo que antes sembraste con tesón y fe
Hasta que tu futuro se truncó
y una ola corrupta ahora ahoga tu honoe

Tocando fondo volviste a nacer
¿qué podrias perder?
Hoy siento en mi tu aliento y calor
y tu fuerza alimenta mi voz

Tú serás el sol de nuestro nuevo amanecer
angel de una lacha que no podran detener
Eres ya mi canto, imposible de silenciar
sombra de lo que fue, furia de libertad

La impotencia supera ya el dolor
la rabia se extiende, no existe el perdón
Su conciencia libre de redención
llorará el infierno que hay en su interior

Ciega tu luz, ilumina tu ardor
hoy tu lucha es mi voz
dejate escuchar que no existe peor prisin
que callar la verdad por temor

5. Maitagarri

A canopy of Green covers this wild forest
Ethereal sunbeams are flashing
A stream of pure water flows through this valley
The bastion I need to remain inside

In calm solitude I could hear them calling
Their melodies raptured my spirit
In singular charm I discerned her dwelling
Creature of love and lie chaser

Sweet nymph, you awaked again inside my mind
We so need your light to guide our paths
Why did you give up riding along our hearts?
Rejoicing our souls with your warm touch?

If only the world was aware of your shine
If they could only stare at your eyes
The chose not to see, protected by their blindness
It’s easier to fill some empty lives

Take my hand, tell me what you see
Take my heart, full of joy, full of sadness: alive!

Sweet nymph, always ready to fight betrayal
And to sow our fields with wild roses
Blessing us mortals with infinite magic
We praise you, sweet nymph, don’t leave us alone

Sentimenduen babeslea, amodiozko jainkosa.
Orein gainean doa basoetab zehar, Maitagarria.

6. Sed Diabolus

Sed diabolus in invidia sua istud irrisit
Qua nullum opus dei intactum dimisit

7. Spoilt Vampire

By your naive and innocent smile I was tricked
I still think it’s not real what I can clearly see
You were honest; I trusted. How can I feel so betrayed?
Now I wish you are happy with all what you get

Yes we know you are the best, your triumph is deserved
How can I be so mean? I should feel your disgrace
Always cry, always lie, always hide, this is how you live
And nobody will know what really lies beneath

Spoilt vampire
From blind prey to deaf victim
You build your bright fate
Spoilt vampire
Our paths are divided
Our rage is our guide

Only we know what’s behind your sweet humble words
Pure arrogance in disguise, pride will make you fall
You made the most of us, I don’t get what’s your final goal
Maybe you realized you are staying alone

Arrogantia odiosa est

For me it’s still hard to believe, we were just blindfold pawns
One day you will take what you give and we’ll be free

8. Eternal Breeze

A new autumn calls and old leaves must fall
A new star will shine for a blossom to bloom
Whispering your life made me understand
This world is a stage, but it isn’t the end
Cause I could clearly feel your soul
Fly away towards the warm sun
As light as a feather went fast through the wind
No farewell cause you’d be here

In memories its your voice that still sings
Wise old melodies come to me every time I need to have you close

Tired of life’s path, years soon dragged on
Now that you’ve arrived to the shore a new light glows

And in peace your long journey end
Like an angel you’ll never fade
Watching over us, you safeguard our paths
And timeless you’ll last within

Yes I can clearly feel your soul
It flies away towards the warm sun
As light as a feather goes fast through the wind
No farewell cause you are here

9. Mechanical Ethos

Ready to roll downhill again in this funny wheel
And get submerged in this idyllic game where there’s no need to think
No strategic plays, just follow their rhythm
Let yourself get lost in others’ dreams

Proud of our consciousness, a treasure inside that they cannot destroy
Our minds being poisoned, injected by lies, human cores violated

A realm where our hands are tied
But our minds still stay free
Don’t believe what we are shown
We are under control

Ready to let your creed be settled, well organized
The guarantee of the correct life pattern that everyone should live
A superficial radiance, a shallow success
Carton puppets hang by golden threads

10. Encounter at Chronos’ Maze

I’ve been lost for so long, I fell asleep once more
I’ve walked this path before, don’t know where I belong
Swarming inside my heart, a storm of silent souls
No answer to my quest, just silence, tears and prayers

Awaiting for so long there is an open door
Whose threshold I have found, but who knows what’s beyond?

Come and fly to me (through eterenity)
Take me home (into infinity)
We know we are bound
Now that old memories unfold

Lost in this endless coil, subdued by the unknown
Small pieces in the whole, condemned to be alone
This is a strong endless chain which never will break

We keep coming anf going, never in rest

I roam life after life, age after age, forever again…
Our love in different shapes, life after life, age after age…
There’s something in your eyes…
Recall, somewhere in time…

11. Indigo

Now its time to tell you a long forgotten story
Its about an unusual being
He came in a winter silent night
He was from the distant land of nowhere

He only knew the stones of his lonely universe
They were so cold and hard for his longing thirst for love

He was born from a storm under a bright night sun
His aim was to search for warmth
He came to Earth and suddenly he learnt
That war was our daily bread

Was your heart a perfect rose in the garden of my dreams
But in shadows you were concealed and remade into nust

12. Healing

Taber est quisque fotunae suae
aut viam inveniam aut faciam

Etrkizunagurea da bakarrik
Guk eraikiko dugu ibilbidea

We should not look back, but just accept the past
All was just the path to where we are
We know that it means to fall and pick ourselves up
No more strives to lose, it’s no more our war

Now together we fly stronger and proud, rise and see what we have become
No more treasons to bear, all masks were unveiled and today our thrills still grow

Leading our path, head up high
With courage and passion, just you and I
Joy fills the clouds where muses roam
And smile while they hear our song

We should not look back, but just accept the past
All was just the path to where we are
You know what it means to stand alone for so long
Now we share our fight, my dream is yours

Del mio cor laspre catene dure sono infrante
E le rigide mie pene che parevano infinite son finite
Oh pace, pace

13. Horizons


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