Red Demo Lyrics (1997)

Disillusion Red Demo Lyrics Album

Red Demo Lyrics Album by Disillusion

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1. Red

feel me, the pain is mine
give up, won’t see no sign
god that’s me on the throne
above you on my own

i’ll lead you to the place
where you can see
my real face
the things you now regret
despair is strangling you
dancing in red

see me laughing
about your care
your pictures much too fair
promises were raped by me
your mind in haze
too dark to see


i am evil, can’t you see
your purity, your honest zeal
your weakness and your being
make me sick
ans one day
i’ll break your neck


2. Painkiller

Say, why do you lie
Forgot to stand the truth
The truth paralized
Say, why don’t you cry
Your tears scream as loud
As you fight your doubts

Sore i lay down here
Make me live with my fear

With your
Endless stupid excuses
You’re who confuses
Your own self-confidence
Victim of your praised system
That you’ve built for defence
Of Experience
Pain to your face
Stop this disgrace
Pray for yourself ans stay
Be the man
Who won’t croak anymore
Now it comes over you
My friend – now


Weakness – Don’t speak

3. Submission

Your desk, your seat
You dedicate all to you greed
It feeds your hand
Your eyes will starve
In noman’s land
You learn, you work, you’ll break
Now swallow shit you jerk
Your life afflicted
Just pictures of a gain – addicted
Your time is up
Before you even notice
A social servant
Misused as an account-detergent
Don’t you tell me
That’s all you want your life to be
Cause once you made it
It’s already over
You are, you know
A tangled puppet crawling slow
Misled, misfed
With lies that you
Could not reject
Your mouth keeps shut
Your brain cut off
For you’re corrupt
Your mind, your breath
Will serve and finally end
In death
Self-esteem, a word you never
heard it seems
A look, your face reveals
Your fragile life’s disgrace
Accept what I think about
Your fucking “life”-
You failed your aim
You’re useless
In this endless game


4. Swallowed

Free seem the clouds
Free from restrain
How they roam through my mind

How they roam through my mind
Through the years

Their shadow laid upon me
Swallowed the laughter
I wore today

For all the love
And all the fears
Beneath my wings
I’d trade in all that I know

Low lies the breath
Like a grey dust over sea
Like a snare – so tight
Only a waiting slave

And the sand runs way too fast
Way too fast through my hands


And low lies the breath
Like a grey dust over sea
And here I lay all swallowed


5. The Edge of Honor

We are watching the birth of a cliff
Do you want up, it wears you out
And though you never
Want to be in the water
You fall with a mistaken step

Open your eyes!
Where do you see yourself?
Raise your arms and fly high
Above the now

Can you swim
In the flow of desperation?
Cause if you can’t you will drown
Can you stand filled with honor?
Cause if you can’t
You will be push down


Can you feel the strength beneath
Can you see beyond your fears?
And when you find this solid dream
Then raise your arms
And learn to fly!

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