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Dreamtale Difference Lyrics Album

Difference Lyrics Album by Dreamtale

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1. Lost Souls

Lost Souls

Cry out loud, the pain you feel it’s the
Only way to make people see that you
Live and breathe, like humans do
In their hearts they know it’s true

From the darkness into the light
Find out hope that lies within
Wipe out those tears for the past years
Forget what has been

Lost souls, lives unknown
Long forgotten yet near you and I
Hear lost souls, they’re grieving alone
While we crave more and more
To our own selves

Day by day you feel something’s near and the
Shivers run down at your spine, There are
People you know, people you don’t
But something is right in between

From the daylight into the night
Drown in and feel the pain
Wipe out that grin out of your face
Don’t forget what has been


2. Wings of Icaros

Wings Of Icaros

For so many times I’ve burned my wings
Trying to reach out for the beauty of the Sun
I spread my wings and try to fly to the horizon
The pale light of dawn shines in my hopefull eyes

The dream of Icaros was to fly crimson sky-
Higher than our gods of dying ancient might
I reach for the memory of dying starlight-
To paint my name with fires of morning sky

The Sun burns my eyes as I fly higher-
My father’s words have faded from my mind
The beauty of it all burned my eyes-
As I fell from the sky the dreams fallen in vain


With wings of Icaros I search my place in life-
With dreams so fragile that can’t bare this life
With wings of Icaros – I could not fly-
With wings of Icaros – I fell from the sky


3. New Life

New Life

Come on lady, take my hand
It’s time to let the new winds blow
Let’s forget the past – That has truly gone too fast.

Here we are just you and me
With the time we’ve never seen
There is so much to learn – This is the next big turn

We can lift eachother higher and higher
Like a butterfly we will – Live a new life

Between earth and sky, we all live and we all die
Ask the Moon or ask the Sun, There’s only one life to live
As a pair (together) we’re better (stronger) than we know
Like a New Life (yea)

This is a fine day like any other day
To make that pushing move
That makes a difference – Takes closer to the change.

Here we are just you and me – Together we are free
There is so much to see – Much more we can be



4. Lucid Times

Lucid Times

1. A song for those

Who have wasted all
The love for life and inner beauty

The medley of the
Archived values
To ease for a second
The weight of torrid world
Spread your wings, do not look back

Poetic justice
Denied and feared
Gladly coped
With crocodile’s tears

Like witches burned
The humble and the poor
Lunacy and heresy
Burned by the mob at dawn
Now break your shackles and fly

Gift of life turned into
Battered routine
Cry in the crowd
The fragments of solace
Blown by the wind
Like ash of the urn dies
Burn-out race

“Behold from above and below,
the anguish on a path called life.
Tiny figures strive to survive
Oppressed by suicidal pride.”


Could I please have emotions?
Could we please have needs once more?
If we just open our hearts
Maybe there’s hope for us again

I ask you to join me in this dance
In the alley of shattered dreams
We’re not alone in this cold place
Where blessed are the insane
We build our sanctuaries
Se deep within our hearts

A song for those
Who gave up the hope
It’s not unheard of
to be doubtful and ashamed

Now take my hand
Look me in the eyes
We are safe now
If we just stay together
Now sing it, sing like a star!


5. Mirror


Time after time
You close that door
And say to me:
“Can’t stand no more”
But every time
When I’m away
You call to me:
“Please come and stay!”

You know it’s hard to carry on
If you don’t love me anymore
You say you need to lean on me
but can i too, lean on…

You want it all
To be young and free
Have family,
But can’t you see:
You can’t decide
What’s right or wrong
Don’t think no more,
It’s time to go!


You talk me ’bout your self esteem
How you think i’ve flushed it down the drain
You know the mirror hanging at your wall?
Take a good look in it and you’ll find the real cause!


6. World’s Child

World’s Child

Eternity’s long minutes are
Flowing from my hands
Like a dream I run under the sun
Like a dust in the wind I fly

World’s child’s running
In the winds of the world
Touching the sky flying high
Life’s so great, I will not wait
I want it all now

With open minf, open eyes
I went, I saw
And always wanted moore
Fire in my heart
Makes me move on
World’s child lives so fast life

Temptations of the world
Has occupied my mind
So much, too fast and all of it
I wish this would last

So young, so brave without a line
Time will come to thinks about the life
Today’s carousel spins too fast
I can’t see the end of the line


7. Sail Away

Sail Away

With the winds of fortune they went
Out to the sea to find land of the free
Set their sail for the setting of sun
Placed their hope in the journey begun

Hear the captain cry his commands
Feel the swaying of the ship, Can you
see the approaching storm?
That will take, will take it’s price

Sail, sail, sail away, now
Dream, dream of green shores
Sail, sail, sail away, now
May the gods help on your way
May the fortune play part in this play

Fifty men and fifty souls
Placed their lives for the honorable goal
Set their sail for the setting of sun
Placed their hope in every single one

Hear the sailors cry for their life
As the sea cries for more, Can you
see the mast in the ocean
Sea will take, will take it’s price

Sail, sail, sail away, now
Dream, dream of green shores
Sail, sail, sail away, now
May the gods keep from going astray
May the winds whisper the way…

Sail, sail, sail away, now
Dream, dream of green shores
Sail, sail, sail away, now
Sail to the haven of souls
Sail away where great heroes go…

8. Fly


She was a slave not a wife
There was nothing in life
That she could care for
She had no respect
There was only reject
All around her

Once she had a dream
Of something she had never seen
Of someone in a beautiful scene
A figure of man in black
Said there was no turning back
“Take my hand and come with me”.
he said, “We can fly, fly, fly… fly, fly, Fly!”

Now Fly, fly, fly – You and I
Above so high – We can fly
You and I – Now fly!

Was it real or dream?
She could still feel the wind
blowing her hair and skin
A figure of man in black
Told her that he could come back
In change of her useless life and soul
they could fly, fly, fly… fly, fly, fly, FLY!”


9. Secret Door

Secret Door

Beautiful bride
and undaunted knight
Are lying in bed, holding hands
Side by side

They started their life
As husband and wife
And now it’s time to show

How much they care for each other,
How far they’re willing to go?

He moved on real nice
And made her come twice
But then he wanted
To put on some spice

Please hear me pray
I want you to stay
As still as you can be

I gave you a taste and you want for more
Let me come to your garden through your back door
Is there anything sweeter in whole wide world
Than ride with this magical wild horse

Oh, I’ll taste you in my mouth
My hunger for you makes me howl like a hound
Shout, shout, shout, shout for more
I insist for another round


10. We Are One

We Are One

Sun is closing it’s eyes on us
I remember your touch
Close me into your arms
Give me hope

Come my darling, with me this night
Let’s flt like birds in the sky
For the first time you’ll be mine
In this magical night

I embrace you the final time
As moon paints the night
In shadows and darkness
You are my light

Forest whispers your name
As I kiss your sweet lips
For the las time you are mine
In this magical night

Dance between the rainbows
In the fields of love,
Emotions burning like fires
In the morning sky,
In twilight we are one!

Under the silvery light
I have to let you go
And you’ll fly free
To the silent night

We are one forever
Together in our hearts
The memory of you and I
Will never fade away


11. Green Fields

Green Fields

Green fields of past life
Turned into greyness of mind
Yesterday’s laugh in eyes
Of the children gone
In the winds of time
Lost in the stream of life

Sweet memories of the time forgotten
Things that I have lost
Falling leaves in the hands of time
That have turned into sands of
Hourglass that’s counting our life

The cold fields have now frozen
And what was green has faded
The silent wind whispers voices
Of the children gone away
In the stream of life

Beauty forever gone
Feelings of nothingness
Surrounding me

Silently it fades away
Leaving me alone
In this time before the light

Twilight of tomorrow
Finally I can sleep
Forgetting everything
Finally finding peace

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