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Dreamtale Seventhian ...Memories of Time Lyrics Album

Seventhian …Memories of Time Lyrics Album by Dreamtale

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1. Dreality

All the miles that we’ve moved
And the times that we have proved
We were worthy and so true to who we are
All the failed states have failed
And the jesters are derailed
World forever has been changed
For those to come

You alone remember what we’ve been through
There never really was a secret door
But the garden was i shades
You know the seventh dream will take you
And I hope you watch the ride until the end

Make us fly one more time
Take us all into your life and I’ll believe
I’m a God in all but name
Open my eyes
Don’t deny that I was all you ever dreamed
I will be here
I will keep your dreams alive
In my dreality

All your life’s been this way
You’re outside and in the shades
But you knew that you could shine
If there was light
Take a chance in the dawn
Be yourself and not a pawn
World forever here awaits
For those to come

2. For Our Future

In the battle for life I failed
All my journeys. I’ve gone astray
And I know that only the rich prevail
Oh, the ignorant shaking their tails

Won’t you guide my metal tonight?
Call out the war

I’m the one to show the sun
And to light the flames
For our future
I would die

All you need’s to learn their deeds
And to know their names
For our future
They will die

We were told to safeguard the truth
From the humbling. Sensless fools
They keep teeling us to bend the rules
Oh, continuing their misrule

3. October Is Mine

Silent the prayer that I sent to hey way
And my tears – they fall on my lines
When we were one I could play. I could run
There was nothing to fear
All the clouds seemed to clear

I can remember
That bright autumn day
When you died
October is mine

Mindless hours I spend in my bed asking why
I should face all my friends
Or proceed with life?
Fantasy turned to tragedy
But in this emptiness – October is mine

Finding my way in the darkness of day
I am blind. To happiness and light
And I recall as the leaves started falling
You knew it was time
Although I needed time

All this time I feared that day
I wish we both had together gone away
Then the pain we’d share the same
Like the dancer we’d join the rain

4. Picnic Inferno

Blinding through my sight and soul
I can feel the coldness grow
Fall down in a tunnel of light
But it ain’t the final show

I’ve seen it all way before
I know the clowns get an encore

There’s a black cauldron waiting me
Boiling and steaming
Demons with pitchforks beckoning
Laughing and smiling

Oh, it’s the party of my life
Hit the third gear I am ready to die

I’ll return, turn, turn
Won’t be long
Sure I’ll burn, burn, burn
But the fire makes me strong
I’ll return, turn, turn
Say farewell and we’ll see soon
I’ll return …to you

See all the poor horn-heads cry
As I play with the like toys
They’ll see that I’m the devil himself
It’s a picnic I enjoy

Oh, this inferno is my home
I’m just checking in to have some fun

5. Cabal Toyboy

Hold your facade, be a good little boy
As you play with the truth
As is life was just a ploy
Then you rape the words with madness
As you kill the world with “good”
So rosy are those lenses wich you see through…

Label me, label all who disagree
From behind your walls
You can shoot item in their knees
And still holding up your shady shield
A saint you are indeed…
Work the lurid tongues of your entourage…

Oh, behold…
How the fools said that life’s a game
And goodness merely fame
They close their eyes
To find dull darkness in their minds
Honesty makes you free
So they shackle you with lies
And I won’t forgive them for their crimes

You put words in my mouth
Isn’t that what you’re about?
Tiny mind, running numb
Seeking shade from the sun
You won’t take a stand or understand
It’s time to go beyond
You just hide behind your cunning camouflage…

Your sick cabal… ritual bizarre
Drown in caviar… you can’t kill us all
You’ve gone too far…

6. True Life

I don’t wish to fight no longer
I just cannot lie
Here tonight, in the afterlife
I can see that this ain’t right
Through the window into my soul
I can feel the freedom flow
I don’t care if I cannot go

I have no tales to tell
A lonely soul – I’m Raphael
Some day you’ll see the gates of hell
‘Cos I’m ready to die

So far, far away
I see my birth on my dying day
And I feel I lived so true
Oh, so long ago
I saw my father’s eyes slowly close
And I know I live so true

I don’t wish to fight no longer
But I wonder why
The perjuries of my enemies
Still obfuscate their minds
Cowardly and insincere
Facind me – their greatest fear
Rotting in ther foul-smelling holes

I have no more to say
As I know that truth will rule the day
Your kind will play the fool’s charade
Seeling your snake-oil…

7. Reality Reborn

I see trees
In the blue horizon of the night
They call to me, reminding me
Of when I was a child
And everything beguiled my lonely soul

Now all my thoughts fly through the walls
You should know

I won’t lie:
I saw signs
Mind awakening
Reality reborn
I feel alive
Second to divine
Join me in the dawn
Reality reborn

How come the world
Never ceases to burn in my mind?
Blackened and defiled
I’ve slept my life
I’ve lived to die
When I really needed dreams
To really see what doesn’t need belief

And all those scales before my eyes
Seem to fall

8. Fusion Illusion

There was a time for solar signs
We mystified the twilight when it died
You claimed we would go into
The galaxies so blue
We’d find the pearl in the sky…

Oh, I want you to say the words
That will favor my tride
(and) find me my bride
Who will know how she feels
When the rays feel skin.
Reveal eternity within?

My sun. So high above
All that I want
Is that you burn me alive
In my soul fusion will use the hydrogen
And my love is helium
Our only sun

Another play with solar flames
Emphatic shame our tears could not convey
You claimed space would hold the truth
It’s not a pure vacuum
We’d find the pearl of the sky…

All my love dies with the sun
There’s a time for solar flames
And all our games we play within our souls

9. Names on the Wall

Walk through my door
Here in the early dawn
Say hello to all my pain
And apprehension
I can’t go on
I know I don’t belong
I have changed too much to simply
Stay and play along…

This road’s unknown
Will I fail or move beyond?

I, I did no wrong
Where were you
When I fell to the floor on my own?
And cried, cried from my soul
For soon the day will dawn
And we are gone
We’ll become names on the wall

I wanted more
And you should not ignore
What we have accomplished
And how it all was done
I see it clear:
We’re all just musketeers
Fought together day to day
And year to lonely year

I must stay strong
Will I fail or move beyond?

10. Greenback Hunter

Bull! Bull! Bull!

Sou you think that’re a God
Now that you’ve got balls
And you stalks the shares for the opportunity
Oh, you know that it waits for you one day
Just pray…
Bulls and bears are in your mind
And you feel delight when you guessed it right
With your gold derivatives
Oh, maybe you will never lose again?
Just wait…

Hey, what’s the time in New York?

There is so much more to gain
I just cannot walk away
A moth to a flame
I am drawn to the prize I crave
It’s a fever that won’t break
A fool’s parade
The greenback hunter’s game

In the middle of the night
You re-check the price
And you set the goals for another long rush
Oh, you know that it’s just one click away
Read and analyze the news
So that you can choose
Or refuse to play one day, keep it safe
Oh, you don’t want to waste another rise

11. Moral Messiah

There’s no way in
To a mind that’s closed
No a single thing that you could say
Tragic, insane or amusing at best
It’s like you’re watching donkeys do ballet

It’s black or white, dogmatic design
And faith realigned out of control…

Steer away now – ideology reborn
Clear the road now – for the sacred cow
Hide away now – the Messiah so proud
Will condemn you to hell if you’re found

Lay on the line the news of today
Contemplate the arguments both ways
Then watch them all
Swiftly thrown out, ignored
No one can dethrone the Holy Lord

12. Embrace My Scars

Scars and the pain I still hold in my heart
I remake I and grow
They generate and transform who I am
And I will let them show

No. I’m not ashamed of the life
That brought me here
And I know that I won’t ever find truth
If I can’t see clear

Silent prayer is all I dare to hold
It will soar the sky like a rainbow
So I cried these words
Even angels overhead:
Oh Lord, embrace my scars

I will arise if you call my name
From my slumber I awake
I am so grateful you showed me your face
I will bow to feel your grace

And each time I die again
I don’t fear the dark
Shining through my soul your light
Guiding me into the afterlife

I shall go on, be reborn through pain
My ordeal will reveal what my demons stained
There’s no way to escape if you say the truth
It’s the irony of life. That we can’t choose

13. Refuge from Reality

As my mind flows by
It wanders through the time
Darkness hides the light of day
And time goes by
It reaches shrouded mind
Shadows veil this unsound smile

Shadows hide the light
Bleakness fills my mind
I’ll rise on my wings tonight

With the wind I fly at the nightly sky
I ride the lightning of the storm
I’m the hero of the tales
The son of thunder from the forgotten dales
This dreamland will be mine
Refuge from Reality

Dreaming’s my way
To another better place
The door to my dreamtale
The tale never ends
Stories reaching through the time
Come with us and fly to the dark

Shadows hide the light
Bleakness fills my mind
I’ll rise on my wings tonight

With the wind I fly at the nightly sky
I ride the lightning of the storm
I’m the hero of the tales
The son of thunder from the forgotten dales
This dreamland will be mine
Refuge from Reality

14. Call of the Wild

Time, only time, but it’s flowing
Covering our lives with its sand
Memories, flashbacks, from the time that’s passed
Slowly, mind fades, it happened too fast
Going back to that silent vale
Where those whispers first called me to stay

Whispers come back, mind loses track
I won’t let it touch my lies
Howling, screaming, burning inside
I will not bow to you
See your wrath and loathing increasing
Feel the warmth of suns’ appealing
Burning, twisting, you’re not so strong
Oh, you are wrong

Give me wings so that I could fly
Give me insight to see all those lies
Give me a stronger soul that will not bow
Give me the strength to go

Give me my wings so I could fly
Beyond the reach of lies
I will go back for awhile
Over shards of our lives
Future holds me no prize
Into past, I shall dive – Call of the Wild

15. Angel’s Eyes

There she was standing
’Neath a waterfall
His heart is bleeding
For that memory
Her eyes they haunt him
For years to come
Misleading his heart
Tears it apart

Years have passed by
From that night
Memory still haunts me
Fate still decides
(the) Way of our life
Choice was never ours

Make my heart
Whole again
(oh) Please stay with me

Angels eyes, I saw in you
I reach for that light, it shines so bright
Touching my heart, tearing apart
To have you in my arms
Angel Eyes

Ingating feelings, flames are reaching to the heart
Fiery emotions, ’till the embers (to) burn
Touching the soul, desire breaching mind
Reach out for stars, you will burn like fool
Who gave his heart in vain

Do you not fear me?
To see, it is to believe
Reach out for my heart
For you I give it to keep

16. Two Hundred Men

There is only one king
We will ride beside him
Troops are fearless
And we are at his disposal

At the battlefield
We’ll form the toughest shield
The honor of the king
Is in our hands

Our master is guarded
By crew of two hundred men

Red sun reveals a misty ground
And silent – has fell the battle’s sound
Deceivers – came to claim his crown
And no one’s left alive
…new day will arise

Hail to our lord
He has led us with his sword
We shall follow his footsteps for eternally
Wherever he’ll go, the army will follow
With the strength
Of two hundred men

17. My Only Wish

All is lost
There’s nothing to gain
Time has gone
Nothing but pain

Dreaming of freedom, walking in the rain
In silent night I see all what’s left

I end my life of hate and regret
My only wish is to live and forget
I give my life, I give up my soul
I have no fear, I have no place to go

I only wish to end this nightmare
I only want a way out from this life

There is nothing but grief in my heart
Only lonelyness by my side
Cold night out somewhere calls me quietly
Waiting for the miracle this pains adore

So give me way out fo this life
End this nightmare give me hope
Darkness embracing wintry eves falling
All in my burned cell I say you farewell

18. World’s Child

Eternity’s long minutes are
Flowing from my hands
Like a dream I run under the sun
Like a dust in the wind I fly

World’s child’s running
In the winds of the world
Touching the sky flying high
Life’s so great, I will not wait
I want it all now

With open minf, open eyes
I went, I saw
And always wanted moore
Fire in my heart
Makes me move on
World’s child lives so fast life

Temptations of the world
Has occupied my mind
So much, too fast and all of it
I wish this would last

So young, so brave without a line
Time will come to thinks about the life
Today’s carousel spins too fast
I can’t see the end of the line


19. Take What the Heavens Create

Step aside, let us rise
Without fear into the storm
You’ve been out of place in time,
Since the day when you were born

You are forced into the wheel
The soundless wheel you cannot see
Let me be the one to
Guide you far from that life

Too long you have been living in sin
Wasting what you have and what you could
Now the storm’s coming, well!
Let’s go face the rain!

Just let them know

I’m going to be here
I got answers and nothing to fear
I can take what the heavens create
I got my own believes, I don’t need yours
I’m going to stay the course

Let’s sway and pray
In the name of the storm
It’s all the same, part of the game
Where you and I are pawns

Suddenly the clouds appear
The colors shades are green
What’s a lightning like this time
When everything’s surreal?

Just let them know

I’m going to be here
I got answers and nothing to fear
I can take what the heavens create
I got my own believes, I don’t need yours

Just let them know

I’m going to be here
I got answers and nothing to fear
I can take what the heavens create
I got my own believes, I don’t need yours
I’m going to stay the course

20. Firebird

Ruthless pain is killing me
I cannot see the sun
We fought the mighty adversary
Still we haven’t won

Waiting for my destiny
Grim reaper calls on me
Brace myself for eternity
Yet red and gold I see

I can hear the massive wings
And soothing tears I feel
Life begins to fill my veins
My wounds they start to heal

A faint scent of cinnamon
Reaches me trough air
I can see my savior
Flame up as a flare

Spread your wings
And shed your healing tears
Let the fire purify
In full blaze
You will meet the end
And then you shall transcend

A tantric resurrection
The city of the sun
A beautiful reflection
Of life spent on the run

In the atom’s heart
Splitting souls inside
Vivid colors burn my eyes
On this wild bird I ride

Slowly gaining power
Patience is the key
What you need is a flame
That can burn you again
And the feeling of ecstasy

Wings like a bolt of lightning
Soaring to the sky
Only then, in the end
When you can see again
All the earth is beneath you and bright

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