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Doomsday (Mex) Superstition Lyrics Album

Superstition Lyrics Album by Doomsday (Mex)

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1. Upside Down


2. Can You Sleep?

You spent your life deceiving in every way
You laugh at all of us every single day
Your smile enchants, your actions hurt
I wonder how your face will look when we get armed

Can you sleep at night?

You broke every promise you made
We know, we’re certain, we have been betrayed
Were tired and were gonna make you pay
We’re gonna have the power back, you’re gonna pay!

You thought you’ll always be on top
Now it’s time to laid off
Now, get your stuff it’s time to go

3. Do It

Tonight, I’m feeling all right
I’m feeling OK
I’m ready for pride and glory
Yes, I’m looking for you
It’s just about time
We need to get up and do it

I can’t feel more anger
Bad times need to go

Walk, with pride no more fear
Now listen to me
Get up and run to it with me
We need to prevail, we’re going to get old
So now it’s our time to do it

Something great it’s waiting
It’s our time to change it all

Nothing will be the same again
But we can’t wait no more
Has to be done
Together we are strong. To the end

Every war is painful but we can’t keep on crawling
No one will laugh at us again, because they’re falling
Look at me and tell me if it’s fair to be so broken
We the people, we can act and now we have spoken

I can’t feel more sorrow
Bad times need to go away

Do it. Just do it

4. I Can’t Feel You

It’s been a while since you’ve been gone
It feels like a lifetime, past now gone
I think I deserved it but the feeling it’s so weird

Oh how do I miss your face this morn
I’m hearing your voice in every song
I’m feeling so sick and tired
I stand here in the cold

Life is turning gray. Life is turning black

I can’t feel you (Wherever you go)
I can’t hear you (Wherever you are)
Thinking of you it hurts me
I need to carry on (Carry on)

Ghost Eternal (Eternal)
Shade Ethereal (Ethereal)
Please leave my soul alone you
Lady fog (Yes, lady fog)

I can’t feel you (Wherever you go)
I can’t hear you (Wherever you are)
So how do I know you’re here?
Mystery not solved. (Mystery, mystery)

Lady fog

I can’t find my way. Can’t find my way

5. Happiness

Here I am. Alone and dirty
Trying to forget. Trying to forgive
This is more than just bad luck

Sometimes I hurt myself
By thinking of the past
Lots of forgotten love
And ”never say goodbye”
“Never say goodbye” and “Give me a call”

Why we can’t just shake our hands and go?
We really need to say so many lies?

I made my own bad choices
And screw it all the way
Searching my happiness
I ruined so many days
All remains the same. Remains the same

It took me a long, long time to learn
Happiness is not for everyone

We spent our lives in search of
Things we’ll never find
Feelings, love, sex and joy
We think that we can buy it
That we can’t buy it
Good luck with that

We live in the rotting, we eat carrion
We hurt ourselves and then we create a god
To forgive our sins
To forgive our sins

What’s a sin?

6. See Me

I wish I could get outside to see the sun
But I live in fear; Don’t want a bullet on my head

Living the fear. Living with fear
Trying to survive
Living the fear. Living with fear

Big country. Small government
We pay for their stupidity every day

Please see me. I’m here
I’m hoping that we all can change our lives

We must stand up and fight for peace
No more deaths at home, nobody will crawl
There’s no time to feel guilt and sorrow
Please, please wake up

Please no more fear. Turn off that TV
Go to the streets and demand your rights

Blood and fire. Burn the liar. Blood and fire

We can do it. We must do it
We will save what is left or we’ll die trying

7. Everybody Wants

In this crazy world
Lots of things you’ll find
Some are good and some are bad
You will have to learn the hard way
But please…
Please choose wisely

Remember I’m here, just here
Not forever, not for long
Talk to me, come to me
Sing with me

Everybody wants to give you some advice
You have to ignore them all and do what is right
Remember. What is right to you

Use your logic. Be ambitious
Stay away from priests and superstition

I’m sorry I’ll give you this world
In such bad shape
But try to make this a better place to live

8. Zombieland

It’s hard to live on a place
Where everyone lies
It’s getting so stupid and boring
And there’s nowhere to go

Every where’s the same
Everything’s the same, so what’s the point?

I see them walking to nowhere every day
They look at the soil with its dead eyes
They have nothing to say

Just want to live another day
Wants to survive another day to do the same

We live in Zombie Land
Where’s our future now?
We forgot how to smile
We just walk around

They beaten again and again
Our tortured minds
They want us to think that we need
Their idols of stone

Cassock and flags united to
Destroy our minds and teach the ignorance of the faith

I (I can’t hear you. I can’t see you)
Am (I can’t reach you. I can’t feel you, no)
Here (Not here) in Zombie Land

I (Such a coward, it’s not worthy)
Am (Nothing makes no sense at all)
Here (Dying) in Zombie Land

9. The Spirit and Soul Are Confused


10. Let the Children Come to Me

Fear to hell. Beware of God
Do you ever think on what they’re saying?

Corporate faith means more money
Don’t you think it’s time to stop this madness now?

And let the children come to me
It’s all you’re saying…

Some kid trusted you, you kill his spirit
And by your hands he is in real hell now

You threat with torture, eternal pain
Of course nothing of this will happen to you

Let the children come to me
Bring your child to holy church
And watch him slowly die

And let the children come to me
It’s all I’m hearing…

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