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Dreamtale World Changed Forever Lyrics Album

World Changed Forever Lyrics Album by Dreamtale

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1. The Shore

Anela: “As the earth was still sleeping
I walked from my house
All the way up to the hills
With a peaceful and blissful dawn I was greeted
And palm trees were standing so still

Down the road through the gates
There my father was off to the shore
As he did every day
On a sailboat he left in the dawn

Then I looked to my right
Where the earliest light
Had begun to enlighten our walls
Another day waited me, to my own mystery
I was wondering the price of it all

Since the time we fought wars
And with scores after scores
Our brothers and others were slain
We had grown into one, we had basked in the sun
We had time to just live here in peace”

2. Island of My Heart

Take a break to hear my story
It’s a tale that’ll live forever
With a chance to learn something as well
‘cross the seas, beyond the ocean
Lies a land never heard before
Where a war was fought for no real cause

In a little while two worlds collide
One single isle, two ways of life
It’s been this way throughout the times

See the sun shine on the island of my heart
As we begin to see signs
Of the dreamtime bending in the cruel wind
And break for the first time

World is changing…
Oh, it’s changing…

Feel loss of a mourning father
And the pangs of a guilty conscience
See the dreamer that we all once were
And the wrath of the violent stranger
Ignorant to the path of love

See the death where the dreamer is you
Universe alive, two worlds collide
No sceptered isle, but an age-old tribe
So it will be for all dreamtime

World is changing…
Oh, it’s changing…

There’s a promise within each human heart
Sealed in, planted, at the start of your life
Success is measured only in the way
This promise is outweighed
By the circumstances you face
Or in the way you can weave your promise
Into the fabric of dreamtime
So that it becomes one
Eternal, ever-lasting, unchanging
A world in itself

3. Tides of War

Anela: “gone are the nights
When we fought for our lives
Hurricanes of death and fame we overcame
There were friends we lost
Now their graves gather dust
I pray to gods to set us free
To give me peace

Water flows…slowly changing our souls
The long hand of dreamtime our pain consoles
Feel the light from the sun when we return as one
The fear disappears with the tides of war

Nightmares can kill
And they bend you to their will
Entering my nights and days, they condensate
Like a damp day’s mist on my fears they all subsist
I pray to gods to hear my plea – to set me free

Water flows…slowly changing our souls
The long hand of dreamtime our pain consoles
I will stay…

Still keep searching for the way
The burden of pain shall help me concentrate
And the light from the sun can never be undone
The fear disappears with the tides of war”

4. We Have No God

We are advancing through storm and the rain
For thousands of miles we have sailed
Searching for something, for something to gain
To live and be free a thousand more days

We live to discover and live to live more
Cheating and lusting to even the score
With our greed we will burn to the core
Until there are no secrets no more

We’re sailing the sea – our illusion of hope
We’ve sold away our souls

You come in our way – we blow you away!
We bring you into the cold…
We have no god, we killed the lord above
We can do what we want and say what we want
And leave you into the cold!

We can believe if we choose to believe
You are the lambs that we seek to deceive
Maybe there’s nothing or maybe there’s more
We don’t want to know we don’t care anymore

You can pray if you want
You can ring all your bells
We’ll bring you our own hell!
You mean nothing to us
You’re easy to crush
We kill you in cold blood!

John: “some will not see the devil in me
They seem to live in dreams
Still they’re wondering why I’m conquering
Could I be really this cruel?
Leading a life with nothing inside
How could it all be true?”

John: ” I have no god and there is no soul
I am the man from the cold
I justify, then crucify
This is truth that I know”

Still we’re advancing, the storm fades away
Slowly the fog reveals us a scene:
Lo and behold: there’s a boat – hard-a-port!
Grab at the helm, we’ll grab him on board

With a frown on his brow he is standing below
Kaeo: “What is this thing untold?”
He looks right into us, but how can he trust?
He seems to be sure…
Kaeo: “I feel at ease – there’s worse in my dreams”
Now the old man is bound to utter a sound…
How will this tale unfold?

5. The Signs Were True

A strange, unknown sight appears
But somehow it was foreseen
In the “drifters” of the ocean
That we knew were obscene
A beat like a mountain and loud

Dark and ugly – a storm cloud
Carrying men to our shore
The kind we’ve never seen before
Here we silently watch
They’ve taken one of us
It’s the elder of the tribe
And they’re holding him in chains…

All the signs he told were true – today we’re not alone
The signs were true – there is another world
And so much more, than what we knew before
As now we’re in the cold

The men go in through the gates
Like they own this grieving place
And one stern-looking soldier
Has betrayed on his face
Now a younger man appears
Tries to ease their rising fear
They’re debating what to do
The old man said there would be two…

Fleeting peace once more lost
They’ve taken one of us
It’s the elder of the tribe
Who foretold us of the signs…

6. The Heart After Dark

He is the lonely lord of demise
And knows what he wants
He is the one you shun for a cause
He feels no remorse
Preying on everything that he sees
He’ll tear apart this tribe
Now as his eyes are fixed on the lonely
Maiden of this isle

David: “I don’t want to witness one more end
I see in her and angel, a heavenly friend
And that youth there? I was once like him
I see in his eyes the fear of a soldier’s whim”

Anela: “she has my lonely heart
She’s bright like the morning star
She makes my soul lighter than air”

Oh, the pain and the greed
The loss you won’t believe
The island is the heart of you and me

The world will be ablaze
And we’re trapped in its maze
What is the point to live and die
If we knew we’re living a lie?

David: “I see her moving
Round the pyre gracefully
Like an ancient goddess beckoning me…
I’d trade my life and my soul
I’d give her all that I know
She makes my heart shimmer and glow”

John: “And oh yes, I see something…
I’ll take this heart
In a flash of a shooting star
There is no love greater than mine”

7. Join the Rain

John: “I saw you dancing
Deep in the night, daring the flames
Your skin was alive, the curving shadows

Over the dunes with hands of bronze
Were too enticing…
My path to you was too short
The flame will burn us both…

Join the rain, my blackened angel
Feel my fiery wave as I turn you from ash to ash
I had you, hadn’t a clue of what should not do
Join the rain – go, join the rain

I see in the sky: thousands of eyes
And none of them care, they seem to be mine
I never wondered if you had a soul
But maybe the stars will prove me wrong
My path to you was too short
I never felt your soul…”

8. Back to the Stars

David: “I can feel the ocean waves
As I follow the rain
And I know that the starlight is the same…
Could you walk with me today?
Could you ease my pain?
As I’m pretending that I wasn’t there that day…

It all came down on us we killed and were slain
There’s no more hope for us
We’ve broken the chain

Now we’re coming apart back to the stars
Turning into dust of the stars back to the start

I am watching through my sadness
Still I cannot believe that madness
When our leaders lied
Leaving the world out to die
Could it be that the greed is too much?
Could it be that they couldn’t choose?
I cannot believe there was nothing to do

There is no one left to tell – how we let them down
Only questions with answers never found
Now you see why I’m so numb in my hollow shell
The things I know create my shallow hell

I was just one of them I killed and prevailed
There’s no more hope for me I’ve nowhere to flee”

9. World Changed Forever

Anela: “The palms are lit by the starry sky
That’s waiting for the dawn
I find my way back to my house alone
Watching the night, I see myself
And all the tears and fears within my soul
Now I feel the future unfold

So they came and they
Changed the world forever…

Wasting away, they were falling into
A hopeless time, no one’ll survive
They brought a darkness, darker than I’ve known
Deep in my heart I will save a lightning
And fire it under a gorgeous thunder
I will not kill my will to carry on!

And so you came and you
Changed my world forever…”

10. My Next Move

David: “Watching the darkness take over the sky
Our ship sails away I just wonder why
I should stay on this path
Only feeding my wrath
With every new death
Simply stifling my breath
No more sweet tales I am tired of this game
The ship will be my coffin
And the sea my cool grave

I end my days, stay stern I’m done with this world
I have no more and nothing to give on my turn
I have spent all my will and my hope for a change
Now my next move is made with the flash of the blade

I witnessed the ruin once again on this isle
And I don’t really care, I cry and I smile
For the madness of men, which won’t ever end

Until every last man holds a gun in their hand…
And takes one good aim to their tormented brain
No prizes for the first and for the last one – no grave”

11. Dreamtime

Kaeo: “Hark now and heed to what I have told
It seems that the end came a long time ago
A new kind of time will forever join us
Into one with the earth and the sun…
All you deaf and blind, join my Dreamtime
Come and hear, come and stay, come and feel…

The rain kills the trees while the “drifters” fill the seas
A new kind of man brings a strange kind of peace:
Closed ears and eyes with his closed soul inside
Consumed by the entropy he made in his life
All you deaf and blind, join my Dreamtime
Come and hear, come and stay, come and feel…

Dreamtime – you can see the veil of lies:
This is all that will ever be…
Dreamtime – you’re searching the meaning of life
But the fabric is woven in one with your time

Soon you can feel everything that will be
You planted the end you could not comprehend
A new time will burn us and turn us into dust
Into one with the earth and the stars
All you deaf and blind, come join my
Stay forever and reach the speed of light…

Time without time that has been and will be
Leave all your fear and doubt – eternally
No human pain is left to remain
No consciousness, all preordained…
Life was a sham, just a pearl in devil’s hand
A shadow in the promise of a man”

12. Destiny’s Chance

Anela: “Late in the night we’ve gathered again
When the light has died we cherish the flame

I don’t know why I’m feeling this way
But I hope you’ll remember our tale today…
We’re here alone and alone we shall die
But you know that once every man is alive
And life is all one, a celestial sigh
You can feel the breeze on your skin in twilight…

Sing now, my friends although this is the end
Who knows when we shall meet here again?
Sing now, my dear as the angels appear
As destiny threw us a chance to meet here…

Wait that the day will push you ahead
Pray that the rain will clean where we tread
Now that they’ve gone, what could I say?
They made the world what it is today

Dreams of joy and sadness remain
These songs and tales – they just ease the pain
We contemplate the path that we take
Remembering the ones who have left the world…”

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