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Dreams of Sanity The Game Lyrics Album

The Game Lyrics Album by Dreams of Sanity

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1. In…


2. The Creature That You Came to See

Wakeup now, and join all in –
into this dance you came to see.
Watch me now for I am born
I’m born to fit this melody.

And no one asks how I might feel
A creature built to do this task.
I’ll live with you this hour long
And fade with the lights as you go.

But that’s what’s there to bother me
For you are here – you paid to see
A tale so pretty, yet sad and mean,
And not an “Idea” in agony.

3. Time to Set the Stones

So enter this life and choose the squares
Choose wisely where you really want to stand.
So start ticking time and mark the end.
So I know when it dies, so I know the aim.

I love the feverish tickle that gets me
When all again – and again – is set to fall
When they think they’ve been running for ages – on and on.
But hardly moved a square at all – at all.

Now sleep my pawn – to play the game
The game that all of you have come to see.
The game that’s played for you alone – me alone?
And be amused how it struggles on – and on.

Enter the lies – on to the stage!
And close your eyes – go on – be born!

4. The Beginning That Lies

I welcome you – my spark – come light me!
Start beating now – you heart of mine!
Electrify my humble being
Fall dreaming into this well of life.

For all around these endless whispers
Are there to keep me safe and warm
Embedded in eternal humming
Never again I’ll feel so calm

My world is water – it’s there to warm me.
Within her darkness no one can harm me.

With this spasms of the world
Sur/pressed into the world
The bitter taste of reddish eyes
In sweat and tears between her thighs

Within this spasms of my soul
My body lost her soothing calm
I heard her distant fainting beat
I took a breath – to start to scream.

My world was water – just there to warm me.
Within her darkness no one could harm me.

Where are you now – you spark – that lit me?
To start this torturing heart of mine?
To click the clock that ticks and tingles
While falling into what they call life.

And how I miss those endless whispers
Surrounding me holding me warm
So deep within perpetual humming –
Never again I’ve felt so calm.

Sometimes when I await sleep
The memories that lie so deep
Flood up and then I start to cry
When I recall how I started to die.

5. The Empress – Through the Looking Glass (A Dream)

A distant whisper touched my sleep – A longing for the reason
Before my spell will set you free – meet me again so bitter sweet.

The Springtime’s all renewing lights
Unvailed to me a crawling ant
As unimportant as it seemed
Still lit worlds noone could see.

Days passed years my gaze remained on glimpses of this tiny life
It cannot be – no never no – not human – so low and imprisoned in its time.

So shall I break the ancient rule?
Shall shame fall on untroubled life?
Am I the first to take this step?
Risk all I have for what I only feel?

I swung my cape over your body
My silverish sting scratched your heart.
“On behalf of Love” I screamed – you died.
and left the vail on shadow’s ground.

In coming minutes – years or lives
I drank forbidden wine alot
Looks – dreams and all was tempting me
To drain too much; still wanting more.

So dazzled as it left me standing
Amidst those sunshine thunderstorms
So unprepeared I was and wondered
Forgot that things can have a heart.

The times we had were only mine
My will unbeaten in the skies
Broke shattered by this tiny plant
I picked from a rocky-water-ball.

So shall I rhyme this ancient spell?
Shall lips form these forgotten words?
Save the pawn to lose the queen?
Wake the fool and fool myself?

Divide us now my ancient spell
Take memory from this chosen one
I envy you: for you a dream
For me the ever lasting pain.

The empress so everhigh
will wander spheres – can never die
The ant will crawl untouched by those
Just stand under – not understand – at all.

Hast thou seen this looking gass of her’s.
She found though no one forced this step?
Are you willing to play your part?
Or shallst in darkness fall again?

I have not seen – yet have I felt
The looking-glass that broke the spell
I join again to fit my part.
And play “The Game” until the end.

6. Window to the Sky

Mine is the power to end what has started
Mine are the words to end this game
Mine is the hope to stop the lying
To lead my steps to where I came (from)

A window opened to the sky
A widow’s tale spins through the night
A willow whispered into my ear:
“You’ve wanted to fall for all this years”.

And on the cliff’s edge of these nights
The sea’s so tempting to say goodby
And (along) with the spirits in my eyes
Vanish into the morning light.

A window opened to the sky
A widow’s tale spins through the night
A willow whispered into my ear:
“You’ve wanted to fall for all this years”.

The Morning rose, my thoughts remained
Upon these foggy shore of Clare
Though my mind was willing there to stay
(Walked firmly) into the dawning of another day.

7. And So (I Walk On)

Farewell now my griefing thoughts
For I once gave you flooding powers
This flaming fires shall return
To warm my days and light my hours

I might once meet you on my way
To celebrate in drunken nights
But shall the flaming sun’s return
Seperate our lifes again.

8. We.ll.Sea

As all the days were still beginning
And all the lights were there to light
And as the time marked hundred waves/ways
I never cared where I might go.

My steps ploughed through this early wheat
The hands could grab what lies could meet
What eyes so swollen by the light that
Burned bright into the dawn… of the night.

The springbreak’s wells sprang out of sight
A summerday’s love outlived the lies
The autumleave fell upon thee
Who’s lost – so deep within my stream.

Now as these hurting dreams of summer
Turned on to autumns in-so-different sights
I stroll along this all-tamed river
The only one close by my side.

The distant flower’s shaking heads
And not a beauty that could match
A dream – a lie – a hope – my dreams
I’ll stick to you my soothing stream.

Springbreak’s wells sprang out of sight
A summerday’s love outlived the lies
Autumleaves fell upon thee
Who’s lost – so deep within my stream.

And as I walk my hand starts shaking – For all this time – and all these days
And as I talk my song is braking – So many lies upon my ways.
Into the waves I came to see. – My world is water!
Welcome me home eternaly!

9. The Creature That You Came to See… Reprise

So hast thou heard the dazzling wonders
And have you felt my life again? Felt my lies again?
Hast seen my birth and watched my dying?
Hast been amused by how I fell? Amused by how I felt?

The empress’ whispers in the sky
The soothing stream ran by your side
The springtime’s youth vitality
And how it started with a scream…?

Now leave the stage and stagger home
And leave the sadness of these songs – the madness of these songs.
You may forget what I did tell
But if (it’s) thou wish “The Game” shall start again, again, again…

10. …finity


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