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Draconian Where Lovers Mourn Lyrics Album

Where Lovers Mourn Lyrics Album by Draconian

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1. The Cry of Silence

(Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson)

Fillled with sorrow…
Bleak inner self touched by pride,
devoured by solitude, still wrapped in time.
I’m flowing with pain!

Holding myself back in suspicion…
and lingering in the dust…
the dust of my abandoned remains.
Killed with the dagger of life!

Such an exquisite pride in my suffering…
alone, all alone with the emotional
streams of my soul…
So real, so pure… yet I’m left aside
entangled in fear… without hope.

I’m truly left alone,
but somehow… just somehow
it feels like my loneliness is a victory
over the self-delusion of joy… and happiness.

My heart beats faster,
the anguish becomes clearer
and my misanthropic view grows stronger.
Living in the shadows…
so proud of being the one,
but desperate…
so desperate for a helping hand.
Do I really want to live this life?

I have a thousand reasons to die,
and many millions of tears to cry… in silence.
The human plague has emptied my life,
and I curse the day I was born… to this world!

Still, no-one else I ever want to be…
and no-one else I intend to be…
’cause no-one else I was meant to be!

I need, I want, I long for my retribution…
I need, I want, I yearn for my retribution…
I want my retribution… I want it now!

Unity; a gathering of open wounds,
of dark… of dark clean spirits…
what a dream… what a dream so distant!
Why should I… why should I be alone
when I love… when I love my brotherhood?
Shall I die… shall I die to be free
when I cry… when I cry in silence…
so please let me die in silence…
oh my god, let me die in silence!

2. Silent Winter

(Lyrics by Anders Jacobsson)

I will darken these exhaulted summers,
and let you dwell in the blissful cold!
Heal yourself into pure realities…
explore the light from the other seal!

Whispering like the silent mouth of tomorrow…
Please, give a cure for my sorrow!

Your radiance sparkles like fiery dust…
blisters in the wind of the absolute.
The satin web of thy imprisonment
shackles the muse of dreams come true.

Your theatre stands empty now…
so we have lost you anyhow!

Luciferi – Eden’s rapture
Luciferi – Nighttime Angelicah

The Garden bloomed in bright colours…
and no angel passed through the silent tunnel.
The tears I weep lies frozen cold…
you’ve slipped away in the fire.
Embrace me now in my final breath…
Continue to grow, my flower of death!

Life is death’s theatre;
A flame of silent winter where you left me alone.
In the desolation of a broken promised land,
you’ve slipped away in its fire… in the fire.

In sadness, your mirthless winter…
I bring gold to those who dread the sun.
Within my tears grows a flower of truth,
and I gave my love to the eventide.

O amaranth, bloom in my heart…
They shall never keep us apart!

Luciferi – Fallen from heaven
Luciferi – Nighttime Angelicah

The Garden bloomed in nights colour…
and an angel passed through the silent tunnel.


3. A Slumber Did My Spirit Seal

(Poem by William Wordsworth, anno 1799)

A slumber did my spirit seal
I had no human fears
She seemed a thing that could not feel
The touch of earthly years.

No motion has she now, no force
She neither hears nor sees
Rolled round in earth’s diurnal course
With rocks, and stones, and trees.

4. The Solitude

While stars outspread the night-time watch
and wind through darkened treetops swirl
I slowly bow my frozen features
in grief, in sadness and in woe
in grief, in sadness and in woe.

In solitude forever!

Forever I see, forever I hear, forever I smell,
forever I taste and forever I feel the solitude

No voice, no hand of human source
can reach me in this place
though fallen figures closely passes
and invites me into somber dance
this somber dance!

Cold and desolate my soul turns grey,
(and) alone I witness the neverending day.

My wasted dreams lie silent and dead
within this darkened tears I shed…
this darkened tears I shed.

In solitude forever!

So lonely I stand on this tortured cliff
hearing distant cosmic echoes calling;
beckons me to decline this withered beauty
and leave this lie to greet the night
the night without an end.

The solitude

This solitary life…
Maybe I should just end it all
Yes, I should just end it all!

5. Reversio ad Secessum

A, mundus facit nos redire, redire ad secessum.
Spesne aliquando veniat animis tenebrosis quae solae ambulant.

Hear my silent prayer as I weep tonight!
Dawn gets greyer, thou hast taken flight!

Love abandons the soil, leaves a shade
It whispers ‘goodbye’ as we quietly fade away!

Lacrimae ex oculis meis fluunt,
sed crepusculum fletum meum tranquillat.
Please, give us wings to fly!
Without love our world dies… it dies!

To drown in the cold mournful sea
So lost here in a world not meant to be… for me!

The fading moon cries in vain,
as the rising sun reflects my pain.
We sail on seas of guilt and shame,
but still we feed this lovelost flame… with hope!

Hear my silent weeping as I pray tonight
Night grows colder, but I see a new light.

Beautiful night, to thee we pray
Let the truest of love come our way!
Beautiful night, to thee we pray;
Let all the illusions just wither away!

6. The Amaranth

(Voice of Venus:)
Thou art a flower, growing into his soul.
You light his silent path of night…
Thy winds they blow for his love and shadows
He is praising the beauty of thee in a far away land.
Thou art The Amaranth!

(Remberering failed love:)
Meeting, connecting
Wishing, hoping.

Embracing, kissing…
Loving, promising forever.

Spending, fading
Crying, despising.

Bleeding, screaming
Suffering, hating for love!

Never I knew a heart could be so true
I dream to fly together forever with you!
Our crimson souls would surrender their pain
Our tears would wash away the stains.
It’s so cold here without you!

Within her, the essence of Night
Within her, beloved Venus shines!

(Voice of Venus:)
Fading away, the last sunray
(Fading away, the last sunray)
Autumn hath come to thy heart,
(Autumn hath come to my heart)
maybe the rain brings her to you…
(But maybe the rain brings her to me)
So true and so dark, her beautiful soul forlorn.
(So true and so dark, my flower!)
She is The Amaranth!

Will she rise in me?
Will I rise in her?

(Voice of Venus:)
Will she rise in him?
Will he rise in her?

7. Akherousia

My light slowly fades away
My hope’s gone and went astray
But I see their dark dream-sails

Take me away from here!

In the cold of winter I found the other half of me.
An amethyst broke through the walls of silent solitude.
But we are lost in a world of despair
So we head for the ocean; a destination unknown…

Maybe they want me to come onboard
Maybe I’m cursed here to stay
But maybe they want me to come onboard

Maybe they’ll gather all the lost souls
Maybe they’ve heard our mournful cries
And maybe they want us to come onboard.

8. It Grieves My Heart

The world is falling so cold and grey.
Shallow and empty life lingers on.

It grieves my heart, it tears me apart
I hear this constant disharmony!

Lost in a dead world…
With broken wings!

Human reality feeds upon a whore!
For what idols have these lowlifes
bowed their heads to build up an empty world?
Kill the bitch on the cross…
Scorn their sacred loss!
And the sheeps are making love to the madness of the flow!
Is this all they know…?

The madness of the flow will take the final blow,
as the sun goes down over mankind’s tomb
in the universal graveyard of filth and slime.
This is Our time!

Lost in a sick world
Beholding the corruption!

Curse them all!
Lead them astray!
It grieves my heart they won’t go away!

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