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Dragonlord Rapture Lyrics Album

Rapture Lyrics Album by Dragonlord

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1. Vals de la Muerte


2. Unholyvoid

Astrophysics tipped the scale
Dimensional fractal nightmare
Celestial mechanics signal cleared
To find out if there is life distant or near

Erase hypotheses quantum
Infinity frontier mission
Vortex behing the sun endeavors
Interstellar signal response

Into the lost
Unholy Void
Timeless and black (black)

Tragedy from a netherworld
Process galactic nebula
Draconian texture synthesis
Forces man to kneel his world

What’s involved in
keeping balanced scales
All the stars hiding demigods
In the void axis expands
Universal death horizon
Lead: Smyth, Lead: Peterson

Displacement time travel engaged
The dawning of an astral inferno
Event horizon lost its way forever
Conquered by our own unknown

Into the lost
Timeless and black

3. Tradition and Fire

Subjugation fuels
The hatred in our soul
Full destruction upon
The ones that we all loathe
Souls ablaze, out of control
Burning hammers from the north
Down to the south

Retaliation forms
The hanging of our brood
Captured soldier has his eyes pinned
Then removed
Who’s to blame? This ruthless war
This devastation puts you out
In the ground

Doctrines received
From tradition and fire
Sealing my fate
Confirm why I was born

Annihilation is
Our anthem ringing true
Fall to pieces as our steel blades
Rip right through
Chaotic raids assume control
Burning torches in the night
To see us through

Conquered nations of our foe
We have subdued
Strength and honor from the helm
We bring to you tempered steel
Of knives and swords
This devastation puts you out
In the ground

Doctrines received
From tradition and fire
Stealing your tomb
Reaffirm why I chose war

Charging attack
Raise the fist of steel
Bring the pain
Rule the nations
Rule the world
Enslave the people
Drink messiahs blood

Raging black auras
Raging a storm
Evil marauders
Sphere of the dead a new system

Fuels the fury in our troops
Golden palace of oppression
Turns into dust
Souls ablaze, a call to war
The foundation now assumes
Assumes control

Decimation is our anthem ringing true
Transformation of the future
Becomes the view
Skys ablaze, departed souls
This devastation puts you out
In the ground

Doctrines received
From tradition forever
Sealing your doom
Confirm why I was lord

4. Born to Darkness

Sufficed with demons force
A love denied forever for
The priestess who knows no warmth
‘Til choking face turns blue

What you got to say
For his love denied
Save your lies for me, hypocrisy
My soul’s gone

Hearts ablaze, fall to pieces
Force to bleed then ask me why

Now your life is undone
For my pain is engraved
True delights to beat as one

Into the darkness there
This beauty’s beyond compare
From darkness comes shadows

Tortured days without sun
Where all guilt is removed
Ecstasy, depravity
Your soul moves

Lover please
Set us free just to be as one

Into the darkness there
This world’s beyond compare
From darkness comes shadows

When pushed beyond the realms of death
One learns the awful truth

It seems my lovewas damned forever
Sometimes disease of life is love
And now I’m forced to take you
True black hearts must die

Don’t question me about the things
It’s been done
Bewitched and cast upon this tragic
No love

Set us free just to be as one
[Lead: Smyth]

So be the light that shined
Upon the love that died
Trace evil back to power
Transmission, supplied

Who’ll be the one
Who wears my sins forever

Entombed in darkness there
This worlds beyond repair
From darkness comes shadows

5. Judgement Failed

White lights defiled
Black shapes and horns
By my command, unleash the storm

Raising and forming alive
‘Til delights get lost
In the sounds and power from hell

Blood of the damned
Invokes the scorned
Their helpless eyes just watching you
Drive home thy horn

Raising a prophecy of chaos and pain
That burst forth from flames to serve

What seemed metaphysical
But a faith that values darkned souls
Knows not that ways of man

Give praise to primal laws
Bound by crimson, bound by swords
Awaiting one last kiss
From unknown

Which way should the blood flow
Through the heart or out a hole
Asks the man about to become
[Lead Jam: Peterson, Smyth]

Judging me, judging God, judging you
Judging me, judging you, judgmental
Judgement failed

6. Wolfhunt

Death, white fang destruction runs
Roughshod among the pack
With uncontrolled bloodlust

Hunt, thrill of the kill by moonlight
Too wild too tame for this world
Repays all debts in blood
This destroyer

Damned, lycanthropic desire
Praised by the howling one
Bits down the jaws of Luko’s
Unleases Hell

Who rules the forest of the night
Red raging eyes howl at the moon
Sets up his next victim to die
Behold! The wolfhunter

Damnation – searing flesh – be gone
So save thyself
Transformation – from anthropis
Into a blood crazed beast

Savagery of the wolf
Rides a scent to find the next kill
Cunning eyes of a sadist
Shadows glow when death’s abound
Revelry of the damned
The slaughter ends
When daylight has come
Covered in gore and remorseless
Fear not the silver, live for the kill

One rules the forest of the night
And howls in praise to his god, the moon
Another victim lies in blood
Behold! the forest god

7. Spirits in the Mist

I ride beneath this roaring sky
See through the black with eyes of the dead
Cast in the bones, Angel of Death
Thirteen moons, thirteen men, prepared to die
Deep in the mist out of the black
Eaters of the dead they kingdom will fall

Nightfall, silence
Could my eyes deceive me?
Cold blood, freezing
I see spirits in the mist

The fire serpent roars aloud
Beheadind beasts, devourers of flesh
Raising the swords into the night
Calling on the ones who died to give me strength
Into the mist deep in the night
Eaters of the dead thy kingdom will fall

Nightfall, silence
Could my eyes deceive me?
Cold blood, freezing
I see spirits in the mist

This fog allures me to believe
That I have seen not what is real

I stare into this misty sky
Omward to battle deep in the night
Outnumbered, waiting to die
Decapitation of the queen will set us free
Out of the mist heading for death
Eaters of the dead thy kingdom will fall

This fog allures me to believe
That I have seen not what is real
Is it my eyes decieveing me?
So I see spirits in the mist

8. Rapture

Babylon fell
Maybe too soon
I did not notice her value
Until I looked into the storm
Why can’t you see
When scrolls are drawn
Who will you die for?

Death angels fly across the threshold
Across these blazing shores
For Satan blight the sky

I am ancient
Nothing left
Pray for war

Embracing evil
A prophecy of war
Dethrone the lord
The great deceiver carries light

Join us
With demon swords collide
Black reign for the ages
Surging forth with might

We begin to slowly formulize
Rage on san redemptions
Now and ever after

Onward final battle
[Lead: Smyth]

And now you’ll see
Why I was plotting forever
And as you kneel
Make sure my story gets written
End times forseen
No righteous martyr
My will be done

Empire destroyed!

Death angels scorch and burn the sky
Throughout his rigid vortex
Satan fantasized

Annihilated mist
Of utter nothingness
Pray for war

Just below
I’ll break the sacred seal

Time to make all angels burn!

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