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Dreamtale Ocean's Heart Lyrics Album

Ocean’s Heart Lyrics Album by Dreamtale

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1. Ocean’s Heart

As the earth was created thousands of years ago,
Moulded from the four elements, bound together by
The fifth. A pure twist of chance created a sinister force,
Native to the land. The divine ones rallied their forces
And thus the beast was defeated, forever to remain
Caged underneath the city of gold, at the Ocean’s Heart

2. Chosen One

A journey through my mind
Beyond the wheel of time
To the darkness ’hind my eyes

All those years in vain I fled
My fate I tried to escape
Lost (was) my cause from the start

Falling freely
On wings of will
My fate was sealed from the start

Crying my pain
For your sake
For love that never fades away

Mindless, like a pawn
Misleaded by darkness
Shadows, mere memories
Of time that could have been
Silently I face you
Believing once again
In my fate – Chosen One

3. Angel Eyes

There she was standing
’Neath a waterfall
His heart is bleeding
For that memory
Her eyes they haunt him
For years to come
Misleading his heart
Tears it apart

Years have passed by
From that night
Memory still haunts me
Fate still decides
(the) Way of our life
Choice was never ours

Make my heart
Whole again
(oh) Please stay with me

Angels eyes, I saw in you
I reach for that light, it shines so bright
Touching my heart, tearing apart
To have you in my arms
Angel Eyes

Ingating feelings, flames are reaching to the heart
Fiery emotions, ’till the embers (to) burn
Touching the soul, desire breaching mind
Reach out for stars, you will burn like fool
Who gave his heart in vain

Do you not fear me?
To see, it is to believe
Reach out for my heart
For you I give it to keep

4. Fool’s Gold

Gather ye ’round me, and do bend your ears
For this story you’re about to hear
Intriguing tale of deceit and sin
Of honor and duty as well

This story takes place in our city of gold
A place I once hailed my home
Ruler the king with heart so cold
His greatest desire to own

So hear my tale, sing with me
Of that never fullfil
Greed of old, fools gold
Decay on our rulers heart

Burning the bridges, the road to home
He yearned only treasures to hoard
Sealing our fate he set his sight
For gold ’way from the light

5. Two Hundred Men

There is only one king
We will ride beside him
Troops are fearless
And we are at his disposal

At the battlefield
We’ll form the toughest shield
The honor of the king
Is in our hands

Our master is guarded
By crew of two hundred men

Red sun reveals a misty ground
And silent – has fell the battle’s sound
Deceivers – came to claim his crown
And no one’s left alive
…new day will arise

Hail to our lord
He has led us with his sword
We shall follow his footsteps for eternally
Wherever he’ll go, the army will follow
With the strength
Of two hundred men

6. The Awakening

(the) More that you’ll get, the more will you want
Nothing can please you, to cease you to yearn
You reach out for sun, you bore under ground
What lies there for you?

Searching for riches and treasures of old
Nothing can please your hunger for gold
Burrowing under, reaching for stars
But now you have reached too far

No! What have you done
Now it is time to pay

Feel your heart
Beating in the dark
You have invoked the beast beneath
No one can hear your scream
Now the spiral is spinning too fast
Any second might be your last
Your heart was led by greed
From your soul the beast will feed

Once again I feel my heart
Beating my lifeblood through my veins
Woe upon thee and thy kind
For thou hast ’wakened the slumber of mine
Hatred shall be my wine
Fear my meat
With your soul I shall feast

7. Tears

Look to the mirror
What do you see?
Beneath the shadows
Hiding your face

I can see hatred
Consuming fear
There is no reason
No cause to live

Beneath and buried deep down
There still is hope
Come with me follow
Way to the light

Crying for sake of our sins
Weeping for our fate
Quietly I face pouring rain in the night
Washing our faces where we stand
Sign of desperation
I slowly walk from the light

Beast stirs in its sleep
Feed the flames, fester hate
Burning embers, fiery eyes
Spill your blood, you will die!

Whispers of darkness, lead you astray
There is no truth in those
(your) Heart still beats, there’s life in you
where there is life, yet hope still remains

In darkness I feel
Kind of silence
Fear is the key
To open that door

Embrace my wounded heart
Take me to dark
Follow path of hate
New meaning to my hateful life

8. Garden of Eternity

The garden, where we walked together
As the wind was breezing, whispering
Where we played with innocent smiles
Under trees and leaves of green

Leaves fell silently (to) icy ground
Flying away with the northern wind
And they shine as silvery stars
That fall on your nightly face

So hear my voice, come with me
Dream of eternity
Join me and sing
Tale of that silent night

Sing with me, dream my dreams
For me and for you
Under the trees, growing forever
Garden of eternity

And we sing together as the winds called our names
Eternally our lives entwine as vision foretold
In that summernight, where shadows are warm
An eagle cries high that melody so old

We shared the realm of secret dreams
And eternal stars lightened the dark
The moon blessed your glittering tears
As you cried for our destiny

In the twilight of shimmering stars
Garden embraced by winter’s heart
Your hands holding me and burning the fear
Forever within my heart

9. My Only Wish

All is lost
There’s nothing to gain
Time has gone
Nothing but pain

Dreaming of freedom, walking in the rain
In silent night I see all what’s left

I end my life of hate and regret
My only wish is to live and forget
I give my life, I give up my soul
I have no fear, I have no place to go

I only wish to end this nightmare
I only want a way out from this life

There is nothing but grief in my heart
Only lonelyness by my side
Cold night out somewhere calls me quietly
Waiting for the miracle this pains adore

So give me way out fo this life
End this nightmare give me hope
Darkness embracing wintry eves falling
All in my burned cell I say you farewell

10. If You Will Go

I close my eyes and hear your voice
You will always be my only choice
As you speak the words of love
I sense the warmth and feel so calm

I barely feel your fingertips
Across my skin and on my lips
The feeling that you are close to me
Makes me shiver, makes me weep

No one is more than you
Nothing compares to you
If you give my love away
You’d better know the game you play
’Cause my heart will loose a home
If you will go

I wish this night to last forever
And we could always be together
But by the dawn you’ll be gone
And once more I’ll be left all alone

Before you go my precious one
My only love, my brightest sun
I have one wish before you fly
Please come back tomorrow night

11. Rising Wind

Dying hope, failed quest
I dream my life again
My time is running out
and soon my life will end

I have seen my life
Fading in front of my eyes
I have seen my time
Wasted in pointless lies

I can’t reach your life
When all hope is lost
Our dreams will sink with hope
As our lives came to end

Now I reach you through time
Oh, won’t you please come with me

Broken dreams, torn hero
Dying hope I am
I can’t reach you, I can’t save you
I’ve failed you
I have failed my people, I have failed their trust
Now my soul is rising with the wind to the stars

I can sense the wind is rising
I can feel the storm is closing
I can hear lightning cracking
Sky burning white

Now I feel wind rising, carrying me to the stars
Into the light I will fly with you
Away from this world, we will leave our lives
Blown away by the rising wind

12. Return to the Sea

The ocean so vast, can not see (the) skyline
Sun’s burning hot and the sea’s dead calm
Traces of pain, flashes of fear
Could it all have been true

(a) Tiny wave send by God
Build up into a wall
To wash away the sins of mankind
Leaving no traces of life

The price of wealth was too high to pay
Disaster struck over opulence
Gone was all that glory
And bale was total
The prophecy was true
Thus it came to fullfil
Now return, return to the sea

So many men gave up to the sea
It washed away their pride
Greed, vanity, shallowness
Rectified by waves
Now the city rests in peace
In a cold lonely tomb
In the depths of sea

Aeons of wealth came to end
Into (the) sea they descent

13. Whisper

Fading moment, fading memory
A faint wraith of the past
(yesterdays fainting ghost)

Grieving nation, weeping love
Shattering dream of the past
(yesterdays fragile dream)

Forever crying for it’s pain
Eternally missing you
Forever sensing your scent
Eternally recalling your words

Whisper it to the wind
So shall it vanish
Blow it to the sand
So shall it perish

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