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Unorthodox Lyrics Album by Edge of Sanity

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1. The Unorthodox

We were born pagans,
Never to live by the book of lies,
We, who blasph the church
And spit on the cross,
For we are the unorthodox

2. Enigma

[Psalm I: The Blessing]

The Priest:
Confess your sins to God, don’t be afraid
Just like me of flesh and blood you’re made
I can heal your wounds and cleanse your soul
But never return all those lives you stole

The Witch:
You can burn in hell!

The Preacher:
God gives you shelter at heavens shore
Abandon your thoughts to the mighty
Into the chapel of holiness
Live for the sacred empire
Engender the Enigma

The Unorthodox:
Sacerdotal majesty, a recreant nonentity?
Do you remember when you said “I can heal the dead”
Paroxysmal ecstasy, dementia or deity?
Sapless you are crawling to confess your sins?

[Psalm II: Celestial Dissension]

The further side, a confounded lie,
Panegyration a reunion of riddles?

The sorrow, the funeral truth
Mentally fraud with pseudo relics

Enigma, unholy, ungodly, commander of the regeneration
Insidious and caught, implored by disgrace
Inhumation… the burial of man
Confession… unify all evil

Deep inside, the unknown quest
The sphere is so depressed
A harp with broken strings
And the angel lost it’s wings

Disinterment of sacred secret
Exemption from the ground
This mazy world do still exist
The ghouls arise from the mist

Renascent through the holy scripture
Submission to what for us is illusion
From the tenebrous depths of history
Who will divulge the mystery

Unguiculated, unholy, ungodly
Commander of the regeneration
Insidious and caught, implored by disgrace
Inhumation… the burial of man
Confession… unify all evil

[Psalm III: The Loss of Hallowed Life]

Ha, ha, ha, haow

3. Incipience to the Butchery

The ghoul has reached my coffin
Now he smash the lid
All I see is darkness
And two shining eyes
Crawling to the church
And in a stream of light
I see my mutilated remains
Gore instead of flesh
Rotten and filled with maggots
I search for modern life
I would die to see,
My kids and wife

A scream break the silence
A human being died
Shocked of this morbid sight
Crawling in the night

I’m so near my dying place,
I can see my loved
I open the door and there she stands,
I hear the children scream

I saw people die, as dead as I was
The children puked then died,
Love has turned to carrion

4. In the Veins / Darker than Black

(…eye can see you)
Look into my eyes, what do you see?
I’m not man, I am no demon
I color you red, my murder’s fuckin’ art
Son of the dead
I was never born

I send you back to pre-birth
Beyond this life you shall dwell
I’m your fuckin’ Saviour
Suffer my everlasting pain

Don’t even think about dying,
You poor excuse of a human being,
In the veins of evil,
Black blood flow eternally

This sabbath of sickness; proves my soul’s bizarre
The master of morbidity, my cuts don’t leave scars
Endless temptation to sicken the blessed,
I swallow your heart as I carve in your flesh…
In your flesh!

Born of the dead, I am blasphemy
I’ll end your fantasies, save you from mankind
Just like lambs to the slaughter
God made you blind, darker than black

I am the serpent of Eden… Eden
I’ve tasted the herbs of lust and desire
I am no enemy, I drain you of life and leave you in fire…
Fire.In the veins

5. Everlasting

Bleeding tears, crying blood
A human (being) emotionally odd,
Hear the sight, feel the sound,
Spirits call from all around,

As I wander closer to what I’ll never be
A distant light approaches to prove (my) insanity,
The shadow pointed its finger, lies caresses my face
It tells me it’s the bringer of what shall,
What shall end the phase

Everlasting, unapproachable,
Neverending, the immortal one
Always casting shadows on the ground
A blackened heart that won’t stop to pound
Everlasting, everlasting pane

Reach the point of of no return
As our planet slowly burns
Cracking ground’s watch in me
As I walk through river hades,

And soon my heart is frozen
It’ll never stop to beat,
Nothing in this dimension
Can bring me my defeat,
The secrets in your arteries
Will forever remain unsaid,
Our sun is slowly dying,
Never, never to burn red

Everlasting, unapproachable,
Neverending, the immortal one
Always casting shadows on the ground
A blackened heart that won’t stop to pound
Everlasting, everlasting pane

You were meant to be another one,
Time has come, frozen earth,
The stillness, the world will come and go,


Everlasting, unapproachable,
Neverending, the immortal one
Always casting shadows on the ground
A blackened heart that won’t stop to pound
Everlasting, everlasting pane

6. After Afterlife

I am the master of your dreams,
I am the creator of your screams,
I pulverize your inner will invisible,
No blood will spill

Sent by the powers of the wind,
Now you will regret that you sinned
I am in command over earth and sea
I hold the key to your lost infinity

Yeah. I am crawling inside
Yeah. I drain you of your pride

The shadows in the the darkness,
Are no reflection
Just the souls of anger pointing your direction
Enter the tunnel
Feel the smell of your grave,
Demonic majesty, you’re lost to darkness…

After, after, afterlife,
I am rising after twilight
I am the reason why tomorrow never comes
Yesterday goes on and on
Satan is my darkened son

Did life itself pull me thru this hell?
There’s no time so it will never tell
In this world of boiling heat,
I faced my final, fucking defeat

None shall save, I enslave

Laughing, this can’t be true
Dying, they came to steal your world

7. Nocturnal

(Intro: A hymn to the nightly

(Preserve, preserve) Preserve me from the rays of dawn
I only feast at night
My sharp claws taste the flesh
I am the angel of the twilight
With deadly charm and sweet caresses
I touch the virgin skin
As my soul becomes one with yours,
Your pain is my gain

Come with me. Become eternity,
As you die!
Join and die to re-arise, re-arise,

I am of nocturnal nature
I cannot stand the sun
I am an abomination,
Blood’s my kinda fun

As the darkness sweeps my castle,
And cast shadows on the northern light
Now my sleep is over
I spread my wings across the night,
Human but still a creature
I trust for human blood,
Now begins my ritual
I swallow your fucking soul!

Come with me, become eternity,
As you fucking die
Join’n’die to re-arise, re-arise…

8. A Curfew for the Damned

You true believer
Die man deceiver,
For your prophecies
A fatal release
The temple of the holy
We will blaspheme
There are no blessings,
Only a dream

Christianity = Insanity
Just another sect
None shall resurrect
If once you have been ‘Signed’
To the creator of mankind

You’re far beyond control captured soul
Light the candle. Light the lie
Yet another soul will die
The blessing that’ll never come
Lies to us, truth to some
As I see the candles lightning up their ‘Sanctuaries’.
When we die what happens only obituaries??
When only remains remain,
And no one’s left to blame
All words are deniable,
Go and burn your bible.

A curfew for the damned
A curfew for the damned

Realize, realize
A curfew for the damned
Real eyes. Realize a curfew for the damned
God is just a dream,

Kneeling at the altar of lies
Illusions of a false paradise
Deny the crucifixion of a their ‘Saviour’ Jesus Christ
To the force of heaven, none was sacrificed

Their masses are all erratic
Ruled by a sick fanatic,
Possessed by demons Scch!
I hear cries of a human sacrifice,
And when will it end?? A curfew for the damned.

9. Cold Sun

Gazing at the sky coloured with a gleam yet unseen
Birds no longer fly
It’s not a dream this blinding beam


Panic, someone realized
Everything is iced the manic depression of the centuries
The world is soon devastated
With ease


The temperature decreases
Watch the frozen seas, as my pulse go down
The king has lost its crown


Cold sun, will never shine


Freezing clouds, ready to fall
Killing us all
Time after time I hear prophets that yell,
We’ve got life for sale
Children (now) mentally deformed
Remember the sun and how it warmed
A natural system is wasted
Earth saw no grace, dead


Everything is captured in capsules of ice
Still I wonder will they all awake in paradise?
Eyes of ice cannot see frozen souls unable too flee


The maze of my existence, there’s no resistance
Finally I leave this shell, rotting soul, I can feel the smell
Of hell Terminal end My final peace, I descend
Everything is left to infest, but even the maggots will rest
Cold sun

10. Requiscon by Page


11. Dead but Dreaming

Cold, pale, no rest I’m laid
No shivers from inside
Entombed and forgotten,
Here, forever I shall hide

Feel no blood flow in me
But I feel so alive

I feel my body slowly
Rot in my wet grave
Deceased and putrifacted
But my soul I have saved

Feel no blood flow in me,
Feel no blood

When I have ceased,
And death is real
When I’m lowered down
Beyond my destiny

Past the day mourning
Enter the twilight of death
Thru the night of possession,
To the dawn of dreams

Dead but dreaming

Enter the dawn of dreams,
Enter the dawn of the dead…

As I die, as I fade
In my dreams, I am awake

As I fade from this rotting world,
Dead as hell, Trapped in myself

My life among the living was nothing but pain,
But now I’m set free beyond my destiny
I’ve been the one who’s giving
Slowly drained of life
Dream my enemy, forever I’m your sleep

12. When All Is Said

When all is said and all is done
Beneath the sound, and man lies dead
When all the earth is a cold grave
And no more brave Bright things have birth
When cooling sun and stone cold world
Together hurled Flame up as one

O sons of men
When all is flame
What of your fame
And splendour then?

When all is fire
When all is fire
And flaming air
What of your rare
And high desire

To turn the clod
To a thing divine
The earth a shrine
And man the God??

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